Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 1

Avalon (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on Syfy

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  • A new "Classification" is needed: Why I Stopped Watching This Series.

    But "Jump the Shark" will have to do. Although "Painful to watch" and "Bottom of the barrel" also fit here.

    My main beef is with the choice of Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell taking over as head of SG-1. He is a totally wooden character who makes Joe Friday of Dragnet look like a Party Animal!

    If a four member team was really needed, Stargate SG-1 had a ready made character to take Jack O'Neill's place as the new leader of SG-1. Colonel Dave Dixon (Adam Baldwin) from "Heroes Part 1" proved to be a very O'Neillish character type who would have meshed well with the rest of the team.

    I also found it conniving, if not insulting, to conveniently "rewrite" events to suddenly make Mitchell a hero who led a squadron in engaging Anubis's forces and protecting SG-1 in the battle over Antarctica, losing his co-pilot, being shot down, but successfully destroyed an Al'kesh that helped SG-1 succeed with their mission.

    This was in actuality done by Master Bra'tac and General Hammond in the Prometheus. Sure a squadron of F-302s did help (shades of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) but Mitchell (who does he think he is, Luke Skywalker?) was never acknowledged.

    To me the only redeeming quality of this episode was the return of Vala. She's always good for a few laughs.
  • There's a new leader of SG-1 and he wants to get the original SG-1 back together.

    I thought Mitchell was a great choice to take over for SG-1. He's got a similar attitude that O'Neill had. I was pretty show that everyone would get back together, but I was sorry to see that Carter wasn't there with them.

    I think Vala's character was a good idea. She brings a lot of laughter to the show. Not only that, but her and Daniel make a great looking couple.

    I don't know about General Landry though. I don't mind his character that much, but for some reason I don't think he acts enough like a General. I'm comparing him to General Hammond and O'Neill. Landry wasn't a bad choice, but I think they could've done better.
  • Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, a new addition to Stargate Command, arrives in hopes of joining SG-1. He soon finds out that SG-1 ain't what it used to be.

    Avalon is the first in a trilogy of episodes that set up not only the season the come but the direction of the show for the next two seasons and probably the two movies to follow. In many ways, and it's not easy for me to admit this, it really is a new show. Jack is nowhere to be seen, Sam barely has a cameo, Teal'c has moved on, and Daniel is trying to do the same. The SGC has a new leader in General Landry, a bit of a hardass, a new leader for SG-1 with Colonel Mitchell, and even a new doctor. The new cast members (along with Daniel's beard) certainly give the show a different feel, a point hammered home with the return of one-time guest star Vala Mal Doran. I will admit that with Vala I'm a bit biased being a huge Claudia Black fan and getting to see her in a role that's so different from any I've viewed before. Vala brings an entirely new and in my opinion fun energy to the team and the show in general. Her chemistry and interaction with Daniel are fantastic and lead to some of the best moments in the episode. She also provides the means for the beginning of the show's next story arc and works as a sufficient stand in for Carter's absence early in the year. With the Goa'uld all but eliminated and the Replicators wiped out, we get an entirely new story. Keeping in the theme of alien races inspiring Earth mythology, Daniel discovers that the Merlin the wizard of King Arthur fame was an Ancient and our new story is begun. Personally, I find the fact of Merlin being an Ancient to be fascinating so I enjoy that part of the storyline. Other high points in the episode involve Mitchell's fruitless attempts to bring the old SG-1 back together and his even more frustrating attempts to recruit new members. The end of the episode brings about a new adventure, another cave, and lots of good ol' fashioned peril.

    The episode's not without its flaws, though. The scenes involving the Free Jaffa and the rise of the ambitious Gerak aren't all that interesting, though having Lou Gossett Jr. on the show is kind of fun. The episode overall gets off to a pretty slow start until they board the Prometheus toward the end. Understandable for an episode that is in essence a reboot for the series. It takes a little while to set something like that up. In the end, a solid start to a new season and new team.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchel becomes the new team leader of SG-1. He's determined to get Carter, Teal'c and Jackson back together on the team as they've all gone their separate ways.

    Cameron Mitchel is an awesome addition to Stargate SG-1. Here we have a guy who's a little like a younger version of O'Neill. Same snappy attitude like O'Neill that made the early episodes of Stargate SG-1 so great. That's one of the reasons this episode really works. We also get a glimpse into Mitchel's past which reveals he was one of the X-302 fighter pilots who was defending SG-1 as they discovered the Ancients' weapon in Antarctica while Anubis' fleet was attacking. My only real criticism of this episode is the fact that O'Neill is suddenly no longer the head of the SGC. If the producers of Stargate SG-1 had seriously tried to get Richard Dean Anderson who plays O'Neill to stay as part of the main cast instead replacing him with Beau Bridges who plays General Landry this episode in my books would be a ten. In my opinion Beau Bridges is a less than average actor who got lucky landing a role on Stargate SG-1. Stargate SG-1 lost some of its brilliance by adding Beau Bridges to the cast. Seasons nine and ten would have been so much better had they kept O'Neill as the head of the SGC. Richard Dean Anderson was one of the main contributing factors that led the show to its long run. And the show's run could have been longer with Richard Dean Anderson still around as a main cast member instead of only guest starring once in a blue moon. Richard Dean Anderson is recognizable and therefore O'Neill is likable. Who is Beau Bridges really? Otherwise the story arc that starts in this episode builds to an incredible adventure which I'm sure most people would agree.
  • it was almost like a pilot for a new show...

    This episode had a lot of character development because it introduced so many new characters. Beau Bridges playing the new general, Ben Browder playing the new colonel Mitchell, and Claudia Black coming in to play Vala reguarly. That's a lot for one episode. I really wish they changed around the show bit by bit throughout the 8 years instead of just drastically changing it in the 9th season. It was like an entirely new show, and I almost wish they made it a new show. I love stargate, I just wish they'd change things up more and, when they did change things, not to change it so drastically. Oh well, back to this episode. Colonel Mitchell comes in and is supposed to pick a new team, but he wants to old sg-1. Vala comes in and puts a braclet on herself and Daniel. I loved that part of the story. I really didn't like the whole part of the story where Mitchell was trying to get the team back. It was boring, in my opinion. It was a bit interesting seeing Merlin and that story line. Overall, good episode, a bit boring, but had many funny moments, espcially with Vala.
  • The Beginning of a new era.

    So this season 9 premiere also signifies the start of a whole new era, with new characters and stories.

    Well, to be honest this episode was not really convincing IMO. It had some pretty dull moments and did not grow on me.

    Mitchell comes to join the SG1. It`s difficult not to think of him as the direct replacement for O'Neill. At times, Mitchell tries to be funny ala O'Neill....that ain`t working. Richard Dean Anderson is irreplaceable...that`s a fact. And it was great to see O'Neill appear in that episode. However Mitchell is still likable but it should take a couple of episodes to grow on me. And good they make a background story on his involvement with the Stargate program before and not just bring him like that.
    However Vala is fun but the New general.....euh well nothing special about him.

    Its a tough challenge to continue without Richard Dean Anderson...much character development in it and the story was not the most captivating one but still, it was not bad.

    There`s room for much improvement here. There`s lot of changes and it will take time to settle. Maybe a less drastic transition would have been better.
  • Whole new story..

    As last episode wrapped everything so together, it is almost like a whole new serie, whole new story. And quite exciting I most say.

    Many new chars. First new leader - he really looks much more free than Hammond ever was - more that kind of big joke.

    Then of course Mitchell - he looks quite ok but I am not too impressed.

    And then Vala - I really hope she stays as even if she looks sometimes so silly and makes those stupid comments, she has somekind of refreshment to the show. And she really worked well.

    On the storyline - it looks like now Arthurian legends are picked up as we start with sword on stone. All the treasure hunting is really promising. Cannot wait.
  • New Team of SG-1

    I love this episode! Daniel missed the schuduled trip to Atlantis! I love new team of SG-1, really! Cameron and Vala are new casting of SG-1 show. But Cameron is being major cast of Season nine, not Vala. Vala is not yet casted major until season ten. Vala is return as recurriling role for first straight six episodes. We learned that in real life, Amanda Tapping was pregnant on maternity leave for few months. Vala is temportary replaced for her until Amanda return back. Anyway, Vala used Daniel for getting her own treasure. But, Vala didn't get her treasure, Daniel won't allow it.! I love this episode and watched it lot!
  • What a wonderful episode.

    I think everyone was sceptical as to what season 9 would be like due to Richard Dean Anderson leaving the show. But i have to say that i think this episode was fantastic and Ben Browder gave as good of a proformance as RDA. The way this episode was written was almost like a pilot the show is now going in a completely new direction, and whats more i like it. Now that they have added not only Cam but also Landry and Vala. All these new people are helping to make the show seem new a fresh. I think that this new direction and Crusade story was just what Stargate SG1 needed. I really hope Browder grows on people because this was fantastic.
  • Colonel Mitchell comes to lead SG-1 while Vala Mal Doran comes back for Daniel.

    Cameron Mitchell, a hero of season 7, is rewarded with any job he’d like so he chooses to become Jack’s successor as the new SG-1 leader only to find out the team has been disbanded and he must now pick a new one from scratch, determined to get the original guys he receives unexpected help from season 8’s Vala Mal Doran, who has come to steal Daniel away from what I believe should be his third attempt to go to Atlantis. Mitchell is thrilled once that Vala grounds not only Dr. Jackson but Teal’c as well, because of some old Jaffa bracelets that link her to Daniel in such a way they would die if separated. Intrigued by this development – and the odd familiarity in which they treat one another - Teal’c decides to join them in the search of a treasure Vala claims to have brought her to SGC. Onboard Prometheus, Vala and Daniel reminiscence their fist fight the day they first met while Mitchell tries to find his place as leader as well as an angle to convince the team to remain together, however, by the time they arrive it becomes clear this may not be a possibility, especially when they’re caught in a trap that may crush them alive.
  • Stargate SG-1 returns, sort of.

    And so begins a brand new Stargate SG-1, not just new in the normal sense of the word but new as in fresh, reinvented and unexpected.
    Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O\'Neill is gone (albeit except for a cameo) the Goau\'ld are no longer the big threat, Sam Carter is gone, for a while at least, and here\'s the biggie. SG-1 has totally disbanded.
    All this is enough to scare the avid watcher. Luckily though the producers seem to know what they are doing. The new lead, Cameron Mitchell is a good character and a refreshing change from the laconic wit of Jack. Our new general seems like he will be a good fit and the return of Vala is a very good move.
    The plight of Mitchell trying to \"get the band back together\" is fun, it\'s obvious they will reunite so the ride can be enjoyed.
    The weak parts of the episode come mainly in the flashbacks, a simple mention of Mitchell\'s heroics and subsequent injury wouild been sufficient. The thing I hate the most, 10 second opening credits, if it was a permenent move i\'d have been mighty annoyed.

    All in all a great start to a new look show
  • alright...

    as many of you know ricard dean anderson left the show, which sucks. We are also introduced to a couple of new characters. Ben Browder as colonel mitchell comes and is the new leader of sg1. Beau Bridges plays general hank landry and takes over the SGC. Alot has changed tealc has left the sgc so has colonel carter. Daniel jackson is going to atlantis. But he unfortuatley misses his trip and doesnt go. tealc comes back for another mission and now sg1 is doing what they do best, explore. This episode leaves you with a cliff hanger which I'm not going to talk about. Many people say that it is a different show and it is. it will never be the way it was. But I still like it. Later...
  • The beggining of the 'New SG1'....

    i think that alot of fans felt that after richard dean anderson left that series was going to be very different, and it was. i like this episode because it makes sg1 doing what they used to do, explore. the episode was almost like a pilot episode for a new sg1. i like the story of merlin the magician, and the team having to explore in avaon treasur.the team didn't learn about the Ori until the third episode of the season although they were in the second episode briefly at the end. i like how the writers left a little gap betwwen the goa'uld and the ori.later.
  • Plenty of stars in this show.

    The lead actor and actress from the Farscape science fiction channel series were both in this episode.

    It was really good.

    There is a nice story arc, allegory as it were, back to Avalon of King Arthur's day. You will have to watch it to see what characters that involves.

    Daniel gets ample opportunity to pout this episode as he gains a really unwelcome "ball and chain". It is kind of funny to watch him and his new partner's little spats. They do not seem to get along so well. Difference values.

    This episode had a very full compliment of top science fiction actors in it. Combined with appearances of the regular cast, it is quite enjoyable. Story is good too.
  • The return of Classic Stargate

    To me, seasons seven and eight felt like the television equivilant of New Coke; someone, somewhere thought it was a great idea, but it sucked on so many levels. With Anderson less and less interested in the show and the terrible shippy scenes TPTB set up between Jack and Sam, the storylines became increasing trite and ship-driven. There was little chemistry between Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson, and Anderson looked increasingly bored.

    Which is why I LOVED Avalon. Anderson's character Jack O'Neill is gone, replaced by Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell. Tapping is on maternity leave, replaced by Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran.

    And so TPTB realise that New Coke sucks, and brought back Classic Coke. The chemistry between Vala, Daniel, Cameron and Teal'c remind me of the early days of SG1, and runs circles around the tired, trite, try-hard chemistry between Jack and Sam. So far, Teal'c seems to have something to do, and watching Daniel and Vala spar is invigorating after two years of sappy, trite dialogue between Jack and Sam.

    I really enjoyed Avalon, and the way they're introducing the origins of Celtic mythology into the series. (Incidentally, the Nox Anteaus was named after a Greek God; was that meant to be another connection to ancient culture?). While they didn't actually go offworld, there was enough alien technology and intrigue that it didn't matter.

    In one episode, SG1 has intrigued me more then most of the last two years did. I hope to see more of the same.
  • Bring on Ben Browder! and of Course Claudia Black. What a team these two make though it's hard to see her with anyone else, Daniel is a wonderful choice! Kudos to some of the most talented writers I've had the pleasure to critique.

    It should be known that this particular episode is the one that brought me into the SG-1 fold. I hadn't paid the series much attention and barely nodded at the movie until the stroke of genius that brought John Creighton into Cheyenne Mountain occurred. I'd been a fan of Farscape and never known that Claudia Black had been a guest on SG-1 until I heard the words that now ring in my head occasionally, "Now... where's my Daniel?" This ep began an intensive four month emersion into the world after obtaining a Stargagte, and I am proud and happy to say I am no longer capable of imaging a world without one. I own eight seasons on DVD and will eventually purchase each and ever successive season. (Okay I'm a B-5er too but they charge way too much for those DVD's). Nuff said about that.

    Thank you, ever so talented writing staff for NOT making Mitchell disliked or distrusted by the team members. Thank you for making him someone they liked in general and could easily fold into their own "little family" (love the 'movie night' allusion... the season's over if you haven't guessed that by now) Thank you for making him someone who's eager to explore other worlds and with the innocence of a child and experience of a seasoned warrior someone who can be observed with a fresh eye while learning both about intergalactic threats as well as whatever he wasn't able to learn by being sequestered on EArth. Would that we were all so lucky... In some of the additional stuff DVD sets interviewers have asked the question "If there was a real Stargate would you go through it?" That answer is a resounding YES! A thousand times YES. and even after the continually and surprisingly fresh episodes that comprise the eight seasons prior I'm astounded and delighted that the writers haven't lost the knack... I mean after all... there are so many galaxies and if you want to get into it, in all reality... so many universes left to explore... and so many villains left to unearth... I can't wait!

    Bring 'em on!
  • A very good episode and a great seaon opener.

    That was a very good episode of Stargate SG-1. Some old faces are less important and not as central, Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill. Some old faces are still there and very important, Teal'c and Daniel Jackson. There are new central figures, Mitchell, who is in charge of SGC, and Vala (not her first appearance but still fairly new). The plot is very good and it's a great cliffhanger at the end. There is a lot of humor with Vala around. That's important because some of the episode is all serious and then it's funny because of a random comment (normally from Vala). This show was top notch and so was the continuation. I really hope that there are a lot more episodes with Vala in the future. This show was definetly a 9.2.
  • Mixed reaction - like the new characters, miss not seeing all of SG-1 (especially Jack O'Neill)!

    I liked the new characters, and I definitely liked the interplay between Daniel Jackson and Vala but ... the show is lacking something. And that something is ... Jack O'Neill. I'll continue to watch the show and hope that Series 9 can rise to the level of Stargate SG-1 at it's best.
  • Boy I'm confused!

    Boy, is this season different than normal. It's speeding along already in the first episode & I'm not following as well as usual.

    I hope that that this season get better or I might not keep watching. What am I saying, of course I'll watch anyway. I own the first 8 seasons on DVD.
  • the new gut is hot...wanna hear more then read on

    Despite my disappiontment that it doesn't seem jack and sam are gonna get together i hadn't watched other eps with this mitchell guy in it but he is a hottie i must say. This was a good ep to satrt off with and as they have soo often proved to us they can get better
  • Lt. Col. Mitchell, a suspiciously familiar character to sci-fi fans, becomes the new leader of SG1 and mopes about because the rest of the team has left. Then rediculous leather girl comes and starts them on a rediculous treasure hunt inspired by Merlin.

    This is a very weak and dissappointing start to the new season. I\'m really surprised by all the positive reviews. I know it\'s time for new characters and a new direction, and I\'m ready to see that happen. But this is a bad start.

    To begin with, nothing happens in the first 3/4\'s of the episode. I know that they need to introduce characters and cover the changes taking place, but that can be done in the midst of a more exciting plot. Or, let\'s just say in the midst of any plot. There is some action in the flashbacks but it just isn\'t engaging. A new season should start with excitement, not a whimper.

    Then, when something does finally happen, I was wishing that it hadn\'t. A buried treasure in King Arthur\'s court? An actual sword in the stone and trap doors with puzzle tests? That works for a 2am Sci-Fi popcorn movie, but Stargate should never stoop to such levels of cheese. It was embarassing. I was expecting the announcer from the 1960\'s Batman TV show to come on at the end and announce the cliffhanger.

    I am a huge fan of Farscape, but I was skeptical to hear about Ben Browder coming over. To do another sci-fi show, he really needed to differentiate his character from John Crichton. However, this guy basically is Crichton. Or perhaps it\'s better to say that he is Ben Browder, just being Ben Browder on the screen again. And since I feel like I\'m watching Browder and not a new character, it really makes it difficult to buy into him and become emotionally involved in the show. (Yes, he\'s less crazy than Crichton, but a well-behaved Crichton is still not so original.)

    And as for Claudia Black, her character is just too silly, too Xenia-the-warrior-princess for my tastes. I could accept this for the one-off episode last season, because Stargate has a great tradition of doing a couple of comical episodes each season. But to put her in the middle of an episode which is supposed to be important for setting the tone of the upcoming season was a bad call. And as for those bracelets which connected her to Daniel: wasn\'t it enough to steal two actors from Farscape without stealing this idea too?

    Ben and Claudia are obviously trying to infuse some humor and energy into the show, but the great majority of it just falls flat.

    If you\'ll look back at the first episodes of previous seasons, each one without exception is exciting. It\'s grand in scale, it\'s adventurous, and it involves some major bad guys and a shift of power in the galaxy. It\'s possible they could break that formula and still succeed, if they had some seriously strong character-based story to put forward, but that\'s just not happening here. Who is compelling here, aside from Daniel? Jack and Sam are barely present, Teal\'c is nodding it in, and the new guys are just barely beginning to show signs of personality. I tell you, we need spaceships and an alien threat, not Crichton-2 pining over how he can\'t get the band back together.

    Well, most seasons do have a couple of clunker episodes. Here\'s hoping we\'re just getting it out of the way early.
  • I learned at the end of season eight that General O'Neil was really leaving the show. I thought for sure going into season nine that this was the end of Stargate.

    Boy was I ever wrong and glad to be wrong. First off they announced that Ben Browder is joining the show, not as a guest star but as one of the main stars. This to me was truly a wonderful idea. Ben was always such a smartass on the Farscape series and that was just what SG-1 needed. Of course seeing Claudia BLack back on the screen again as well was a worthwhile idea and I hope Vala plays a bigger role in more episodes.

    The first Avalon episode starts off with everyone from the SG-1 team breaking off from one another and Ben Browders character Mitchell coming in to form a new SG-1 team. The problem is Mitchell wants to keep the old team intact minus of course Jack O'Neil whom he is taking the place of.

    We learn who Mitchell is through flasbacks, how he fought during the race to find Atlantis. Mitchell is instantly a likable character and a strong one as well. As the episode goes on we learn that Daniel Jackson is going to Atlantis (to see more about this go to the SG-Atlantis boards). We also learn that Samantha Carter is off working on other things and that Teal'c is trying to become the leader of the freed Jaffa. Thus all of them are leaving Stargate Command.

    Just when we think all hope is up the first Avalon picks up all of these things and takes us on a diffrent way. We know that the System Lords are all shattered and that their day is past. The Replicators are gone as well. SO what is left for the goodguys at SGC to fight? We don't know.

    Avalon Part 1 sets us on a new course though. Vala arrives at SGC and she connects herself to Daniel so that she can find out some secrets about a stash of riches on earth. This turns out to be Avalon and it turns out that the ancients had two diffrent factions, one that broke off from them. I am getting ahead here though.

    The episode ends with the four of them trapped in two seperate rooms and the new adventure for a new group just beginning. . .
  • This show should have ended a long time ago.

    This episode was indeed very painful to watch. The show should've ended with 6/7 seasons produced. Farscape was one of my favorite sci-fi shows, but Ben & Claudia just don't fit in the Stargate universe. Their acting is quite stiff and their jokes are even worse (Ben obviously tries to replace O'Neill). I only hope that 2nd season of Atlantis will be more enteraining.
  • SG-1 is no longer... until one of the memeber gets trouble

    They finally understood how Michael Shanks was great, since they can't use Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson (who are both awesome of course) as much as before, they have to use more Daniel, and that's great because we can se him again with Vala, and I sinceraly hope that she will be here more and more to make a fabulous match with Daniel!
  • Slow start

    With a slow start to the episode, and an excessive emphasis on quite how much of a hero Mitchell is and how much SG-1 owes him, for a short while there it did seem that concerns would be justified. Ben Browder's take on Mitchell luckily gives the character a different perspective. Watch the flashback scenes alone and you see a pilot who almost sacrificed himself to save SG-1, was showered with effusive praise by all and sundry, and was given a medal so rarely presented that none of SG-1 have received it despite saving the planet several times.
  • An excellent start to what will be a great season!

    Finally, Stargate has returned. I have eagerly awaited the season premier of season 9, and I was not let down. True, the episode started off slow. It was a bit tiresome to have Ben Browder (Mitchell) running around to all the members of SG-1, saying "Come back! I joined for you." Finnaly however, Claudia Black (Vala) makes her return. Now the pieces start to fall into place. She cleverly traps Daninel Jackson into helping her to find a great treasure, which turns out to be right on Earth. TO make matters better, it is tied to the Authorian legend. To find that Merlin is an Ancient is awesome. Now I'll admit, I am very new to SG-1, so I'm not completly up to speed on the ancients, but from what I know, Merlin fits the role perfectly. Next...a review of part 2.
  • Well being a Farscape fan I may be a bit bias.

    Well being a Farscape fan I may be a bit bias. But Ben's and Claudia's wacky Farscape style returns to bring life back in the old girl. Frankly, when I heard Ben was gonna lead the team in the new season I know that flow of stories and character interaction is goning have a nice change.

    My first blog post so I meant as well repeat it here:

    Some stuff I notice which I thought was interesting:

    Ben, "Or you could just marry that chick."
    Claudia, "Yeah. Lets make babies."

    Joke on farscape when both his adn Claudia had the some hate/love relationship and ended up marrying each other and having a child. Oh Michael your wife is so gonna kill you.

    Claudia, "Can you see what's in there? Let's say large piles of preicous metals?"

    Michael then yanks her back by her throat strap (that thing is part of her trench coat i see) in which you can actually hear her choke. The actress eyeballs him and he apologetically give her left shoulder a squeeze. Must have been unintentionally but the director kept it in.

    Character developement for Claudia's Vala seems interesting as Michael, "...especially once it gets to know you." Claudia give that 'why you say mean things about me look'.

    Christopher manages to stop the stone slab from closing them in room twice for 1/2 a sec each time!

    Ben, "Whoah whoah! Bullets bounch!"

    True if that was not sandstone or limestone but Christopher firing directly at the door standing next to Ben still is worrying. Not mention that grin he gave Ben 'haha made ya wet your pants'.
  • SG-1 gets a much needed rejuvination.

    As much as I love this show, I was fearing that it was starting to get into a rut the last couple of years. Aside from Daniel/Jonas switch and killing off Fraiser, it was mostly the same core cast and it seemed that some of the initial excitement of the show had died.
    So leave it to the producers to come up a brilliant way to rejuvinate it. Browder is perfect as Mitchell and while he may come off as a lighter version of O'Neill at first, he's starting to stretch, wanting to show his stuff as a leader and killing him he doesn't have the team to do it with. The scene of Mitchell interviewing possible replacements was hilarious.

    And speaking of hilarious, Claudia Black unleashes the comedic timing she'd kept mostly hidden on "Farscape." In typical Stargate style, they get the obvious in-joke out of the way fast when Browder and Black meet "We haven't met before...I"d have remembered") and Black's calling on the similarity between Mitchell and Daniel was a great shout-out to fans.

    Also good was the addition of Beau Bridges as Landry as we quickly see that unlike Hammond, he's rather impatient putting up with Daniel's rambling explanations and that he and MItchell seem to instantly respect each other is fun to watch. I can already tell Bridges is going to make this season fun.

    Tackling the Arthur legend was probably invevitable and promises some fun with Mitchell and the sword. And the linking of Vara and Daniel indicates that every scene of them together is going to be great to watch.

    Overall, a great premire that kicks off a new status quo for the series and makes it more 'need to watch' then it's been in years. Stargate still has some life left in it, which is good news for all sci-fi.
  • A change in style I was expecting to be hard. But it was a really good episode. It was funny and had action. I like this new "we're going old-school" attitude.

    The start of a new season, high hopes from everybody, that’s had to live up to. Especially if your 8-year lead actor is no longer one of the regulars. But I think they did a very nice job, seeing as I was a bit concerned since Richard Dean Anderson is my favorite actor of the show. The episode had a lot of the old action and humor it used to have, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black are very good actors.

    The episode starts with “Ben Browder” getting command of SG-1, only to find it doesn’t exist anymore. I think that was a genius idea. After the last episode of season the series was finished. Every loose end was tied, they got the ZPM for the Atlantis team and after eight years of stubbornness, Jack and Sam finally decided that they shouldn’t let regulations stand in their way. By letting SG-1 fall apart it is easier to accept that the new SG-1 is going to be different and that Jack O’Neill is definitely gone. Another thing I really liked about the episode was the fact that Samantha Carter implies that she actually left the SGC to be with Jack. Which raises the interesting question how they’re going to bring Carter back, if that’s the reason she left.

    The role of RDA in this episode I found a little disappointing. It’s not that he didn’t put up a good performance, but I thought that in the few episodes he did appear in he’d have a more pivotal role.

    I really liked the wits of the early days back; the thing between the General and Mitchell, Mitchell’s struggle to put a team together, Valia’s comment on the similarities between Mitchell and Daniel and the whole thing between Daniel and Valia was priceless.

    All in all a great season premier with a good plot, plus Michael Shanks looks really hot with a beard.
  • I expected more.

    In the first 30 minutes of this show all the new guy did was try to get the old guys back. I'm not completely sure if it was the whole 30 minutes but it felt long. I know it was important to the story and probably pivotal in getting into this season of new teams, enemies and friendships. But it was just so slow moving. It didn't keep me interested.
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