Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 1

Avalon (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Well being a Farscape fan I may be a bit bias.

    Well being a Farscape fan I may be a bit bias. But Ben's and Claudia's wacky Farscape style returns to bring life back in the old girl. Frankly, when I heard Ben was gonna lead the team in the new season I know that flow of stories and character interaction is goning have a nice change.

    My first blog post so I meant as well repeat it here:

    Some stuff I notice which I thought was interesting:

    Ben, "Or you could just marry that chick."
    Claudia, "Yeah. Lets make babies."

    Joke on farscape when both his adn Claudia had the some hate/love relationship and ended up marrying each other and having a child. Oh Michael your wife is so gonna kill you.

    Claudia, "Can you see what's in there? Let's say large piles of preicous metals?"

    Michael then yanks her back by her throat strap (that thing is part of her trench coat i see) in which you can actually hear her choke. The actress eyeballs him and he apologetically give her left shoulder a squeeze. Must have been unintentionally but the director kept it in.

    Character developement for Claudia's Vala seems interesting as Michael, "...especially once it gets to know you." Claudia give that 'why you say mean things about me look'.

    Christopher manages to stop the stone slab from closing them in room twice for 1/2 a sec each time!

    Ben, "Whoah whoah! Bullets bounch!"

    True if that was not sandstone or limestone but Christopher firing directly at the door standing next to Ben still is worrying. Not mention that grin he gave Ben 'haha made ya wet your pants'.