Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 1

Avalon (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on Syfy

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  • I learned at the end of season eight that General O'Neil was really leaving the show. I thought for sure going into season nine that this was the end of Stargate.

    Boy was I ever wrong and glad to be wrong. First off they announced that Ben Browder is joining the show, not as a guest star but as one of the main stars. This to me was truly a wonderful idea. Ben was always such a smartass on the Farscape series and that was just what SG-1 needed. Of course seeing Claudia BLack back on the screen again as well was a worthwhile idea and I hope Vala plays a bigger role in more episodes.

    The first Avalon episode starts off with everyone from the SG-1 team breaking off from one another and Ben Browders character Mitchell coming in to form a new SG-1 team. The problem is Mitchell wants to keep the old team intact minus of course Jack O'Neil whom he is taking the place of.

    We learn who Mitchell is through flasbacks, how he fought during the race to find Atlantis. Mitchell is instantly a likable character and a strong one as well. As the episode goes on we learn that Daniel Jackson is going to Atlantis (to see more about this go to the SG-Atlantis boards). We also learn that Samantha Carter is off working on other things and that Teal'c is trying to become the leader of the freed Jaffa. Thus all of them are leaving Stargate Command.

    Just when we think all hope is up the first Avalon picks up all of these things and takes us on a diffrent way. We know that the System Lords are all shattered and that their day is past. The Replicators are gone as well. SO what is left for the goodguys at SGC to fight? We don't know.

    Avalon Part 1 sets us on a new course though. Vala arrives at SGC and she connects herself to Daniel so that she can find out some secrets about a stash of riches on earth. This turns out to be Avalon and it turns out that the ancients had two diffrent factions, one that broke off from them. I am getting ahead here though.

    The episode ends with the four of them trapped in two seperate rooms and the new adventure for a new group just beginning. . .