Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 2

Avalon (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 22, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Very well done.

    From a dramatic opening to an ending that leaves you hanging, this episode had it all. Once again Daniel Jackson is proved an invaluable member of the SG1 team as he unlocked the secrets of Avalon. The plot twist of taking Jackson and Vala to another world and having them inhabit the bodies of the locals was genius. This episode also continued to show off Col. Mitchell's command style for him to be a "shoot first, ask questions later" type of guy. Teal'c faces tensions in the political frame that have left him with SG1 as his only hope of uniting his peoples. The pivotal end scene with Vala at the alter is easily one of the greatest moments of the episode.
  • This episode clearly and definitively sets the new seasons of SG1 as original and just as or more exciting as previous seasons.

    Often a series loses luster for an extended stay, but it is quite apparent Stargate has not and will not for some time.

    In Avalon II, the viewer begins to learn much more about the Ancients than ever before, a development which will continue for the rest of the series.

    The death and subsequent resurrection of Vala is a tearjerker, and adds a new facet to the character which is, a deep and compassionate emotional connection.

    The writers of Stargate certainly know how to write an episode, as this one shows. A must-see.
  • Meh I say meh

    This episode was used to help build up the SG 1 team. Personally I found it rather boring. When I find Stargate Atlantis more interesing than SG 1 I think theres a problem. I know they need to do something to build up the new team and make them interesting but I feel like this season is missing something. Maybe I'm just one of those people that won't be satisfied without Jack O'Neil.

    On the plus side Daniel and Vala's trip to Avalon was very interesting. Michael Shanks and Claudia Black play off of each other very well. I really hope they keep her on as a regualar.

    Overall the episode was a necessary boredom to me. Hopefully they move onto something else soon. And please stop with the 'To Be Continueds' its really killing me.
  • Familiar, and yet, that's exactly why I like it!

    Picking up where the previous episode left off, this installment has all the hallmarks of being the second part of a trilogy. It resolves the immediate cliffhanger from the premiere and sets up the third and final part of the story. The scope of the season premiere as a whole is now a lot easier to appreciate. I like the fact that three episodes are being used to introduce the basis for the new status quo instead of just one; it gives the writers more time to establish a clear and present danger.

    The resolution to the Ancients’ puzzles is fairly simple. I’m not sure I buy the idea of an Ancient, even Merlin, using Arabic numerals, but conceptually, it works well enough. The swordplay is a bit silly at times, but that’s probably intentional. Again, like the previous episode, Mitchell avoids being a clone of John Crichton, but there’s enough similarly between the two to let Ben Browder shine.

    So the point is this, it seems: a device for long-range communication with other humans related to the Ancients is discovered, and Daniel uncovers the possibility that the Ancients originated from someplace other than Earth. (For some reason, I don’t remember that last bit being much of a question, but I could be mixing up my SF-TV mythologies.) I like the connection to “Citizen Joe” (an underrated commentary on fandom, I thought).

    So the Ancients have a name now…Altera? And it seems that the Ancients that were hanging around the Milky Way/Pegasus galaxy region were more useful when they decided to ascend, because at least they weren’t demanding that their descendents worship them like gods! The suggestion seems to be that the Ori are Ascended who are all too happy to interfere. In other words, I expect them to be like a whole mess of beings like Anubis, but with absolutely no ties to the Goa’uld. Not a good thing!

    I loved the immolation scene, because I never thought it would actually play out. Kudos to the writing team for going the extra mile! Sure, the whole religious extremism angle was covered plenty of times in the past, and there were some very familiar elements, but it was necessary to provide the framework for how the Ori had manipulated the situation. Vala’s resurrection was also important to establishing the Ori as manipulative. (This kind of new direction for the mythology, based in the old but exploring new ground, is exactly what “X-Files” failed to do.)

    Speaking of Vala, she was a lot less annoying this time around. I think it was because the writers didn’t feel the need to smack us over the head with her personality. It’s out there, it’s established…time to move on and just let it happen. Dr. Lam should prove to be an interesting “replacement” for Janet after all this time, and I like the fact that there’s a relationship (father and daughter, I reckon) with Landry. It adds to the potential drama.

    The only thing that doesn’t quite work so far is the ongoing process of isolating Teal’c from the Jaffa High Council. So much is happening off-screen that it’s hard to get a good feel for it. I hope that the next episode culminates in something a bit more definitive than Teal’c deciding, off-screen, to rejoin SG-1. The best way to revitalize the series is to continue focus on the characters and several ongoing, inter-connected plot threads.

    I’m still trying to figure out how the whole Merlin/Avalon thing led into the Altera/Ori thing, but it feels like the kind of unexpected direction that the plot would have taken in earlier seasons. Then again, if the writers were looking to smooth over the obvious goal of introducing the Ori, this is about as organic a way of doing as I can think of. The writers had to sell a lot to the fans, and while I’m sure it didn’t work for everyone, it’s a strong case for a renewed sense of purpose.
  • The second installment of Season 9 could not of been better. The series has risen to the next level with the genre. Although the cliffhanger was a bit annoying, the story, characters, and overall episode were all on point.

    The episode continues from Avalon pt. 1 where the team is in dire need of solving ancient puzzles before they are killed... So the story starts off with a lot of action. Once, that settles and the story progresses you begin to look into the characters of the newest additions of the cast and really see some of their predevelopment.

    With this episode you were really able to look into the characters of the show. For those who are new to the Star Gate series, you were able to get a grasp on the characters within the show, without needing to see the original episodes. With the newer characters, their personalities provided a nice contrast, no matter what the situation was.

    Emotional Appeal
    Many would agree that this episode had one of the most intense scenes of the entire series. Without giving too much away, there was a scene towards the end that left the seasoned Star Gate fan speechless.

    So far, so good.. The season is going along strong and hopefully we can see a lot more of this intill the end. If this indeed the last season of Star Gate, lets have the series go out with an incredible bang, and not a sad whimper..

  • Good Episode

    Last week was all about getting the team together, and this week the team spends considerable time separated -- which doesn\'t impress me this early in the season. However, the writing is strong (again), the acting is strong (again), and the story flows without pause from humorous moments through intriguing situations ... and on into darker themes.

    But I\'m getting ahead of myself. Daniel and Vala find a civilisation who worship other beings as gods, and who aren\'t allowed to learn about their own history. It all appears very familiar at first sight.
  • Complete disaster.

    I got the feeling that the producers wanted to concetrate this episode on Claudia & Ben, the new additions to the SG1 series. As a result, this is one of the worst SG1 episodes... very boring, very painful to watch. I would not recommend watching this... just skip to the 3rd episode. You won't miss too much.
  • Once again we are left with nothing but questions by the end of this episode. . .

    We were left after Avalon Part 1 not knowing what was going to happen next. The four of them were trapped in two diffrent rooms with two diffrent puzzles. The first puzzle is solved by Daniel Jackson's quick thinking and the second one is soloved by Mitchell realizing that they are numbers. It is a great and thrilling way to start the episode. Eventually we learn that the Ancients did not orginally come from our planet at all, that in fact they came from somewhere else in another galaxy.

    They find a communication device that they hope will let htem speak with this other race from across the galaxies. When Vala and Daniel go to communicate though they get stuck in two bodies and learn that these people are not the advanced Ancients that they were hoping to find. Instead they seem primative and they worship beings known as Ori. This where things get intresting.

    Daniel realizes soon that the Ori are like the Ancients they are ascended beings who instead of watching after those below them are instead making them worship them in twisted ways. By the end of the episode Vala is tried as heritic and put to fire. She burns in the fire and that is when the first of the Ori Priors appears and heals Vala. Vala and Daniel are led by this Prior out of the commons and that is where once again we are left without answers. . .
  • A good episode, but a little old, what with all the people being at the last minute. So I gave it an 8.3

    "Avalon (part II)" was an okay episode. It was a little old though. Vala and Daniel are near death while trapped in a room that's ceiling is coming down because they got the puzzle wrong. Then at the LAST moment they get the puzzle right and they are saved...Meanwhile...Mitchell and Teal'c are near death while trapped in a room that's ceiling is coming down because they got the puzzle wrong. Then at the LAST moment they get the puzzle right and they are saved. Okay they aren't completely identical...both rooms had different puzzles. So they go back to the stone and try to pull the sword out and out it comes, but is it really that simple. No...A knight in shining armor appears and Mitchell has to fight it with Excalibur. Of course it almost kills Mitchell but then Mitchell wins (as usual). No treasure appears because truth of spirit is missing, Vala took the coin from the puzzle. Finally (after the coin is put back) the treasure appears, and a book too! They find a weird device and since daniel and Vala are still stuck together they decide to go through. They end up in a peasant village, and meet people who worship the ORI. Anyways...Vala ends up doing something wrong and they decide to burn her at the stake. Will she be saved? Actually she dies, which is a shocker because normally that doesn't happen. Daniel goes over to her burnt body (and he almost cries). Something is wrong, when Vala died Daniel was supposed to die too because of the bracelets. So Vala can't REALLY be dead (but she is). Then an Ori comes and brings Vala back to life! (that's a new idea) and then takes them to the ori city...the end...a good episode
  • Daniel and Vala enter two people from another galaxy.

    They take the device found on their "treasure hunt" and Daniel and Vala insert two stones in hopes of communicating with someone.

    They end up being transported to a far away world into the bodies of two other people. They meet a new threat called the Ori, who are taking the place of the Goa'uld and false gods.

    If it wasn't for human curiosity they would never get into these predicaments. Luckily for us, the viewers, they can't help but let their curiosity get in the way of logic and it makes for a great show.

    After seeing the Ori and what they can do, it shows what the shows are going to be like from now on. Now they are going to be trying to defeat the Ori now that the Goa'uld has been defeated.

    It makes sense to bring in a new villain, but for some reason I don't care for the Ori. I just don't think they make a good villain, I don't think I can explain that reasoning, it's just what I think.
  • What an awesome sword fight...

    This episode was exellent. The best part of it was the sword fight between Mitchell and the Black Knight. I thought it could have been longer. They eventually find the treasure they were looking for. They take it backk to the SGC and Daniel and Vala are transported into other peoples bodies in another galaxy. I kinda thought that person that daniel was transported into looked a little bit like Corin Nemec. At the end Vala is burned but brought back to life by this strange guy and is told to go with him. This was a great way to continue the season opener but it is not done yet. Later...
  • Even better than Part 1.

    Not by a lot but slightly better than part 1. And o my god can you believe how good this episode was? This episode followed on straight off from where the last episode finished and yes all the team escape from the challege and are awarded treasure. But Daniel finds a device which transports him and Vala to a new location where he hopes to find Ancient's. However that is not what they find- more like crazy Ori worshiping people. Yes the Ori are the new gods who saved Vala when the village burn her to death in the town square. But i cannot believe how well they wrote her death part- i really throught Vala was dead. But i am not so sure about these seemingly good 'Ori'. Why do they want people to worship them? and whats with the eyes? I know that i cannot wait to watch the next episode, but so far this season is really keeping me on edge. And plus so much is happening you barely get a chance to miss O'neill or Carter who will be back soon!
  • Daniel/Vala in ORI Galaxy...

    SG-1 team found huge blue device that can communicate with other people from another galaxy. But, the problem is how to get out of ORI galaxy? Daniel and Vala learned that the couples: Harrid and Sallis have stones that can use for blue device. That could explain why! Vala was caught and accused that she is evil and was needed to be buried in fire! Daniel tried to explain! ORI saved Vala's life and return to alive! Thanks to Prior the ORI! ORI is not real god, they developed and want to control people in whole galaxies! Great Episode, I love it!
  • New storyline takes its wings...

    This episode really makes the story fly and makes it amazing. This is full of adventure, no time to stop. First the solution to the cave and the fight with that holo-knight. It was very epic.

    But when you think it cannot get better, it does. Daniel and Vala are linked to another galaxy and find themselves in middle-age looking culture. And Vala makes some mistakes trying to settle in and in punishment she is going to be burned. That was visually impressive they way it was done and very emotional when Daniel goes there.. she has burnt.. and.. oh.. all the mysteries promised with this episode.. cannot wait.
  • More like it.

    After the Season 9 premiere, I was wondering if Stargate hasn`t jumped the shark and will now turn garbage. Well this one was much better than the premiere. Slowly, I`m starting to get used to all these changes.
    I like the story, Daniel and Vala has some great chemistry...they interact well and I think Vala is a nice addition to the show. I would have love to see O`Neill-Vala interactions tho. ;-)
    The Vala burning scene was intense and we are introduce with the Ori. I like it, its very intriguing and makes me want to watch the next episode immediately.
    So finally, the reinvention of the show is not such a bad thing....I still severely miss O`Neill tho.
  • good episode...

    This episode picks up where the previous left off. Daniel and Vala are together and Cam and Teal'c are together with walls falling. They eventually find the cash of the ancients. They find a device that sends Daniel and Vala to a different planet. On this planet, they witness a new religion and Vala falls victum. We meet the Ori for the first time in this episode. I liked the burning scene. It was creepy and well played. Great acting. I didn't like Teal'c's part and I didn't really like the SGC part. Overall, good episode and a good introduction to another enemey.
  • Mitchell embraces his inner leader while Daniel embraces his inner citizen Joe.

    The team manages to find an answer to the puzzle before the ceilings of their respective chambers crush them alive. Mitchell must now protect them from the next test at sword fight which prone to some flashbacks of his rehabilitation days after the battle of Antarctica and, while he’s still not Jack, he does prove himself worthy of the leader status as he finds the tone necessary to protect his people.

    Unfortunately for Vala, this doesn’t help her to get her treasure, especially when Daniel activates a communication device “Citizen Joe” style and transports the two of them to the nuptial home of Harrid and Sallis, right in the middle of Ori territory. Even though they try their best to fit in, they are already suspected of heresy; accusation that only confirms once that Vala is captured for being “possessed” and every word that comes out of Daniel’s mouth only makes her situation worse.

    The Ori set her on fire while the villagers restrain a horrified Daniel that, in Harrid’s body, is unable to help his wife. Back at SGC Vala’s body dies the moment the one of Sallis does and there’s nothing the medical staff could do for her; Daniel is finally released as an Ori Prior approaches, too overwhelmed to do anything except to cradle Vala’s corpse in his arms and stroke her burned hands until the prior brings her back to life he doesn’t even question the orders to follow him, he’s just too grateful to have her back.
  • The treasure at Avalon leads Daniel and Vala on a journey into the bodies of two individuals in another galaxy. The only problem is they have no idea how to get back.

    This episode is kind of like an Oreo cookie with sardines in place of the cream. Good beginning and end, but a middle that just doesn't taste right. The good parts, which would be the delicious chocolate, occur at the beginning and the end of the episode. The peril brought about by the end of last episode is resolved, though one of the puzzles seems easier than it should be. That's not the end, though, as the team still has a couple of challenges to overcome before they can reach their goal. The highlight of the puzzle solving is definitely Mitchell's battle with a holographic knight which not only provides a nice little fight/hero-getting-his-butt-kicked scene but also gives the chance for a little more background and development on our new lead. Unfortunately, after the treasure is discovered and we learn some new information about the Ancients, including their possible proper names, Daniel and Vala go on their telepathic journey and the episode slows considerably. The bulk of the episode takes place here and other than learning a little information about a group of mysterious gods/ascended beings called the Ori not much takes place. To accompany this turn of events, the Free Jaffa have their own not quite compelling story where the Jaffa rally to support of Gerak, news that doesn't exactly please Teal'c. If there's one positive thing during this part of the episode, it's Mitchell's uneasiness and frustration with being unable to help Daniel and Vala. It's another nice insight to a character that we're slowly getting to know. The episode picks up again at the end when Vala is executed by burning. It's a pretty shocking moment seeing a character that is a little familiar, and that some of us may or may not have grown to like, to literally go up in flames, unable to even move. Her resurrection a moment later provides for a nice moment between Daniel and Vala and leads directly to the introduction of a being who will soon become familiar, a Prior to the Ori. It's a good ending to an otherwise average episode.
  • Nit a bad start to season 9

    SG-1 :Avalon part1&2

    Part 1-ok so the SG-1 has spilt up but it takes Vala to bring Daneral and t'eac back together-she one hell of funny person-i loved her lines and she seem like a good addition to the series-it would be intresting if she joined New SG-1 team form under new guy-flashback helped with understand background of this character. come Merlin Roll Eyes-they are really stenching it a bit thin here.

    Part 2-started off good but it got boring anyway Lexa Doig as new doctor is brillant-i loved her andromeda and it's nice to see her normal role. I wonder what history between her and general is-must be a past relationship. Another clifhanger-you really got to be joking.
  • Though every episode of Stargate is a good way to pass the time for me, I'm still one who compares episodes to the quality of the show. In that light I thougt the episode was a bit disappointing.

    This episode was a bit complicated, with all the names and stuff. I could have done without that. It seems this also causes Michael Shanks to do most of the talking in this episode, which normally I wouldn’t have any problems with, but in this case it makes it a bit boring. The General actually having a personal life straightens this out a bit, but not entirely.

    The swordfight scene was really cool and with very good musical scores I might add. And of course Vala continues to make inappropriate comment at inappropriate times, which is always a good thing. It keeps the episode light even though there is a lot of serious stuff going on. Maybe even more than the Daniel/Vala bits, I loved the stuff between Mitchell and Landry. It’s better than it ever was between Hammond and Colonel O’Neill.

    The new storylines I didn’t like so much. The stuff with the Jaffa, I never really liked. And the idea of Vala and Daniel being sent across space into the bodies of other people I didn’t like either. That all to learn about the new treat: I would rather have them introduced by some other means.

    Even though I liked the cliffhanger, I still thought the episode was a bit disappointing.
  • Daniel, Vala, Teal\'c and Mitchell narrowly escape death (again) by solving an ancient puzzle (again) in an effort to uncover an Ancient (capital A) stash of weapons (again). Teal\'c is disappointed with the new Jaffa gov\'t. Daniel and Va

    My god, wrap this arc up already. We GET that the new guy is trying to build a new team and we GET that he wants Teal\'c and Daniel...

    Jack was cool because his humor was subtle. He was laid back when he could be, and powerfully in command when he had to be. Mitchell is forcing humor, trying to make each mission \"fun.\"

    This arc is just bothering me. We\'ve waited months for new SG-1 episodes and *generally* at the end of a season we have a cliffhanger to resolve RIGHT away in the new season to give us hope and keep us interested. Here, they\'re dragging out a 3-part story arc that involves religion, government, puzzles and a crazy woman.

    I think they need to get away from the \"Atlantis\" style of writing and back to the very realistic style that we\'ve loved for 7+ seasons. I love this show because MOST of the time, I can believe that this crap could honestly be going on RIGHT now under a mountain. But when you start whipping out this really crazy stuff, you lose me and I start getting interested in some new Sci-Fi.
  • They find a planet... Atlant.. AHHH! I mean Avalon where suposedly the Ancients come from, called the Altereans now (I hope I spelled it right). Daniel and Vala take a telepathic trip to this planet and wackiness ensues.

    I loved this episode just about as much as I love Daniel's new beard. It looks quite fetching on him, gives him a more doctor look. :) But it doesn't mean I like the fact that it hides his beautiful face!
    Anyway... just like the beard hides Daniel's beautiful gface, this episode hides some of the shows more recurring faults. Like the holy plot developement tool, "An artefact that goes wrong". The whole reason for Daniel's little trip to anopther planet is that as usual, he thinks he knows how alien technology works, but things go wrong. VERY wrong. Haven't they learned by now NOT to mess with alien artifacts? Even when they know what they do, they still malfunction. ARGH!
    Anyway, besides that, this episode had it all:
    - Action: the semi-holographic fence fight. They're really pumping up the character developement for Mitchell, which is ok but he still feels like an O'Neill clone to me.
    -Humour: it was funny seeing Daniel and Vala being not nice to each other, but civilised. They had an image to maintain afterall. I laughed out loud when Daniel talked about the incident in "Average Joe" and Mitchell said he read the file on that weird guy. I thought he looked directly into the camera at the audience. Upon reinspection I realised he was looking at the doctor, but still... it would've been a funny scene.
    - Drama: Vala going extracrispy. Damn. I really cringed at that one. I couldn't believe the Stargate producers were actually letting us see someone burn to death. And both Black's and Shank's acting was perfect. I loved the fact that Vala didn't just jump up and say: "Ok, I'm back. Let's get some treasure up in here." She died and she knew it. Now she's got something more in common with Daniel. And on top of that, Daniel holding her burnt body is one of the show's most emotional scenes ever.
    - Character Developement: pretty much all around. I like Doig as the doctor, and her relationship with her father. Nice touch, I love family stories and this could be a nice alternative to the Carter father-daughter story, given that these two don't seem very close.
    Teal'c is getting intense!!! I love what they did with him this episode. First almost losing his temper, then going on defense and having to remind the Jaffa they're behaving like inconsiderate, ungrateful little brats and then like complete idiots. Up until now he knew what he had to do, who he had to fight, but how can he fight the will of his own people? Great stuff! And I've never even been interested in the Jaffa plot.
    And speaking of moral ambigouity, what's with the guy with the staff? He saved vala, but he encourages the Ori (it's that how it's spelled?) worship. Good things are coming our way!
  • Too many little pieces not enough meat.

    First, let me say, I LOVE SG-1. I've managed to get no less than 10 new converts to the show by lending out my DVDs. That said, this episode just didn't do it for me.

    Daniel and Vala off on some Freaky Friday adventure. Where I'm sure Vala's ridiculous inability to function rationally will get them into trouble...

    Tiny snippets of Teal'c's growing dilemma...

    Some sort of previous relationship between the new general and new doctor (Neither character of which I have a vested interest in yet.)

    Those things just weren't enough to keep me interested in this one.

    Vala's presence has pretty much ruined Stargate for me. Not the character of Vala, but Daniel's attraction to her. It seems completely out of character. Daniel has always attracted to intelligent caring people. Carter, Dr. Frazier, Sarah, Ke'ra. Vala is self centered, greedy, and irreverent to the point of being completely unbeleivable. Okay, I guess I do have a problem with her character.

    But that's just my opinion and plenty of people seem to love her.

    Anyway, I look forward to Vala's departure, Carter's return, and some good old exploratory missions.
  • pretty good start into the ninth round...

    As a big Farscape fan i personally enjoyed seeing Claudia Black back on the screen (imo an underrated actress) and even though the storyline places her and Michael Shanks on another planet (not with her old Farscape-love Ben Browder) it was a good fit.
    I hope they keep her as a regular or at least a recurring character.
    Even though neither RDA or A. Tapping were seen in this episode i think Ben Browder is worthy to be RDAs successor, giving the role his own personal flair.
    I really liked this episode and i cant wait to the conclusion.

    i have to say that i found Valas death very hard. Seeing her burn like that gave me the willies... Let\'s see if Season 9 keeps on being as violent as that...
  • The drive of Mitchell.

    i thought this episode was a good one for col. Mitchell (the bit with the knight). It showed that even after taking a beating he has the power to get back up and continue fighting. This shows strength of mind and body which means he is perfect for the SGC and for SG-1. I'm sad that Jack has left but i think Mitchell will handle the role great

    PS. why were the numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 instead of some wierd Ancient language.