Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2004 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Teal'c moves with the other SG soldiers to intercept an Anubis super-soldier coming through the gate - Jack is gunned down before Teal'c can dispose of the intruder. We then realize Teal'c is taking part in a virtual reality simulation based on the technology from the Gamekeeper's planet (The Gamekeeper) and volunteers to help Dr. Lee improve it as its intuitive AI program improves. In the first run Teal'c is quickly "killed" and the chair inflicts a substantial pain burst. The simulation continues to send more super-soldiers at Teal'c, stressing his bio-signs and threatening to kill him. The computer improves the super-soldiers' ability to withstand energy attacks and the virtual Sam leads Teal'c to a prototype weapon with which he defeats the invaders. But the simulation doesn't end because Teal'c specified it would be more difficult and he couldn't win until the "threat" is neutralized – which may require the defeat of the Goa'uld. Teal'c is obsessed with hunting down all the enemies, much to the confusion of the virtual Sam and Daniel. The system won't let Teal'c to win, realizing he subconsciously doesn't want to quit until he has "won." Teal'c keeps getting killed and "resetting," and determines that one of the drones is using a cloak of invisibility, defeating him. Then they find a naquadah power cell on overload and try to get it through the gate when the gate technician is shot down by...Daniel, who is a Goa'uld traitor. The bomb goes off and the game resets again. Teal'c gives up trying to defend the base as the virtual SGC is slaughtered again and again. The real Sam contacts the scientists on the Gamekeeper world and gets a recorded imprint of Teal'c mind, and realizes the game won't let Teal'c win as long as he believes they can never win against the Goa'uld. Eventually Jack suggests they send in a second person and Sam sets it up so the new player will get a two-second foreknowledge of what's to come. Daniel goes in and is promptly shot by Teal'c, who believes him to be the virtual traitor. Daniel manages to stun him with a zat and get through to him. Daniel's vision isn't entirely helpful, and they both get killed, putting Teal'c in imminent danger of a heart attack. The next go-round, Teal'c manages to take out the super-soldiers with Daniel's help and find the naquadah power cell again and Teal'c stops the virtual Jack and Sam from disarming it, believing they're Gou'ald. Without a choice, Teal'c accepts they're who they claim to be and lets Sam disarm the bomb – a nearby Sgt. Siler reveals himself as the Goa'uld traitor and they shoot him down, "winning" the game.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)