Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2004 on Syfy

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  • one of the best SG

    Its one of the best episodes in the entire series. its like a video game, and its amazing, love the acting.
  • First of I love StarGate SG-1,so I'm a bit over protective of my favorites. That said,...

    "Avatar" is more than just a show to kill-time or Filler. It was to show us that Teal'c was afraid. maybe thats why I see so many not liking this episode. Personaly I was glued to my seat and didnt want to take my eyes off Teal'c. I of course told myself nothig is going to happen to Him... right? I wont Give away the ending, but I can Brag that this Was some of the best Wrighting in the story line of SG:SG1. Ask yoursef... do you belive we can win over the Gua-old? That is the Question.
  • This episode really shows some aspects of Teal'c that can be overlooked but make him the character he is.

    I thought this was an excellent episode. Even the opening, where Teal'c wins in seconds after all the "geeks" worked so hard to make it difficult fit nicely. It showed the difference between experience and determination and the "book learning" the others had. The episode also reminded us that playing with technology you don't understand is not always a good idea (which of course is a staple lesson in almost all shows or books in the sci-fi genre).

    I liked how the game chair adapted to Teal'c. The chair could shock him since he would want to feel pain if he died in the game whereas the scientists looked at it more as an impartial video game and would expect death with no pain. The concept of the game no longer allowing a way out since Teal'c himself would normally never quit also played well into how that character was. Even though he did try to quit in the game, the game was treating it as real life and in a real life situation, Teal'c would not quit. And having his own psyche betray him into keeping the game going, exposing his doubt that it was possible to have a victory over the enemy in this case, also showed his thoughts. But of course, once he had Daniel Jackson with him, he knew victory may be possible and it was.

    Some might say that some of the visual effects were cheesy when things turned into a video game view. I think it made it more realistic since the others were watching Teal'c thoughts and those graphics should be in a video game type of picture. I really liked the way they would cut from one type of view to the other.

    Great episode.
  • Let's play...

    The premise of this episode has been done over and over again on different shows. nevertheless, it works!

    Teal'c gets trapped inside a simulation in which Goa'uld are attacking the SGC with Super soldiers. The only way for Teal'c to get out of the 'game' is for him to win. Unfortunately, the simulation is interfaced with his brain and learns from him, eventually making it impossible for him to complete the objective.

    As I said, this has been done before, many times. In fact, its Red Dwarf counterpart episode 'Better Than Life' is one I am also very fond of. But I think the reason they keep making episodes like these, is because it is a very interesting premise; after all, who wouldn't want to experience virtual reality?

    Character-wise, this episode reveals a lot about Teal'c, and lays bare the doubts he still carries deep within him on whether they really can beat the Goa'uld.

    Excellent episode!
  • Cool...

    This is the first episode of season 8 that I ever saw. It's a pretty sweet episode. Tealc goes into a kind of virtual reality game where there is a bunch of anubis drones but there is one problem he cant get out. Every time he killed an anubis drone the game would start over again. So they sent Daniel in after him and he got this special ability that could make him see 2 seconds ahead of time I know that doesnt sound like anything special but it did help and they got tealc out so this is a good episode I cant remember all of it but most of it. My advice watch it. Later...
  • Endless loop of virtual reality...

    I liked the idea of the episode and the technological aspect - that there is a stimulation and it can learn, it plays the way the player things and Teal'c did not had much possible thoughts. Despite the whole shooting game as it was, there was also emotions - specially when Daniel comes in and tries to get Teal'c play again (and not shot him in the beginning). And the way the end comes - we find all 4 main chars aiming at each other and ready to shot. But in the end, the game is win, everyone almost ok.. and we have had quite unique episode.
  • good episode...

    I actually like this episode and its story. Teal'c gets stuck in a game because of his ego and Daniel has to go in and take him out. I've seen other shows do something similiar, but Stargate made it its own and did a good job. I loved watching Teal'c, O'Neill, Sam, and Daniel die several times. It was pretty funny. The camera work on this episode was amazing. I loved the shots. The Anubis drones were a good addition. However, at the beginning when the drone is shooting up the gateroom and shoots O'Neill, Teal'c is just standing there. Shots are going on all around him and he's not getting hit. I mean, at least let the bad guys be able to aim. They can hit O'Neill but not Teal'c, is that fair? Oh well, again, the story was really good and the action was great also.
  • Teal'c is trapped in a human avatar constructed from a previous episode. It is believed Teal'cs own consciousness has prevented him from leaving the machine. Unfortuneately, Teal'c is loosing the overall battle. It's up to SG1 and some scientists to rescu

    Probably not one of the most popular episodes, but it is filled with all sorts of supersoldier action. It combines one of Tealc's personal episodes with alter-reality action. It is not a great episode because it is not real, there is no great special effects, it does not stick to the main plot, and there are some inadequacies with the episode.

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    Again, if you want to see the episode I have it.