Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 9

Avenger 2.0

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Every Season must have its humor episode. This one was no dissapointment.

    Every Stargate Season has had an episode that’s just plain funny. They make a point of doing it with very slight acceptions at some points. Thankfully, the writers of Stargate are absolute hilarious, which gives humor episodes like this a certain edge. For this year’s humor, we revisit Doctor Jay Felger from ‘The Other Guys’ in Season 6. We visit the character in a more intimate way as we see that he still is a colossal screw up as he used to be as well.

    The episode keeps a rapid pace that includes Felger being in his apartment playing with small warhammer-like figures of SG teams and Goa’ulds. It also includes one of the most hilarious props in all of the Season, the Carter Doll. The only real problem I could find with this episode is the continuing lack of Richard Dean Anderson, who is always perfect for the humor episodes because that’s his style. I was actually disappointed at first with him only having a few scenes, but I soon realized that it worked out for the best.

    The very interesting thing about this episode that sets it apart from the other humors of the series, is that it goes from a very fun and humorous episode at the beginning, but proceeds to become a more serious episode that has a seemingly solid plot. It becomes almost dark for the middle. And of course, living up to all Stargate, the end of the episode again flows back into the nice humorous area.

    It was a very simple episode, but it lacked many flaws aside from the lack of main cast members being around. Again, a simple but sweet episode that was well worth watching and that I would gladly watch several times to come. A scene that I found particularly amusing was the scene at the very end with Felger daydreaming of Carter and his assistant fighting over him. I give this episode a solid 7.
  • It was not the best episode but it was really good. They had the Sg1 team all split up Daniel is off world on a unstable planet with unpredictable weather conditions. Jack and Teal'c are off world.

    Felger is trying to impress Hammond and come up with a new weapon, but he manages to knock out the power to the base and it realy makes Hammond made and has decided that he is not real happy with felger's work. He is ready to fire him right then. So felger tells him that he is working on something else and it is about ready, so hammond tells him has 24 hours to show him something or he is out of there.
    Felger had no idea what he was going to do. He tells his Assistant Cloe that he could use Avenger. She tells him there is no way it's not finished and that it will never work.
    So felger peaches the idea to Sam and Sam thinks it sounds like a good idea. so She tells hammond about it and tells him that it could be a really good weapon if it works. So hammond tells her that it sounds good but he wants her to work on it with him. which is really hard for felger because he has a thing for sam. But sam and Felger and cloe all work on this project and they believe that they have it ready to test. so they decide to test it on one of ba'al's mining planets. they send it through and the next thing they know they have not heard from any of the teams that are off world. so they try to contact Jack and Teal'c when they reach them they discover that the sgc has the only working gate as far as dialing out. It was the Virus they planted in Ba'al's gate. With all they could do they could not figure out what happened. But they decide that they have to go to where the original virus was planted. and try to rewrite the virus.
    Mean while daniel is stranded on a flooding planet. Teal'c and Jack are in the middle of a firefight. So everything is depending on Sam and Felger fixing this thing and getting everyone home. But when they get there the virus has been tampered with by Ba'al. So now Felger has to rewrite Ba'al's rerwrite while Sam tries to fight of the Jaffa. Jack and Teal'ce find out that sam went to the planet alone with felger to fix the prolem. So they show up at the planet in an Alkesh ship. Which they would reveal the story of how they got it when they got back. Felger has his sick little daydream that Sam and Cloe would be fighting over him in his lab. It was a pretty good episode it was humorous. I enjoyed it.
  • funny...

    Felger makes a virus that spreads to the entire gate network and basically made the gate system unusable. Daniel is trapped off-world on a flooding planet and Jack is trapped off world with Teal'c and they're getting attacked by jaffa. In the end, Sam and Felger go off world to stop the virus and Jack and Teal'c steal an alcesh. This episode was pretty funny. Felger is just a funny character and his interactions with the other characters is halarious. The story was pretty interesting and they developed it well. So, overall, it was a great funny episode with a great story.
  • Not weak Not good!

    ...but something in between. While it had some funny parts to the point where you can actually grin or at least smile, it lacked in imagination and plot. That Felger guy doesn't seem to "work" so far. For a high security with the best paid men SGC hired a goofy idiot that keeps messing up every "little" science project he's made. While in previous episodes he helped SG1 escape (by pure luck of course), here every bit of connection between StarGates gets cut of all due to his "genius". So far it's the worst episode of this season, well not worst i'll rephrase... it's this seasons least entertaining episode.
  • I think it was weak episode.

    I do not know. I just did not see point of this episode. They wanted to make it funny; I think but it was not. "The Other Guys" it was funny but this.. I do not know. The constant panic and weird acting scientist who ruins all the gates in the galaxy and then still acts like? I do not know.. it looked totally weird and the story had no point or connection with anything important.

    The only thing I think enjoyed when Carter went to the another planet and alone tried to keep those Jaffas away... it was great scene. But pointless episode.
  • This episode provided a simple story line filled with humor. It certainly wasn't the best SG1 has to offer, but it had its place.

    This episode has a simple plot. Felger, in his quest to impress creates a virus that has significant potential. However, once implemented, there is a big problem- all of the stargates are locked.

    Felger is quite believable. He wants to be noticed and to fit in. His lack of social skills makes for some good humor. He is a likable character who just needs to relax and not rush into things. If he could manage to do these things, he would not be so annoying to the team. You don't have to examine Felger too deeply. His character is seamlessly developed throughout the episode. Felger's crush on Sam helps the viewer to see Sam as an attractive woman. Granted its not the first episode to do this, but its done in a light way. Through day dream sequences Sam is allowed to step a bit out of character. We don't see a lot of the rest of SG1, just enough to satisfy. Jack's scenes are classic O'Neil. He is dead on. Fillers can be disappointing. If you accept this episode for what it is, you will enjoy it.
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