Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

SG-1 is exploring a wooded planet that seems uninhabited, even though Teal'c's sources indicate there's a base there belonging to the Warriors of the Sodan, a group of Jaffa. Someone opens fire on them and Mitchell provides cover fire when he's shot repeatedly by a Jaffa. He manages to fight back enough to grab the staff weapon and shoot his opponent before collapsing. Other Jaffa find Mitchell and the Jaffa he defeated and take Mitchell, but are forced to flee before they can grab their comrade when SG-1 and reinforcements arrive.

Mitchell wakes up briefly in the Sodan's village where they plan to keep him alive. SG-1 and the others run a reconnaissance and try to heal the dying Jaffa. They find ancient writing that even Teal'c doesn't recognize, on a powered structure that is a "gateway to enlightenment." They take the Jaffa back to SGC and Dr. Lam works on him, and they realize he has an invisibility device, while searches prove negative. Mitchell wakes up after a painful process and takes his doctor Jolan hostage, but is quickly disarmed. He tells Mitchell that they came through the Stargate and it would take months for him to return. Jolan then tells Mitchell he must pay for spilling Sodan blood by engaging in ritual combat to the death.

Lam reveals that they had to remove the Jaffa's dead symbiote and have him on tretonin. Mitchell is brought before the Sodon's leader, Lord Haikon, who reveals they tried to rise up against the Goa'uld and were forced to flee. On Earth, the injured Sodan, Volnek, wakes up and refuses to tell them anything. Jolan has Mitchell attack him and the colonel is clearly outmatched – they have no choice but to train him so he can fight and die honorably. Later he witnesses a Prior of the Ori arrive who is clearly on friendly terms with the Sodan.

Mitchell trains with Jolan and tries to warn them about the Priors, speaking with Haikon. Haikon reveals that when their prayers went unanswered, they turned to the Ori, and won't hear of any heresy. Mitchell talks to Jolan who is reluctant to question Haikon's judgment. SGC is having no luck with Volnek and Landry is running out of money to continue the search – if they don't get results he'll have to write Mitchell off as MIA.

The Sodan (including a reluctant Jolan) bow before the Prior and afterward Mitchell confronts Haikon and sows a seed of doubt. Later Mitchell spars with Jolan and shows some signs of improvement, enough to provide some challenge, and Jolan begins to question Mitchell of what he knows of the Ori. Daniel and Teal'c confront Volnek with a Jaffa whose people were wiped out by the Ori, but Volnek calls him a liar. It turns out Jolan is Volnek's brother and is the one Mitchell must fight.

Jolan and Mitchell fight before the entire village and Jolan draws first blood. He then quickly disarms Mitchell and throttles him to death. Jolan asks that Mitchell be given a warrior's rite and when Haikon agrees, he asks to do it himself. Later Mitchell wakes up – they had it planned that Jolan's blade was drugged and the poison would put Mitchell into a deathlike coma. Jolan resolves to fight the Ori along with others who believe as he does. At SGC the gate activates and Mitchell comes through. He confronts Volnek, who tells him the truth, and then they send him back despite the fact he still doesn't believe them.