Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 16

Bad Guys

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 18, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The team prepares to hunt for the Clava Thessara Infinitus, as Daniel has a lead. With Sam absent, Landry orders the rest of SG-1 to check out Daniel's theory. They end up on what seems to be a tomb. Mitchell and Teal'c find some ancient relics on display and figure out they're in a museum on a civilized planet. Mitchell orders a retreat but the Stargate fails to function and they realize that the DHD is a replica.

They go over their options and figure they can dial out manually. Vala wants to check out the party above but a couple wanders in to make out. The woman panics and run upstairs and Mitchell and Teal'c follow her. They're mistaken for rebels and the security guards open fire, locking them in with some of the partygoers. They end up taking most of the people remaining prisoner although one security guard manages to hide. Daniel tries to explain to the ranking official that they're explorer but no one believes them. The team realizes that the natives won't accept their story so they end up playing the part of rebels until SGC checks in.

One of the partygoers was injured so they let a medical team in and the medics make an abortive attempt to take control, stunning Daniel. They end up dealing with Quartus, the negotiator for the Federal Security Council. He warns them they can't escape.

Daniel wakes up and one of the locals, Cicero, identifies himself as a researcher and believes their story. He offers them advice on what rebels would ask for and Daniel tries it with Quartus, but it doesn't' go well. Jayem Seran, the security guard who escaped, contacts Quartus. Quartus tells him to stand down but Jayem convinces himself Quartus really wants him to go after SG-1.

As Cicero shows them the Stargate relics he has, he warns that the rebels have been making advances recently and the authorities want to make sure and handle the situation. They find a Goa'uld Naquadah bomb and Vala goes to work trying to bypass the security systems. She sets off the security system, dropping a metal barrier. Jayem arrives and holds them at gunpoint, then contacts Daniel and threatens to kill them if Daniel doesn't surrender. He refuses and tells Jayem to kill his hostages, so he figures someone will come after him and sets up an ambush. He leaves Cicero to watch them, and Cicero then lets them go, and they take Jayem prisoner. They come back to find Cicero gone, and ask Jayem for his security guard. He refuses to give it to them but Vala quickly discovers he's hidden it in… his pocket. They still need his access code and Vala activates the bomb to convince him they're sincere. Jayem cracks and gives them the code, but Vala reveals that she really turned on the bomb and now she can't shut it off.

With only fifty minutes left, they hook up the bomb to the Stargate to power the device. Cicero opens up a side door and goes out, and Daniel notices it on the security system. They see him get taken to Quartus. Cicero then tries to explain SG-1's situation and the fact they can make contact with an alien race. Daniel notices Quartus hasn't checked in with him regularly, while Vala thinks she has the bomb hooked up correctly to power the Stargate. Outside, Quartus receives word that the government isn't giving into their demands.

They start to activate the Stargate after gagging Jayem, and the military moves in. The Gate activates and Daniel and Teal'c fall back but the soldiers intercept everyone before they can escape.

Quartus arrives and they try to convince him they should let them go, apologizing for the botched first contact. Cicero agrees and lets them go. Once they leave, Quartus declares that Jayem will be announced as a hero and the whole thing will be covered up, much to Cicero's disappointment. Back at SGC, they have no luck making contact and move on to issues of their own.