Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 16

Bad Guys

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 18, 2007 on Syfy

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  • This episode was a lot better than I thought it would be.

    I should start out by saying the Road Not Taken and line in the sand were far from brilliant in my opinion. I did really enjoy bounty, Shroud and Quest II, but this episode I was rather worried about. I'm not usually a big fan of filler episodes. But this was really good. And I do understand the complaints that some people will undoubtedly have with it. But I think the good points outweigh the negative.

    The episode starts out with them briefing the general about a planet where they may be a weapons cache belonging to Athena there. Daniel points out that the planet is significant in some ways because the writing on the walls seems out of order, and could possibly be another dialect. It turns out it's not, you'll understand in a minute.

    Alrighty, the team minus Carter, because she is currently trying to explain the episode road not taken to the President, and the General makes a joke about how the president is having trouble getting his head around the fact that he is not the president in the alternate reality. Anyway, the team heads to the planet, and while investigating, come across Goa'uld artefacts inside museum cases. Teal'c hears music, followed shortly by Mitchell, they go to investigate, only to realise they are inside a vast museum, where an exhibition of sorts is taking place.

    Mitchell and Teal'c return to the 'gate room' and inform the others that they are leaving. They try to dial the gate only to realise the buttons aren't buttons. Mitchell races to the back of the DVD and pulls the thing apart to discover that the thing is fake. The opening credits then roll.

    We rejoin the team, and they discuss about how they only need to remain there for six hours before Earth redials the gate at which time a laptop with a dialling sequence and a naquadah generator can be sent through. They decide that the best option is to remain out of sight. All of a sudden a man and woman come out of nowhere and start to make out. After changing positions several times, they split up and see the team. No one knows what to do, but they try to keep calm. Whereupon the woman starts to scream and runs away, followed by the man.

    We then cut to the hall with all the people in it, and you hear the woman screaming in the distance but getting louder as she comes towards the congregation. As she and the man come out, so to do Mitchell and Teal'c. The woman shouts rebels and there is mass panic. People start pulling out machine guns and Mitchell and Teal'c are just able to get into cover. AS everyone is trying to escape, one of the guards completely destroys and exhibit case, an alarm sounds and massive frames of metal bars come down locking them inside the museum.

    Within minutes SG-1 are in control of the scene, apart from the fact that they are locked up. Shortly afterwards over the radio comes a call to speak to the rebels. Daniel takes the radio and tries to explain that there has been a big misunderstanding. Understandably it works, and after a discussion with the team it is decided to play the role of hostage takers, and after a surprising revelation about one of the museum staff actually believing their story about being from another planet, they make demands that would be made by rebels on that planet. The team plus this guy called Cicero split up, Mitchell Vala and Cicero go exploring and Teal'c and Daniel stay on guard with the few hostages they have.

    While the three of them are exploring they see something up ahead in a corridor. Mitchell asks if that is what he thinks it is. Vala says, 'No, that is a naquadah bomb' Mitchell replies with, 'For the record, that's what I thought it was'. Rather comical. Moving on. As they carry on exploring we learn that there was actually a security guard who was not in the hall when it went down. He then takes it upon himself to resolve the situation. He calls on his radio to the outside and they tell him that he is not part of their plan, and that he should find a hiding place and stay there. He interprets this as, they know the radio is being bugged, they want him to take action. They don't, they meant what they said. He goes off with a tiny pistol with four barrels. I'm sure I've seen something like it elsewhere.

    Anyway, Mitchell and Vala try to get at the bomb, except it's part of an exhibit, they need the bomb, because they might be able to use the naquadah to power the gate, manually dial it, and get the hell out of there. They're trying to get at it, but it needs a security card, something they don't have because Cicero is a scientist of sorts. Vala tries to break into it, by using traditional theft gear. It's basically a pair of those, I don't know what they're called. They're circular on one side, and have a handle on the other side. On the handle is a lever of sorts which you push in again and again when the other side is resting against a flat surface. The lever pulls the air out forming a vacuum holding the handle to the glass. She attaches two of these, cuts around them and pulls off the glass. All while reciting the steps necessary to remove an artefact that is alarmed. At step four she puts her hands underneath the artefact, and it all goes wrong. Mitchell is just able to pull her out of the way from the iron bars that come rapidly descending from the roof. Vala picks herself up and remarks upon step one on how to remove an artefact from an exhibit that's locked away behind iron bars.

    While the Mitchell Vala and Cicero story line continues, we keep intermittently cutting to Daniel trying to negotiate with the chief negotiator. He's such a brilliant hostage taker because what he's been told to demand by Cicero is what the negotiator makes quite clear they won't be getting. He keeps trying to be nice because he was against this plan, only to have Teal'c look at him, and Daniel would try to recover. An example is they ask for various prisoners to be released and the man says it will take time. Daniel immediately responds by saying, 'take all the time you need, talk to each person that you need to'. Teal'c looks at him, and Daniel tries to cover by saying, 'but don't you screw with us, don't you take too long'. It's brilliant because he's so out of place.

    While this is going on the security guard creeps up and takes them hostage. Makes Cicero take their weapons. He says he's gonna go down the corridor and make sure the area is clear and then Cicero can bring them round. The guy runs off, and Cicero hands them back their weapons. They go and capture him and tie him up. Unfortunately while all this goes on Cicero runs away, runs outside and into the hands of the army and negotiators and police and people. We don't see her do it, but Vala manages to get the bomb free and they take it to the gate room. While they are trying to hook it up we see Cicero trying to explain to the authorities that he was right about them being from another planet.

    The authorities decide to go in, just as they manage to dial the gate. As they run to the gate security forces come out from all directions and stop them. After a conversation between Mitchell and the person in charge about how there are enough enemies out there without Earth and this planet becoming enemies, they finally go through the gate. The security guard talks of how he was right and the potential of the Stargate, but the man in charge tells him that in fact he managed to kill all four hostage takers and that they were rebels. Cicero objects, and the man says that he can quite easily change the story to the security guard saving all the hostages bar one. hint hint, kill him.

    We then cut to the SGC and they're discussing the fact that they have not been able to re-establish a connection with the planet and that they most probably buried their gate.

    I really liked this episode, despite the fact that it was a filler episode rather than Ori related. And despite the fact that there was no Carter, the show quite clearly held its own. The comical moments were good, especially Daniel trying to be a bad guy. This was a very good episode, especially as it's one of the last with this crew. Seeing these four together, it makes you wonder how things might have turned out if Carter had gone the same way as O'Neill and it had been just these four.

    A good episode, a good series, a good show. I know I'll miss it.