Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 19, 2005 on Syfy

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  • A planetary wide demonstration of the Ori's powers leads to some unexpected sacrifice!

    One of the Ori's priar intends to set a beachhead on a planet controlled by the free Jaffa. Warned by a minor Goa'uld, former underling to Baal, SG1 try to figure a way to stop that.

    Yet this demonstration of power start to show some weaknesses in the almighty Oris power. These all knowing powerfull entities seemed just to be unable to act very eficiency in our part of the Galaxy without establishing a base there.
    This to state that they do need to rely on physical and highly technological means to achieve their goals. This fact alone is accrediting the theory of the false gods using tricks.

    But we still have to admit that if we are to expect an Ori fleet this could be quite a challenge for the still weak "Homeworld security forces". The time would come (and i still bet on the mid-season clifhanger) when we will be granted a full demonstration of (military) power from their part.

    One other element that seems important to me is the promise of ascension for those who served the Ori. That promise alone with the powers granted to the priars and other allies could be the key to the very essence of the Ori's power.

    Needless to say that vala (Claudia Black's character) will be missed. At some point she may act as a serie regular. Avoiding strong connections with her former partner from Farscape was brilliant.

    The return of Samantha Carter could be very problematic to the writers. Most of her links to the serie were cut since the end of last season (no more boyfriend, her father's dead, Jack is gone, special relationship with the replicators is no more. Looks like she will have to dig herself again a new place in the show appart from a pale version of Atlantis' McKay. A challenge to the writers and to Amanda Tapping.
  • The "band" is back together, but they have lost a crucial component of the team.

    Although extremely entertaining, 'Beachhead' tied loose ends but left one string hanging; now Daniel has lost his counterpart. This part of the show may suffer as everybody on the team is smart to an extent, unlike Vala who only knew how to trick someone into getting what she wanted. Teal's knows battle tactics, Mitchell knows... (well, we're not sure yet) and Sam is much along the lines of Daniel's intelligence. It was pretty great that Vala is going to pop up somewhere with the Ori,assuming that she doesn't get herself burnt to death before SG-1 gets to her. I am not satisfied with Daniel and Vala's departure because in the end he seemed like he'd kind of miss her, but he was mean to her while she was there. It does seem strange with Sam AND Vala, and I'd much rather have Sam, because without her, there is no SG-1.
  • Showed the Ori's capabilities and Carters return.

    This episode of Stargate SG1 was a good one and was very revealing in terms of the Ori and their capabilities. The first thing I am going to say is that I have been wondering what the Ori are capable of technologically and was pleasantly surprised that this episode started to answer that question. I was also pleasantly surprised with the way they had Vala leave the show for a while and still made it where she could come back, and at the same time showing that the Ori are also very dangerous. Needless to say I was very what kind of technology the Ori made in such a short time and what they are capable of. So all in all I thought this was a good episode that showed us some information without giving us too much.
  • If there's any doubt that the entire production is revitalized, this episode should lay it to rest...

    This is the episode a lot of people were waiting for. Oddly, I think that it was good for reasons other than the return of Carter. This episode continues to demonstrate the immense power of the Ori in several different ways, and in the process, some other percolating plot threads get some air time. Surprisingly, the end of the Daniel/Vala mini-arc is completely unsatisfying, since the writers had to find a way to give Vala a proper send-off without killing her off for good.

    First things first…I love the plan of the Ori in this episode. It’s rather well conceived, and it demonstrates just how often they’ve pulled off massive invasions in the past. They know exactly what the unconverted will do, and they plan accordingly. They also work on a scale well beyond anything that has been seen on the series in the past. This episode does a lot to cement the thought that the Ori could wipe the floor with Anubis.

    This is also the function that Nerus fulfills in the story. Nerus may not have been the most powerful of Goa’uld, but like many of the less powerful false gods, he would attach himself to the winning side whenever possible. The fact that he rolls over for the Ori says it all: they are the new bullies on the block, and it serves Nerus’ best interests at the moment to back the winning side. In other words, the remaining Goa’uld weren’t powerful enough, in Nerus’ eyes.

    More and more, it looks like the key to defeating the Ori will be largely “low tech”. They can’t beat the Ori with big guns and some conveniently located Ancient technology (or so I hope). In the best traditions of “Babylon 5”, they have to “understand” their way out of the problem. That’s going to be quite a tall order at this point, since they don’t seem to recognize how well the Priors have been empowered to complete the task of invading. Daniel, I suspect, will uncover some new piece of information about the relationship between the Ancients and the Ori that will become important to the eventual solution.

    Garek and the Free Jaffa Nation are going to be serious trouble. Garek thinks like a “strength equals victory” kind of factionist leader, and that’s the kind of thinking that will get the Jaffa under the thumb of false gods that won’t be so easily beaten as the Goa’uld were. Much like the force field in this episode, I think of the Ori as using those resisting their presence as a convenient tool. Not only does resistance help show others the power of the Ori, but it also gives the Priors a chance to wipe out adversaries before the real invasion can begin. The Ori really seem to enjoy the idea of letting the enemy beat themselves.

    But more to the point…if the solution requires “understanding” their way out of the Ori invasion, through the careful application of force in very specific situations, then Garek is unlikely to be the best go-to ally. If anything, he will interpret anything less than a full-scale counter-attack as cowardice and (seeing him in this episode) a declaring of war against the Jaffa. The last thing anyone needs is a further dissolution of alliances.

    I mentioned that I was waiting for the new team to gel a bit more, and this episode took that one step further. Now that Carter’s back, there’s still going to be an adjustment period, but it’s coming together beautifully. Setting up a clear and present danger serves the purpose of giving a reason for the team to exist, and there’s enough happening between the Ori, Garek, and the situation at home to keep all the characters busy. Obviously, the Ori won’t stop with one attempt, and so I expect the Supergate to make another appearance.

    My prediction? Either the “summer season finale” or the actual season finale will end with the Ori successfully establishing a beachhead, thus escalating the conflict and bringing to a close this introductory phase. By the end of the next episode, though, the season will be a third of the way done, and that usually marks the point where the characters get to settle in and the season arcs begin to complicate. I’m looking forward to that, because this is turning out to be the best season in quite some time.
  • a peek at that stretegy of the Ori.

    Well of course beachhead is a military strategy. In this episode we see a little of the lengths that the Ori are willing to go to for their strategy.
    Allying with the Go'auld
    Using the Jafar and SGC weapons to power their shield.
    Causing distrust with the Jafar and SGC.

    I think even though the Ori did not establish their gate they dove into plan B the divide and conquer strategy.

    The distruct between the former Go'auld's and jafar and SGC mean no moreteam work to get rid of the bad enemy. It took all three working together to get rid of the replicators. I Ori did not want to repeat that mistake.

    This was an important episode.

  • I must say: I wasn’t very impressed with the first few episodes of this season. But this was one superb episode. And Samantha Carter is back to kick some Ori ass.

    I must say: I wasn’t very impressed with the first few episodes of this season. But this was one superb episode. And Samantha Carter is back to kick some Ori ass.

    The Ori were until now not a force of which I thought they were scary. That definitely changed. If it takes only one prior to destroy an entire plant, build a mega-gate and create a black hole, then what can a whole army of these priors do? The special effects of the force shield where as usual very good and the space-gate looked awesome. They experimented with gates in space in Stargate Atlantis, but this one looked much, much better.

    The return of Samantha was done very funnily. I’d expected she’d enter when the whole team was there and I also expected a little bigger welcome from Daniel (he could at least hug her). But the General being on the phone with Jack, and while he is explaining to him that she wouldn’t come she enters was very funny. What I also really loved was the basketball scene with the team. Aliens VS Earth: very cool. I thought that scene showed some real team bonding.

    One thing I missed in this episode though, was some more information about Sam. I would’ve liked to hear from her where she was and if she and Jack are finally an item.
    Also I thought it was a bit sad that Vala had to go to the Ori galaxy. Okay, I knew they had to get rid of her and it is a cool way to go, but I still feel sorry for her.

    The Goa’uld Nerus was a little funny. Not super-funny, but he was funny. Everything together it was fantastic episode. The reason I watch Stargate SG-1.
  • Great episode. But the send off at the end was ruined by Carter's last words.

    I don't see why people would call it a cheap send off for Vala. But it would've been much better if Carter hadn't said that there might've been a chance that Vala survived.

    I don't like Carter's new hair, by the way.

    I also disliked the fact that they joked about her being a message. So she's in the Ori home galaxy. Don't any of them realize what grave danger she's in?!

    I don't know if it's my deductonary skills, but the moment she opened her mouth at the end there (the 1st time), I knew she had the solution, but that Jackson would prevent her from venting it, that she would go out and do it herself and somehow, in the process, sacrifice herself.
  • This best one to come out of this one yet!!!

    Ok this is more like it. The only downside to it is there ending of the character Valla. With a maybe return later. However I enjoyed having her on the show as she broke the monotoney of the the other characters. A welcome returned to Carter however I don't see the reason why they killed Valla off to be replaced by Carter. Unusual to my way of thinking. I don't see any reason why they couldn't have the 2 women in the team together. Maybe I missed something somewhere oh well will have to continue to watch and see and hope Valla returns!!!!
  • When an Ori prior comes through the gate on an alien planet he proceeds to create a slowly expanding force field around himself and the stargate. On a tip from a goa'uld, SG-1 takes the Prometheus to the planet and beams down to give the prior an ultimatu

    This episode represents a part of why I love this show. It is great science fiction mixed with some colorful characters, a powerful explosive, and gigantic stargate. The fact that a stargate of such immense proportions could be created is awesome. I was, however, disappointed that it wasn't activated before it was destroyed though I understand that would have meant failure to SG-1. The way it worked out shows us that the Ori and their plan are not infallible. Up until this point we have seen very little in the way of weaknesses on the part of the Ori, so this victory, though it depended upon Vala's sacrifice, was a good thing to have at this point in the season since we know that much worse things are yet to come.
  • Some exciting stuff going on here...

    Great show, this was. I just watched this episode on TV and I LOVED it! This episode is very exciting, and, like the title says, "exactly why I watch this series". Seeing the below reviews, it seems everyone agrees. Which is good, 'cause so do I.

    One thing bothers me though: THE ACTORS still LACK CHEMISTRY! I know, I know, that'll probably take time to build, but still, they seem and feel (to me, the viewer) so cold toward each other, so non-cohesive, so unlike a team...
    We'll see how that goes in future episodes, and if they indeed build up a connection like the old SG-1 had, which I certainly hope they do.

    PS: Samantha Carter's back (Amanda Tapping), which is muy bien.
  • Sam long awaited come back.

    The last act of SG-1 current incarnation is a basketball game in which the aliens (Teal’c & Vala) are beating up the humans (Cam & Daniel) in their own courtyard; General Landry interrupts to inform a Goa’uld named Nerus has come forward with information about the Ori, neither Vala or Teal’c seems to trust him only she’s more vocal about it but he’s accepted on the base and Carter is re-assigned to help them with their findings.

    The SG-1 men welcome Sam with open arms that only makes Vala look even more isolated, admittedly she doesn’t have Sam expertise, no one asks her opinion and Daniel acts as if embarrassed of his connection with her because the only reason why she’s brought with them is the residual effects of the bracelets that linked them together. However, she’s proven right when Nerus information ruins their chances to destroy the Ori supergate that’s about to open this side to their armada, so while the rest of team is busy trying to contain the damage she steals a ship to disrupt the gate chain with her as unexpected link. Daniel demands her to stop as he notices she's gone a little too late but Carter agrees this is the best course of action and he maintains radio contact with Vala until she destroys the supergate with a major explosion.

    This victory leaves Jackson conflicted, the residual effects of the bracelets keep him fainting, an unmistakable sign of what might have been Vala’s death. However, Sam’s first act as a now permanent part of the war against the Ori is to inform her team about a matter stream that left the ship before the gate was destroyed: Vala might still be alive somewhere in the Ori galaxy.
  • Vala sacrified her life!

    Don't worry, Vala is still alive in ORI Galaxy. Somehow, Ori transfered her to ori galaxy, not back to ship, weird! Daniel is so suprised that Vala saved them, friends, crews, and lot of people! Daniel wishs Vala come back. Colonel Sam Carter is back, but not part of SG-1 yet. Because Sam was needed to help planet for special ossasion. However, Daniel, Cam, and Teal'C are so focused on Sam, because they think Sam can do everything she can. They ignored Vala and her idea to save them. Vala was bit upset and decided to do it herself. I am so proud of Vala!!
  • Welcome back Carter.

    Yes it was nice to see Sam back, but my goodness what an fantastic episode this was. So the Ori tried to creat a "supergate" to get huge warships throught to the galaxy and spread Origin. Luckily SG1 is on the case and Vala manages to stop the gates construction, but is believed to have been transported to another place...the ori homeworld. Well i really hope that Vala comes back but it was nice to see Carter back on the show. So the Ori are becoming big enemies fast... will earth be able to defear them? and will they try to build another "Supergate" anytime soon? So far i am loving season 9.
  • Trade one for another!

    While i got used used to Vala Mal Doran's spirit and charm i'm glad Sam returns though. Still i'm hoping to see Vala soon, for all we know she is not dead. Ok this episode has got some action but what i do miss is the adventure. No more going thru the Stargate and seeing what's on the other side, and i get to see less and less actual stargate activation scenes and wormhole travel and that sucks (regarding latest episodes). But, we do get to see the first time a full extent of some of the Ori power, and a possible future conflict with the new free Jaffa leader Gerrek who is an utter stubborn moron, that will get his people killed. Let the good times roll...
  • The full power of Ori?

    This episode reveals something very frightening - the scale of Ori power. It looked for a while that they might have been able to establish a stronghold and built that supergate (what was huge) but luckily they did not. It was also special episode - we have Carter back finally and Vala - despite talking all the time, this time she did what she knew would help them and with her act.. it worked as we saw. She did not let the supergate be finished.

    So, this was really great episode, opening the ori storyline for us more, showing what they are able to. All that tricked by that Goa'uld on Earth.. doing their (huge) part of helping that to happen...
  • Carter is Finally back...

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm so glad that carter is back. Landry calls her in because a prior has made a shield around himself on a planet and it lokks as though something is going to happen. This is the best episode since Origin. The Ori are trying to get this Supergate up and running so they can come to our galaxy. Vala stops the formation of the Supergate but she also dies...or does she? Landry had to trust a gould so they could learn what the Ori were up to but the gould was working for the Ori. They should have known this, you never ever trust a Gould. later...
  • An Ori Prior has put a forcefield around himself and the gate on a Jaffa planet and destroyed everyone living on the planet.

    This was a pretty good episode. I'm still not a big fan of the Ori, but I still liked the episode. If it wasn't for Vala and her little quips and innuendos, it wouldn't have been that good.

    I'm glad that Carter has finally returned to the show. The show just isn't the same without her in it!! I thought it was kind of stupid to trust any Goa'uld!! I don't know why they thought that he would help them. Unless of course it was Baal and I just say that because I really really like Baal. So whenever he can be in an episode, I'm happy. But I didn't care for this other Goa'uld at all. He was annoying and disgusting.
  • When a Prior guards a Stargate for an unknown purpose, the SGC must do everything they can to stop him before he reaches whatever end. And that means calling on Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter.

    Another Ori episode and the final installment of the early season 9 "Vala arc" this episode brings what one might expect from a good episode of SG-1: Our heroes in a dangerous and exciting struggle with the Big Bad guys. The Ori's latest plan of attack is grander and more interesting than in the previous episode and finally allows us to see the new SG-1 together in its entirety. When those four walk up the ramp together for the first time it's an underplayed but still great moment. It's a new show, a new enemy, and new adventures ahead. This episode also introduces a new, minor Goa'uld named Nerus. A bit of a stereotypical character but I enjoyed him nonetheless. The final moment between him and Landry where the general says the one thing that probably cuts the deepest is a really good one. And character-wise we get one return and one departure as Sam finally comes back, and she's quite welcome, and Vala takes action to stop the Ori's plan from coming to fruition. It's a great way for her to go, even if we will see her again in a mere 13 episodes. All in all, an exciting and adventurous installment in our team's newest struggle against an unstoppable enemy.
  • An excellent episode that develops the Ori story line further.

    What was exciting about this particular episode was that the bad guys actually succeeded in their plan. Very often, the SG-1 team will somehow defeat their enemies via some last ditch effort. Here, on the other hand, the fail in their quest and put us into a dark situation.

    I was also happy to see the power of the Ori. I really enjoy the Ori as the principle enemy for SG-1. Here, we see that not only will the try Ori destroy anyone who tries to stand in their way, but they are also able to destroy entire planets to accomplish their goal.

    This developed the Ori story line even further, making the situation all the more dark for SG-1 and ultimately earth.
  • That's more like it!

    It seems SG-1 is back on form with this episode. Though it started off a little slow, half-way through it picked up and proved itself to be a pretty good episode.

    SG-1 is on a mission to destroy an Ori beachhead on a jaffa planet, but inadvertantly only make the position stronger. In the end it's - ironically - vala who saves the day, although by doing so she appears to get herself transported to the Ori galaxy.

    Personally, I'm quite happy with that particular development, as the whole Daniel/Vala link was starting to get a bit old. It's about time they took a break from that, though I have no objections to her making another appearance in the future.

    I'm glad though, to see a return to a slightly more 'old-school' formula in this episode, though it's a shame O'Neill wasn't there...
  • This is only one of many episodes to come that will guide the course of the War with the Ori

    This episode is similar to the ones back in Seasons 3 and 4 with battles against the Goa'uld.

    As it stands it isn't all that different in general plot however the heavy use of special FX and further introduction to the wonderful Black-hole theory that Carter proposed in earlier episodes means that the Ori will become a force to be reckoned with even though they failed to secure a beachhead.

    It should be noted that while the Ships that the Ori had were able to go through the gate it is obvious as they are coming through that they are expanding, and it is obvious to anyone with an inferring mind can conclude that the Ori are powerful enough to do whatever they want and that even means sending large ships through StarGates even if they can't fit. Convenience on the part of the Writers, but obvious nevertheless
  • This was good episode, but still nothing special.

    Am I the only one that thinks that SG Command was far too easily manipulated by some minor, unimportant Ghoul'ad. They should see it coming, instead they played right into Ori hands.

    And it took far too long for Sam to figure out that the force field was powered by their own fire. It was so plain for everyone to see.

    Don't get me wrong this was good episode especially compared to the rest of episodes from season nine so far. And it gave us more information about Ori. But still nothing special.
  • A great ep that shows how good the series really can be

    I liked both the special effects, and the acting, it truely did show how good this series can be even with earth having all the gadgets they have now. I was personally suprised at how much the ori are willing to kill them selves, and i wonder how long the acended ancents will stand by before they start to fight back
  • The First good episode in season 9

    Really must say, that after five first episodes of the season I was more on side of those, who believed, that this series shoud have ended with SG1's fishing trip in the last frames of the previeous season. This episode brought back belief in the guy's who are making this show. It looks like it is good only when Amanda Tapping is on the air. This episode wreally brought back hope, that these series are not lost after all.
    Just keep up the good work
  • The Ori get taken down a Notch!

    This was one of the better episodes in this great series!

    The Prier of the Ori take over a planet and kill all the Jefa there then leave the gate on using a blackhole as a power sorce and create a force field.

    SG-1 with the help of a fat minor Ghoul'ad, Narous. They take the Promeathus to the planet and use a Naquida enchanced NUKE that has the power the blow the Stargate pecies!

    While the bomb is armed they team makes one last atempt to talk to the Prier.

    While this happens the Free Jefa attack the force field and then the field expands to soon!

    The team leaves and the bomb goes off. Taking all but the gate that was procted by the Perir. But the force feild explaned to much and the whole planet was taken over!

    Soon small ships came out of the and created there own HUGE gate! Big enough for SHIPS to come out of!

    As the planet cloapesed they gate was about to be opened until Vala took a ship and saved the day but at a VERY HIGH cost.
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