Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 7

Beast of Burden

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 10, 2001 on Syfy

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  • It's all about Daniel....Yay!

    Beast of Burden is such a Daniel episode. A dilemma that goes right up his alley, well one of them anyway (no hieroglyphics in this one, sorry). Save the enslaved race! Ok, that sounds like an SG-1 specialty when we're talking Goa'ulds, but we're not. How about, save the misunderstood enslaved race that need to be shown the way to freedom. Show the slave drivers the light and the meaning of human rights, or Unas rights. Ok, never mind my rambles. My point is that I enjoyed this episode. Daniel is by far my favourite character and I love episodes where he plays a key role. He is so important for so many reasons. It is amazing how anyone can makes friends with the Unas, simply because the language is just noises. I don't know how many linguists could have figured it out, and in addition, how many would have cared enough to even bother communicating with this species. Well you can thank Daniel Jackson for his patience and acceptance that became so useful in Enemy Mine, as well as in many other instances with many other races.
  • I know a lot of people don't like this episode, but hear me out before you disagree with me. This is such an important (and great) episode!

    First of all, I do not like Michael Shank's acting abilities in most of the "Daniel" episodes, but for once, he gave a good performance. This episode features the misunderstood race of the Unas.

    SG-1 had done a few episodes - before this one - that dealt with the issue of slavery, however, this is the first time that I actually felt pity for the people being enslaved. Don't get me wrong, the other times were horrible too, but the Unas are essentially cavemen, unable to communicate with others outside of their tribes (managing a few words with Daniel) and technologically inferior than those that created the wheel.

    I also really liked the story. One of the reasons I don't like when Daniel is the lead of an episode is because it usually deals with a woman/love interest, and his weak performances in these situations always seem awkward. This episode is more about friendship an humanity, two of Daniel's best attributes. I don't want to give it away, but the ending was great. I couldn't have imagined it going any other way. However, there was one awkward moment when Daniel dramatically takes off his glasses, to enhance the emotion in the scene. Knowing (from several episodes) how bad Daniel's vision is without his glasses, I found this humourous, and it spoiled the moment. In some moments (not many of course), I find that the Unas give really good performances.

    This was a great episode. I really liked it when I first saw it, and it will remain one of my favourites for all time.
  • Nice way of showing learnt behaviour

    This was a really good episode in the fact that it highlighted the horrors of slavery and how people used to justify themeselves for treating others so cruelly.
    It was also good acting from all involved it really made you suspend your disbelief and believe tha the Unas were real and suffering. I felt a great del of sympathy for them.
    I also liked how violent this episode was and how Daniel completely changed from being his normal pacifist self and thought that violent rebellion was a good thing when there were no longer room for words.
    I also liked the role that Carter played as she is nails and as good a fighter as Tealc when it came down to rescuing the team.
  • The motive of slavery brought into sci-fi contest...

    The story they want to tell with it and the way they found doing it - this really makes that episode special. They almost like take back us in time (because the environment and the buildings and the costumes look like that) and great a whole new word with very much similarities to our own history - in every minute of this episode, there were lines to draw between the things and concept there and the history of mankind. The way those unas were treated and the end, when they thought they saved Daniel's unas and now are going home.. to learn that those two are staying and they want to fight - the emotion, the message this episode had. That makes it special!
  • great episode...

    Chaka is captured by Unas traders and SG-1 embarks to rescue him. I really love this episode for many reasons. One being that I love Chaka and he's such an interesting character, being a unas and all. I also actually liked Daniel being the main character in it. It really helped in his character development, especially at the end when he allowed Chaka to go off with weapons to free the other unas which would result in human death. The other unas characters were pretty interesting too. They all had their own personalities and it was cool to see the trained ones and the others. Basically, the whole story/plot was awesome.