Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 10

Beneath the Surface

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Take the red pill!

    Problem: America today = The Matrix = Stargate SG-1 "Beneath the Surface" prison planet

    Solution: Take the red pill.

    Kudos to the writers for this episode.
  • Save for the one big joke and the audio commentary, this is one of the biggest disappointments from season 4.

    I think it's accurate to say that this is one of my least favourite episodes ever. I doubt I'll ever watch this one again (or at the very least, definitely not in the next year or so), and for very good reason.

    There are only a few good things about this episode. The first one is the big joke I mentioned in my summary. Every fan is, or at least should be, familiar with the "Homer" joke, and it is a classic SG-1 joke for sure. It's possible to justify this episode's existence purely for the joke, but the package the joke comes in could have been a lot better.

    There was one sequence I liked in particular, where O'Neill is staring at the upside-down bowl and it morphs into the dome. There were also some other little humorous bits I liked, and the audio commentary by Peter DeLuise is (as always) hilarious, but really that's about it.

    Now on to the bad things. For one, I didn't like the story, and it's hardly original. Secondly the performances of the brainwashed team were at times quite painful to watch (hence the classification), as was some of the dialogue between them (and in particular those between Daniel and I think it's Kegan). There were also some sequences that were very badly executed, such as when Caulder shoots Brenna in the arm rather than killing her.

    In conclusion, this is one of my least favourite episodes ever. It has a few good elements, but on the whole this episode is just one big misfire.
  • Lost memories...

    This was kind of nice departure from the normal, with nearly the whole episode taking place in this dreary underground power plant. Personally I loved seeing the team members at first just completely accept the lie, and then gradually work to remember their own lives. The 'shippers have got to like this episode for the smattering of Jack and Sam moments, as they are together when they have no memory of their past lives. The concept is not extremely unique, but was well executed nonetheless. Other than that there was nothing too remarkable about this episode. There were some pretty humorous one-liners, from Jack as usual, but all in all a pretty average episode.
  • SG-1 is captured, their memories wiped, and forced to work in an underground factory.

    I usually wouldn't care if an episode of Stargate was unoriginal as long as it was entertaining or well-done. Unfortunately, this episode is neither.

    I didn't think much of the story or the progression of it. If you skipped this episode you would pretty much miss nothing. The setting was rather dull, and this episode just exudes the feeling of a filler. But for all this criticism it isn't terrible.

    I enjoyed Jack's description of a bald man who wore a short-sleeve shirt and who is very important to him. It isn't General Hammond, it's Homer Simpson! Also, Janet's in it and that's always a good thing.

    Overall, a mediocre episode.
  • Brainwashed...

    It was ... I do not know.. not too bad, I most say. It was a simple storyline, little off the usual thing but quite good to enjoy. There was that kind of mystery for a little what really happened, why they do not remember anything? And tho see how they from pieces to pieces started to put together the story - I think it really was worth it. All those jokes about things they used to remember but no did not.. Like Carter saying "Yes sir".. she always does that... but on that contest where they had no idea what that meant, it was funny. And I most really say, I love that there is more and more emotions. It really adds something.
  • Sg1 is captured and brainwashed they are then put to work in a slave mine. they have no idea that they already know each other but things start to fall together. General Hammond is desperately seeking them and wish to know if they are still alive.

    This show was pretty good it kinda cool to see the characters still together but under different conditions. I felt that it was well written. Even tho' it was hard for me to understand how they got there to begin with bbut I figured it out it was really good. The Jack and Sam relationship was what we would expect it to be if it were not for the airforce. Daniel still had the same personality just did not know who they were.
    once they started putting it together they started acting more like sg1. This show was quiet a different tale than usual but it was entertaining. I like when a show takes a leap of faith and tries something new. and They did do that. I think it did ok, and I think it had an excellent ending.
  • Average episode + good charactor names (mine) = rating of 8

    I thought this episode was pretty neat, seeing as my name is Brenna and my brother\'s is Jonah. It was a little strange hearing those two names pretty much back-to-back in the episode and it having nothing to do with myself or my brother. That was pretty much the only thing I liked about the episode. I thought it was quite mediocre in comparison to some other Stargate episodes, although (I have to say) it wasn\'t one of the worst ones. Finally, the only reason why I gave it an eight was because I have never heard my name on TV before and I thought that was quite awesome.