Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 9

Between Two Fires

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Choices...

    This season has offered us some really thought-provoking episodes and this is definitely one of them - if things sounds too good, they are the opposite - SGC are offered one of those super cannons Tolans have.. then they found out, one is not enough - so, they ask more and surprise - those who were not ready to give one, are now ready to give all of them. The big question remains why? The whole episode is to figure out those nasty little secrets and the truth - shocking. Something you would never expect from Tolan. So, instead things getting better - they go worse and in the end, Narim has to make a choice - for his whole planet.

    A really gorgeous and somehow massive episode and lot of to think about...
  • ok episode...

    The Tollans want to trade with earth and agree to give earth ion cannons which causes suspician. It turns out that a goa'uld is threatening them and wants them to make them weapons. In the end, the Tollans are supposedly destroyed and earth is safe. Basically, this was an ok episode. I never liked the Tollans becuase they're boreing. It was nice to see earth allies blow up and there was nothing the SGC could do about it. But, overall, it was a pretty boreing, predicatable episode and really not one of my favorites. I'm just happy the Tollans are gone.
  • SG-1 is sent back to Tollana to negotiate trade relations. (More of a recap, really)

    The Tollan people created a ion cannon capable of destroying Goa'uld mother ships. SG-1 is sent to try to trade for it, but the Tollans have a strict policy of not trading weapons because a world was destroyed with their technology. After their first meeting, Narim secretly passes something to Sam on her way to the stargate. At SGC, the team and General Hammond view the hologram of Narim warning them that Earth is in danger. The team goes back to Tollan to try to find out what is going on. The Tollan Curia (councel) decides to trade the weapons for a metal. This is suspicious. The team is told that a Goa'uld ship came to the planet, but had shields that the ion cannon could not penetrate. Teal'c and Jack find a bunch of WMD's and are arrested. Daniel and Sam were talking with the Chancellor when a Goa'uld named Tanith (who answers to another Goa'uld) shows up. The Tollan Chancellor made a deal with Tanith to equip the WMD's with phase technology so that they can penetrate anything. While the Chancellor is trying to explain herself to the team, Narim fires the ion cannon at the storage room of the WMD's destroying all of them. That action caused Tanith to attack Tollana. Sam wants Narim to come with them, but he stays to fight. Back at SCG, a message comes through from Narim saying that all escaping ships/pods are being shot down, but then the message stops abrutptly. Narim and the Tollans are presumed to be destroyed.
  • The Tollan homeworld is going to be destroyed and SG1 must try to stop it.

    This episode was just too sad, but not "sad in a good way" (like the episode "Heroes" was) or even "sad in a necessary way". I read somewhere that the reason they chose to destroy the Tollan homeworld, was because they (the show's writers) were trying to get rid of Earth's allies, so that when Earth faced impending doom, they would be on their own. I can understand that to a certain extent, but this episode had unneeded death and destruction, in my opinion.
    In the episode, they do talk about people from the Tollan homeworld trying to escape the planet on ships, but we never hear how many escape and they never mention the Tollan again. I still think it would have been great for Nerim to appear in some episode, with a handful of Tollan survivors, just to give us a little hope.