Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 2003 on Syfy

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  • tretonin or not tretonin

    chris judge can write but this is sh*** tealc gets off with a woman who looks just like chris judges real life wife!!! SO predictable.there are acouple of good jokes in it, but really not much happens it moves along at a snails pace and i hate the fact that malla dies and they decide to take tretonin anyway! it is stupid plot, where the hell are they getting enough tretonin to look after all jaffa?!
    i like the idea of the warior women but there should have been a battle with molloch. this episode does not do the sg series any favours.enjoyed hearing an english accent but that was it!
  • boreing...

    SG-1 meets a group of jaffa women warriers. They were like the amazons, except they were jaffa. Anyways, SG-1 offered them tertonin for an alliance and they eventually accepted. I really didn't like the story. It was boreing. The whole jaffa women thing was kind of interesting, but they introduced them terribly. They should have had an interesting story line to become allies in. Seriously, a whole episode about trying to convince the women that they do not need symbiotes was just boreing. And the whole thing with Teal'c getting another girl was pretty annoying also. I really didn't like this episode.
  • A great episode in general. Chris Judge wrote it and it still wasn't all about Teal'c.

    I always fear deeply whenever people who play certain characters write episodes. Teal’c for instance is played by Christopher Judge, who wrote this episode. As I have written in previous reviews, I’m not a huge fan of Teal’c episodes. I find them usually to be boring and repetitive about being a warrior, having honor, etc. This was a pleasant change from the classic Teal’c episode. Not only was this plot actually very interesting and enjoyable for the Teal’c segments which take up a good portion of the episode. Also, all of the other characters played rather significant parts in the episode as well.

    Carter had the best connection with the female Jaffa because she is also a woman. Daniel spent a good portion of the episode trying to convince the young girl Ny’sa from getting the Goa’uld symbiote implanted in her and instead getting the tretonin. Jack of course added in witty remarks, as always, though his role wasn’t large in most Season 7 episodes.

    Jolene Blalock who played Ishta did an excellent job along with her fellow female Jaffa Mala (Christine Adams) and Neath (Cathleen Duborg). The fighting scene between Teal’c and Ishta was very well executed and even though I am not a fan of that sort of thing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I give this episode a 7.6 for a well executed, well written episode with good quality acting and directing. It was a joy for me to watch and I plan on watching it again in the near future.
  • Teal'c gets some + Women playing men

    Yap, here's your typical amazon women against men (at least at first). The land of beautiful women men but with a Goa'uld in their "pockets". Yes you guessed it, they're all Jaffa, and Jaffa women with staff weapons are a rare sight. A pleasant sight though. Other that Sam kicking ass and some Goa'uld female system lords and such, there's has been a lot of testosterone. Unlike many reviews i've read there i kinda see this episode differently. 1. Teal'c gets to talk...A LOT for what we're usually used with him

    2. New allies that relinquished their snake counterparts for some drug (tretonin). &

    3. Teal'c gets some "action" with a really really hot female Jaffa amazon named Ishtar and a possible relationship, since the death of his wife.

    So all these information add quite a lot to the big SG "mainframe".
  • Women are here: And kicking ass.

    A society which solely exist of women and they are all trained to fight their oppressors, very cool. It certainly creates some very interesting O’Neill quips, and I loved them. Finally they get payback for season one’s ‘Emancipation’. Though this is also the reason that the storyline isn’t very original, I still liked it.

    Teal’c has finally found a worthy female adversary. Jolene Blalock formidably plays the role of this woman. I think Teal’c deserved to finally get the girl for once. After years of mourning for his wife he actually has a smile on his face, which was great. Blalock and Judge have a great chemistry, and Ishta and Teal’c are a great team.

    Anther fun thing about this episode was Carter trying to define her relationship with O’Neill, only to discover she didn’t have to. This I definitely liked. I also liked Nisa; she was very wise for being 13-year old. Her conversation with Daniel I thought was cute. Her sister I didn’t like so much. I think she was the only thing I didn’t like about this episode, other than that it was a great episode with a very soap-like ending.
  • This one was kinda slow for me. These women who have no use for men and refuse to listen to a man. Their are basicaly Amazons. and very hard headed. They are just trying to stay alive but they are living a very dangerous life.

    They had been attacking Moloch's Jaffa and taking their symbiotes. They are very clever womena dn they are also very skilled warriors. They escaped Moloch's grasps when he started having all female babies killed at birth.
    Anyway sg1 try to talk to these women the tratonin that way they would not have to go out an risk their lives to get the symbiotes to stay alive. Ishtah thinks it could be a good thing but they have the nonbelievers. But they have 3 volunteers to go back to the sgc to start treatments. All did fine except 1 she died. So this started a problem.
    her second in command is wounded and refuses to try to use the tratonin. She thinks it will make her weak. Even tho she is near dead.
    her sister nesa talks her into it. So they agree to stay in touch with the sgc and the sgc agree to teach and show them how to use the tratonin. So of course we have made new freinds.
  • Interesting storyline

    When previous episode was a big disappointment for me, then this was much better. I first thought it will be all about Teal'c this time but no - it was about him and he really had special part on this, but there was room for others too.

    I loved the concept of those jaffa female warriors. There was something - maybe the special connection Teal'c just had with one of them and the way he really cared. Somehow it does not look often.

    And Daniel and his little conversation about glasses with that little girl. And Sam and Nictal... as I said - everyone had room.