Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1997 on Syfy

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  • 100 years Younger

    Teal'c means to stop the ceremony that will turn his son into a slave my being impregnated by a Gao'uld. The SG team heads bake to Chulak in hopes of freeing Teal'cs family and find there is a small group of Jaffa' that are starting to resist the Gao'uld ruler. Enter Bra'tac, a Jaffa Master and high ranking warrior. someone we will see much more of in the future.

    As you can tell this is a Teal'c centered episode written to build and flesh out the character and give him some balance and meaning

    Hailed by me as a masterpiece episode. Bloodlines is a story of the aftermath events which happened to Teal'c's wife and son. It's a moral quaqmire for Teal'c as he races with the rest of SG-1 and his Jaffa master Bratac's help to stop the inplantation ceremony which will give Teal'c's son a Goa'uld larva. With sweeping scope, action and raw power the defiant Teal'c pursues a devastating and unforgettable tale of his quest for sanity and his son's safety amidst the chaos. Bloodlines is a powerful and charismatic episode pushed over the edge of barbarism that I Tracey K. Nameth call "pure terror and brutality."
  • Teal'c has a son....

    Teal'c asks to go and save his son which is going to be implanted with a goa'uld symbiote. I really don't like Teal'c story lines. His son is really annoying and he's such a little baby, not to mention a bad actor in the first place. It's nice to know Teal'c actually has feelings, but I still don't like his story lines. It teaches us more about the goa'uld and the jaffa, which is good but I wish they did it in a defferent way. Anyways, boreing episode, annoying story, and just not one of the best I've seen of Stargate.
  • Teal'c has a family back on Chulak - a wife and a small boy that is about to be implanted with a symbiote ... but not if Teal'c has anything to say about it.

    For the first time we find out that Teal'c has a family, back on Chulak. Apparently he hadn't told anyone, for fear of not being trusted by the Tao'ri (aka earthlings) (Personally - I felt that the writers added this to the storyline afterwards, and then came up with a random excuse on why we weren't told about his family before).
    After much discussion, the team goes back to Chulak to try and forbid the implantation ceremony that is about to happen to Teal'c's son - Rya'c.
    They probably forgot to mention to Teal'c, that since he left Apophis, he has been branded as a traitor, his home has been torched and his family being kicked out of the community, so to speak.
    In the process, he only has one person he can trust on the planet - Bra'tac, the 133 year old former teacher. Even his wife (who his super hot, btw) is against him, and planned on and was hoping for the implantation to occur, so they could be allowed back in the community. Shamefully, she also had told their son that Teal'c had been killed.
    These are just tiny obstacles for our team and our Jaffa warrior, as he manages to free his son and stop the implantation. Unfortunately things go awry, as we find out that his son is dying, and would need a symbiote to cure him of his diseases.
    In a heroic act of fatherly altruism, Teal'c donates his symbiote, to spare his son's life, knowing full well that he would die soon without one.
    Of course he doesn't die, because in the parallel story, Sam and Daniel have found an aquarium, for lack of a better word, full of symbiote larvae and they come just in time to save Teal'c's life.
    Another great episode where we find out a bit more about the history of one of the main characters. Yet, they manage to evolve the storyline, as a very important character is revealed for the first time - Bra'tac.
  • Teal'c attempts to rescue his son, and we are introduced to everyone's favorite Jaffa Master.

    General Hammond is torn when he learns that Teal'c left a family behind on Chulak. He decides to authorize a rescue mission to bring back Teal'c's family. The mission serves a dual purpose as Daniel and Carter split off to attempt to retrieve a symbiote for study. This is where we see a little of Daniel's darker side, when he succumbs to temptation and shoots the remaining symbiotes, who are helpless in their container. However, the best part of this whole episode is the introduction of Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac. The conversations between Jack and Bra'tac are almost always good for a laugh as Bra'tac misinterprets the various euphemisms used by Jack. All in all a very fun episode.
  • Teal'c reveals that he has a son who is going to receive a Goa'uld symbiote, and asks the team to help him save his child.

    Progressing Teal'c's character was a good idea and this episode was average all in all but was flawed in many areas.
    First off, I'm sorry but Neil Dennis(Rya'c) isn't a very good acter, even for a kid. He just tries too hard its not believable. The bad acting of Neil Dennis was made up for by Tony Amendola as Bra'tac, who is one of the best recurring characters in the series(the wise old man but not cliche at all). Ofcourse they save the day, free his family from the Goa'uld for the time being, Teal'c having this much emotion is hard to get used to but it was still early in the series. I think the introduction of Bra'tac was the high mark of the episode for me, he really saved this one from being boring. Average, nothing more or less.
  • Back to Chulak

    Yes, we knew the place where they were going and it was such a great thing to see Teal'c caring and trying to help his family but - I do not know. In the end, it felt like nothing happened. They went there, they run around little and then went back gaining nothing. Ok, we met Bra'tac and he looks very interesting character but all the thing with family - that kind of not very real looking anger first and then how easily it was gone - no troubles of forgiving. It just looked too naive and childish. Weak storyline in my opinnion.
  • I'm not a Teal'c fan..

    Teal'c's story lines are not my favorite story lines in the series. For some reason it bothers me - he left that life behind when he set the team free, but he keeps revisiting it? I understand that he is a father and husband and everything, but if he left that behind he should actually leave it behind. To me it is a pointless story line, but I guess other people like it. It wasn't a bad episode - it had more Jaffa information in it (how it works, etc.) and explored deeper into the Goa'uld/Jaffa society. Overall, not bad, but if I had to base my rating solely on the Teal'c aspect it would be a lot lower.
  • The Family Man.

    SGC returns to Chulak to save the family of Teal'c and obtain a Goa'uld larva for research purposes. On Chulak SGC meets Bra'tec the first teacher of Teal'c and a Jaffa master also convinced that Apophis is not a god. Teal'c then puts his life on the line to help his family and rekindles his relationship with Bra'tec. This episode is one of my favorites since it introduces characters such as Bra'tec who would have many recurring appearances in seasons to come. My only disappointment was that Salli Richardson who will next be in the Will Smith science fiction movie remake I Am Legend portrayed Drey'auc the wife of Teal'c only in this episode and never returned to the show. Despite this Bloodlines remains one of my favorite episodes of any Stargate TV show.
  • A Teal'C episode...

    We really needed this episode it provided us with some development for Tealc. It turns out he has a son and wants to stop him from getting a Goaúld symbiote in his gut. In this episode we meet one of the best guest stars on the show, Tealc's teacher Bra'tac. It was funny when they were talking about General Hammond and Jack said he is a very bald man from Texas. But it was hard to avoid Tealc's son Ryác from getting a symbiote because he was sick and was going to die. It surprised me when Daniel killed all of those larva goauld, but he had a good reason because they were just going to take someone else's life. Later...
  • Much needed Teal'c devolpment

    The first Teal’c episode that did for his character what Cold Lazarus did for Jack’s. The revelation of Teal’cs family is a major turning point for his character and his relationship with the team especially Jack. This episode is also the introduction of one of the best recurring guest star in the show Bra’tac played by Tony Amendola. The humor in this episode was great mostly the exchanges between Jack and Bra’tac. Rya’c was cool and it was nice to see Neil Denis grow up through out the course of the show. A good Teal’c episode and great first appearance for Bra’tac.
  • Teal'c gives up his own life, to saves his son's. A must see episode if you are a fan of Teal'c or of the Jaffa.

    Teal'c is my favourite character on the show, so I loved this episode the first time I saw it. Even today, this remains one of my favourite episodes in the series. Teal'c shows a side of bravery and emotion when he returns to his home world to save his son from the life of a Jaffa. He returns there with SG1 only to find out that his wife and son have become outcasts from the city, even worse, outcasts from the outcast camps. It is becuase of this, that Teal's wife has begged a priest to perform the ceremony of implanting a Gua'uld into their son. Teal'c will not let this happen, so in the process of stopping the ceremony, he kills the priest. With his son in his arms, Teal'c brings his wife and son to Jack to return to the Stargate. However, his son has captured a sickness, and without the immunity from the Gua'uld, will die before they can return to Earth. At this pinnacle moment, Teal'c decides to give up his own life by giving his son his own Gua'uld. Knowing he has only a couple hours left to life, Teal'c is comforted by knowing his son will grow up healthy and strong. Just as there seems to be no hope for Teal'c, Sam and Daniel return from their own mission with a stolen infant Gua'uld. With this Gua'uld, Teal's life is saved, however, his son and wife will not be able to return with him to Earth. Teal'c promises that one day he will return home, and hopefully fight along side with his son to free his people. We get to see another side of Teal'c who so often lacks emotion and substance. However, in this episode we discover that he is more human than we ever thought. This is a great episode!
  • We get to see a differant side to Teal'c in this episode.

    SG-1 finds out that Teal'c has a wife,Drey'ac, and son,Ry'ac. Ry'ac is supposed to recieve a Goa'uld Larva, but Teal'c wants to stop the ceremony and save his son from being a slave to the Goa'uld, and enlists the help of SG-1 to save him. When they get there they meet Bra'tac, Teal'c's mentor, for the first time, but they then discover that it is already to late to stop the ceremony, but Teal'c has already killed the larva, so fearing his son will die without one, they try to make their way back to the SGC. While this is going on, Sam and Daniel are trying to find a 'larva bank' where they can get one to study, as per their orders. After getting one, Daniel destroys the tank full of symbiotes, killing them all.

    On their way back to the Gate, Teal'c notices Ry'ac is too weak to survive, so he gives Ry'ac his own symbiote to save his life, sacrificing his own. Just then Sam and Daniel arrive with the larva, and Bra'tac does the ceremony for Teal'c, and he survives. SG-1 makes their way back to the Gate, and gets home safely, all the while being chased by a Jaffa patrol.

    Good character building episode for Teal'c, and we get to meet Bra'tac. So this is a must see episode.
  • You see a little more into Teal'c's life.

    We find out that Teal'c has a son, who is going to be implanted with a Goa'uld Larvae if Teal'c does not stop the ceremony.

    Another thing we learn is that there is another who believes the same way Teal'c does and that's his teacher Bra'tac. With Bra'tac's help SG-1 are able to rescue Teal'c son, but he is sick and needs Teal'c Goa'uld to survive. Luckily, Daniel and Carter just happen to have grabbed an infant Goa'uld so they give it to Teal'c.

    This episode mainly focused on Teal'c and his family so the viewer could get to know him a little more. It helped Teal'c to show a more vulnerable side. Before this episode he was always straight faced and didn't show hardly any emotion. It was nice to see that he had emotions when he thought that his family was dead.
  • Important for Teal'c's character, and memorable for its introduction of one of Stargate's greatest recurring characters: Bra'Tac.

    This episode is to Teal'c what "Cold Lazarus" was to O'Neill: an episode allowing its character to deal with their pasts and come to terms with it.

    One great thing about this episode is that it shows the planting of the roots if Teal'c's passion for freeing his people from slavery, starting with risking his own life to protect his son from implantation. Even in the face of once again abandoning his own family, he maintains his stance and ideology in the quest to free all Jaffa, and it is this inner conflict that gives us a better understanding of Teal'c, his past, his motivations, and his character.

    But arguably the best thing about this episode is that it introduced the audience to Bra'Tac, one of the greatest recurring characters ever to appear on Stargate, and definitely one of the most beloved. With a great introductory scene involving O'Neill, ending with an equally good butt-kicking scene, you really grow to love this charismatic warrior of 133.

    All in all, with the humour, character development and revealing information, this is yet another must-see for any soon-to-be SG-1 fan.
  • Teal'C has visions of his son and demands he go back to his world to free him.

    This is a very good character developement episode for Teal'C. We learn many things about him, his culture, friends and family. I like how we see what life is like back on Teal'C's home world after him left them and "betrayed" them. As you would think, they don't like his family now that they are traitors. "Bloodlines" did a good job at introducing everybody, but I kind of wanted to hear more about his family than what we were told. The teacher and mentor of Teal'C was a very interesting character that should be seen again in an upcoming episode. If you want to know more about Teal'C, this is a great episode to see.
  • Teal'c must go back to his home to prevent his son from being inplaneted with a Goa'uld.

    A pretty good episode that tells and shows a lot about Teal'c and his past and family. He has to go back to prevent his son from being implanted with a Goa'uld to find his home burned and his family exiled because he is considered a trader by the Goa'uld. This is an a very interesting well written episode.