Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Mitchell ring-teleports into a ship's cargo bay and finds out they're transporting speeds. Elsewhere on the ship, the others plant timed explosives but a team of soldiers rings in and Mitchell is forced to open fire. With time running out and Mitchell pinned down, he's forced to make a run for it and beams out just as the charges go off. The Lucian Alliance is informed of SG-1's activities and Netan places a bounty on the team's heads.

Back at SGC, Vala tries to hit Mitchell up for an invitation to his high school reunion while the others are off-world. Sam has gone to a conference with Dr. Lee to present their scientific discoveries and (in his case) meet with groupies.

Mitchell gives in to Vala's pleas and takes her to see his parents. Meanwhile Daniel is at a museum doing research and runs into an attractive woman. In orbit above Earth, a bounty ship arrives and tries to lock onto SG-1's signals, but another bounty hunter opens fire on them. Teal'c is meeting with the Jaffa and heading for the gate when they're ambushed by bounty hunters and he's wounded in the side. He as the word put out he's more injured then he actually is.

As they prepare for the reunion, Amy comes up and Cameron is clearly uncomfortable with her and vice versa. Vala wants Cameron's friend Darrell to tell her what they do for fun. At the museum, the woman hits on Michael and when he turns her down she shoots at him with a hand-held energy weapon. He runs out into the street but the woman intercepts him and threatens to kill innocents unless he surrenders. He does but when she comes across the street to get him she gets hit by a bus. They quickly figure out she's an alien and call Sam, and they try to find out where her cloaked ship is. Lee is giving a (not very successful) demonstration of an energy weapon while Mitchell is having trouble getting through to SGC on his cell phone because the local repeaters are out. Landry tells him to stay put with Vala while Darrell explains that Mitchell had a clutch on Amy but never followed through on it.

Sam prepares to give her presentation to the conference, unaware that a bounty hunter is preparing to shoot at her from above. He opens fire but the energy bolt passes right through her: she was giving a demonstration of the hologram system for her presentation. Sam rigs up Lee's energy weapon and manages to dropt he killer, and the audience thinks it's all part of the demonstration.

An assassin moves in on Teal'c, who is feigning unconsciousness and drops the man. The killer is a bounty hunter disguised as a Jaffa.

Mitchell and Vala check in at the reunion while outside, an alien bounty hunters take out another attendee, scan him, then duplicate his form. Another humanoid bounty hunter takes out another attendee and takes his suit. Amy approaches Mitchell and reveals she's now divorced. He reveals he had a crush on her, and she reveals she had one on him. Before he can pursue it further, his cell phone rings and Landry tries to get through to him to tell him about the other attacks. The reception is still bad and he goes to find a hard line, while the human bounty hunter disposes of the disguised alien bounty hunter so he can collect the reward.

Darrell hit on Vala while the human bounty hunter, Ventrell, draws a gun on Mitchell before he can get through to Landry. He imitates Mitchell's voice and tells Landry he needs assistance, figuring SG-1 will show up to rescue him.

At SGC, Sam figures out that they were tagged with radiation that the bounty hunters are using to track them, and although it'll wear off in a couple of days, that'll be too late for Mitchell. SG-1 heads for Kansas. Vala is drinking with Darrell privately in the auditorium and he hits on her despite the fact she admits she's married.

Ventrell takes Mitchell back to the party where Amy wants to know what's up. She insists he gives her a dance and Ventrell agrees. Vala arrives and recognizes Ventrell and comes up with a plan. When Amy senses he's uncomfortable, he whispers to her to slap him then get out of the way, while Darrell approaches Ventrell to act as a distraction while Vala tries to knock him over the head. However, he's using a personal force field and holds them all off while sealing the doors. He then prepares to start killing people and picks Vala as his first target, but Sam contacts him to offer SG-1 in return for his letting the hostages go. SG-1 has no choice but to beam in and he then rings them out. However, SG-1 was holograms and they're already aboard Ventrell's ship where they take him into custody. They suggest that with Netan's failure, someone might be interested in going after him.

Aboard Netan's ship, a bounty hunter barges in to try and kill the Alliance leader, but Ventrell arrives to dispose of the killer… then collect the bounty himself.

Back in Kansas, Mitchell's parents leave Vala with a pie, while Mitchell has a final chat with Amy and the fact she shouldn't discuss what she saw at the reunion. He suggests they might get together and then takes off while Vala discusses her own marriages.