Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Probably one of the BEST Season 10 Episodes!

    Why? No Ori. Don't have to watch it as part of a story arc. This is a great standalone episode and the humor is natural and timed to perfection. I swear, some people go around looking for people who like an episode and downvote them just because they don't share the same opinion. If you have to show a season 9/10 episode to someone, it's hard to top this one (or Bad Guys). 200 is funny, but full of in-jokes that require a fair degree of prior watching.
  • SG1 Was just in the middle of fighting the Ori last episode What the Eff?

    episode 14 ended with them fighting the Ori and concerned that they just made the war worse whats with the filler episode. Not saynig its not a good episode just out of place in my opinion I was ready to see them go after the Ori right away this episode!
  • Quite a good episode ...

    Quite a good episode ... indeed.

    Although it is only a filling episode ... yeah, I like the Ori story line, I actually liked it very much. I really liked the Vala character here, she is very funny.
    For instance during the conversation with Cameron's parents and during her jealousy when Cameron sticks with his old love , that he re-met at the reunion. It was throughout thrilling and interesting. Although it is sad to say, but actually this episode was in my opinion way better and more exciting than the Stargate Atlantis Season 3 Finale.

    I will surely be missing you guys!
  • SG1 have a bounty on their heads

    I liked this episode even if it did feel like another Farscape with loads of Cameron and Vala and not enough of the rest of the team. There were some brilliant comic moments, the flirting women at the convention and Vala telling Cameron's parents about having sex in every room! Very funny. I loved when Daniel turned the lady bounty hunter down - he and Vala are meant for eachother!! Needed more of the characters but was a fun episode none-the-less.
  • Ben Browder and Claudia Black = quality viewing

    A thoroughly enjoyable episode giving SG1 another opportunity to kick some ass.
    I was very much looking forward to seeing Ben Browder and Claudia Black doing another story together, and I was very impressed. I found myself actually believing without hesitation that I was watching Vala Mal Doran and Cameron Mitchell bounce comments off of each other so naturally, instead of just seeing Aeryn and Crichton which I half expected to happen. These two are phenomenal actors, and they work so well together, I only hope the writers recognise this as well, and give them more stories together, for all us Farscape fans suffering withdrawal.
    Excellent episode, shame there wasn't more Daniel in it though.
  • many things about this episode annoyed me, first would have to be that its a filler... *spoilers*

    While i like filler episodes in general as they are usually plotless fun with no real consequences on the rest of the season. just a happy fun episode.
    This was half and half.

    Baisicly its the teams day off and everyone has something to do except Vala, so a a reluctant Mitchel takes her with him to his high school reunion.
    Everyone exchanges stories and vala kept trying to tell her stories.. which of course were classified.

    Apparently natan being furious with sg1 for destroying his cargo earlier in the episode puts a bounty on their heads so half a dozen bounty hunters make their way to earth, undetected.

    Whilst daniel is in a library slash museum this very attractive woman proposes they go somewhere.. alone. (The look plastered on daniels face is soo cute) but when he refuses she tries to shoot him. in the end she chases him across the street and obviously doesent know her road rules very well because she didn't look at all let alone look both ways and got squished by a bus.
    this rather annoyed me as it was just a little too easy and comical.

    There are howevery some very funny scenes between Cam and Vala at the reunion. Cam meets up with his high school crush and cam turns into a clumsy idiot while his friend hits on Vala.

    Bounty hunters arrive and take the whole place hostage and while its funny to see everyone running and screaming while vala was looking around like 'what the hell are you doing'.

    in the end hologram technology saves the day and eveyone has to sign a non-disclosure release.
  • A little fun never hurt anyone.

    I think this was a great episode. Some may call it filler (although there was some advancment, such as the apparent death of Netan), but I dont think any episode is a filler. All episodes are more of the lives of our heroes, whether fighting Ori or not. I loved seeing them all off base and doing various things. I would call this somewhat of a Vala episode. She was excellent, especially in the scenes with guest characters who did not know her. She should have known better than to telling everyone about her real-life, but it was worth it to see their reactions. Daniel's story was also great (and he looks hot out of uniform). He rejected the girls invitation so gracfully that he made me proud. And he still wasnt caught off guard when she tried to blow his head of the next second. Good reflexes. Sam and Dr. Lee were great too, with all the nerds. It was funny how Dr. Lee said he had to pretend that the thing he was presenting would short out all the time because the technology was clearly too advanced. And the climax at the reunion was the best of course, what a display! Those guests must have been so freaked out. And all one girl could managed to say was, "I knew there was something wrong with that girl (Vala)". The only part of the episode that I didnt care for was Cam's story. I am not really interested in his high school crushes, and the girl wasnt even interesting. But definitely an interesting and special episode overall, with lots of jokes, the heroes "trying" to lay back, and it not happening, of course.
  • Crichton, er, I mean, Cameron Mitchell is kickin' it old school with Vala

    What shines here are the performances by Ben Browder and Claudia Black, who I have followed around since Farscape. Here showing some of Cam's roots and having Vala try to interact with 'country living' really are the best parts of this episode and I would recommend watching this one just for HER!
  • This story was a nice way to show the teams how they spend their recreational time as well as to show that the team is hated by all those who have come to know them as the enemy.

    This was a nice episode at the beginning it showed that Sam and Vala where working on a friendship and trying to have a nice time. This is important considering how for the first 10 years we haven’t had a chance to see Sam have a female friend to which socialize.
  • Nice little episode with some fun stuff

    It is occasionally nice to see a fun episode like this a little relief from the major storylines. I guess some people don't agree but I thought it was great fun. Always nice to see a bit of character development. I'm sure the reason for these kind of episodes is so they can save up a bit of their budget for the really big special effects ones but hey it's better than a lousy clip show. All in all i liked it and thats why i'm giving it a 9.
  • Episode to smile about

    This type of episode is always one to look back at and smile about. It's always good to at least have one of these episodes' at least once each season. The cast of SG-1 has become our friends and we should always want to have fun memories of our friends.

    Even though the team had a bounty hunter after them, each one of them whether separate or together were wise enough to keep it straight and knew what to do as always. This episode I feel was mostly about their individual lives outside the command center. Which was really nice to watch considering when Daniel's doing research we all were able to see how focused he is while doing that: you have to love him. I did enjoy watching his bounty hunter get mowed down by a big bad bus. Teal'c is Teal'c; taking caring of business on his home planet he is always very focused. Sam put on quite the performance always showing us no matter where a woman is or what she's doing she knows how to get the job done. But this episode focused mostly on Mitchell and Val, which was great to see, since I loved them both together on Farscape. Val is looking for fun on this little vacation. I think she will have some great memories. I had to laugh when Val was talking to Mitchell's parents about Mitchell and her relationship. Mitchell being at his high school reunion was kind of cute. To see him for a moment go back to that awkward stage in a moment of time of his personal life, but hopefully now with some new better memories to take home was great. I know his class took home quite a few more than the normal ones. I did absolutely love the way they captured the bounty hunter and twisted it back to where it came from.
  • SG-1 go and attack the Lucien Alliance...Thanks to this, they are stalked by bounty hunters.

    This episode begins with SG-1 being presented as aggressors...What i haven't succeed to understand is why would they attack the Lucien Alliance...I mean they are the bad guys here, but why would they attack then now, when they face a terrible danger by the followers of the Ori...Anyway, the leader of the LA puts on a bounty on their heads...Fortunately, the bounty hunters that came were very clumsy...This and some brilliant thinking on the part of the members of SG-1 saves them...I can't see i haven't enjoyed this episode, on the contrary it was full of unpredictability and adventure...But I'm more interested in seeing their battle against the Ori.
  • Vala and Mitchel go to Mitchel's classreunion. The team is all in different places but yet they are still fighting the same fight. Sam goes to demonstrate the haulographic machine with Dr. Lee. who has really good time. Teal'c is with the Jaffa. Daniel is

    In a museum. Where he meets a beautiful woman who is apparently trying to get his attention. When he eventually politely turns her offer down. This Makes take take matters in a more forceful way. He escapes down the alley and she just appears and starts to threaten the lives of a woman and her baby if he does not surrrender so he does and she walks out in front of a bus. Back at the sgc Landry is trying to contact Mitchel to let him know what is going on unsuccessfully. What I have been trying to get around to is that this episode was a great show there was something happening all the time, very busy show. It was well done by all. It had its share of humor thrown in there, mainly Vala humor. I like Vala she is funny. I'm really enjoy the new characters more. This was a really good character shiner for mitchel. Vala what's there to know, she knows everyone/thing and loves to irritate people especialy Daniel. She likes to act like tough guy nothing bothers her, nut we see different now.
    I just think there is so more to be said with the stargate.
    I really hate to see it go...
  • funny...

    A bounty is placed on the heads of SG-1 and bounty hunters from all over go to earth to try to get them, and a few hunters go after Teal'c off world. Anyways, the idea was interesting for this episode, but it's been done. SG-1 has always had some sort of bounty or target on their heads, but this time it's more serious and there's a lot of people after them. I really liked the part of the episode where Cam and Vala were at a high school reunion. It was halarious. My favorite part was when Vala was talking alone to Cam's parents; it was halarious. Overall, pretty good funny episode with an ok story.
  • Really interesting to watch.

    I really liked it, most of all because we have a long interaction between Vala and Mitchell which show they have a long relationship outside the serie, because you can see they enjoy teasing each other. And the image of a sixteen years old Cameron able to have who he wants but the girl he crushes on... really funny. I totally can see him blushing and stammering like an idiot every time he sees her. There's a good example when she come over and Cameron falls from his chair. And, of course, the storyline with the Bounty hunter is really good, shows how much SG-1 is still able to annoy the others.
  • Fun to watch.

    This episode was fun to watch. The members Sg1 gets a separate story (expect for Mitchell and Vala who were together) all linked by the fact that there is an intergalactic manhunt going on as the Lucian alliance has put bounty of their heads.
    My favorite story in that is Mitchell`s high school reunion, it was funny for sure. Claudia Black does an incredible job as Vala, the character is a nice addition to the show.
    The ending was a little confusing at first but yet it was good.
    So the Lucian alliance changes leader, I guess they`ve wrapped up this angle.
    Not much added to the plot of the show but it was a fun filler.
  • An interesting premise gets a relatively shallow treatment

    The Lucien Alliance is to “SG-1” as the Genii are to “Stargate: Atlantis”. They are the go-to villains whenever the writers need a generic enemy to fight or complicate matters. As a result, their involvement in an episode is usually disappointing, because motivations are often situational. In this instance, the writers needed someone to send bounty hunters after the team. Who better than the Lucien Alliance?

    That fuzzy beginning gets a lot more interesting as the focus turns to each team member as they go about their various mundane activities. Mitchell and Vala end up at his hometown for his high school reunion, Carter ends up at a convention, Daniel is studying, and Teal’c is back to dealing with Jaffa matters. Each is targeted in turn, and the response to each attack is where the fun begins.

    The most time is spent with Mitchell and Vala at the reunion, which helps to flesh out Mitchell’s character a bit. It’s all quite consistent with the information given previously, fitting Cam’s down-home attitude quite well. It’s scary to think that Mtichell’s home town was so small that only a couple dozen people attended the reunion (almost as scary as the genetic Cure-esque music).

    Daniel’s subplot was a bit odd, especially when the femme fatale was mashed by a bus, and Carter’s subplot would have worked better if the scenes had been cut to a more interesting pace. Those scenes progressed far too slowly. Even Teal’c’s scenes felt oddly paced. A bit more attention to balance early in the episode would have helped.

    The reunion setting is played for laughs, and at times, the comedy is a bit too broad. That said, the mixture of the serious and the comic (and even tragic) works pretty well, once the situation begins to fall apart. Unfortunately, it seems to end just as it gets interesting, and the little issue of using alien technology in the middle of a relatively crowded room is never truly addressed.

    Unfortunately, as much as the premise seems to promise insight into Mitchell’s character, most of the exploration is fairly shallow and amounts to Mitchell seeing the girl of his youthful dreams. In other words, the usual “school reunion” cliché. There might be some consequence for the Lucien Alliance, but the audience isn’t given much reason to care. With so few episodes left, this average installment is more a reason for frustration than anything else.
  • The Lucian Alliance takes revenge on both Mitchell and Vala (SPOILERS).

    After a one too many missions that compromise its interests, the Lucian Alliance has finally had it and a bounty is placed on each and every member of the SG1 team; taking advantage of Cameron’s class reunion a bounty hunter tries to hunt him down along with Vala, whom he has brought as his date, and it’s only because Mitchell’s parents raised him on a farm in Kansas that he takes more time to find them that the ones after Carter or Jackson.

    Hilarity ensues as Vala tries to convince Micthell’s parents that they are actually an item; she grows fond of Cam’s mother enough for her to share one or two stories that Cam wishes he never even knew existed and actually becomes a hit on one of his oldest friends who confesses her that Cam might’ve actually brought her to impress a girl he used to like, a plan that seems to succeed once the girl herself goes to Cam to “catch up” while Vala and his friend go for a drink. As Cam makes the most of this second chance in life, Vala takes a moment to talk about her husband – a religious zealot bent on domination of the galaxy – and concludes that even though she doesn’t like to talk about it she does take marriage seriously.

    She goes on and on until she spots the bounty hunter on the dance floor and tries to stop him before he would get to Mitchell, but having had too much to drink the bounty hunter easily over powers her with a mean hook that throws Vala across the room. In order to protect the civilians, Col Mitchell surrenders and both he & Vala are used as bait for the rest to the team who have no other choice but to beam in and out in front of Cam’s classmates. However, this was all a set up and thanks to Sam’s holographic device the team gets rid of the last bounty hunter - who decides to go after their leader instead – and, after signing the usual confidentiality agreements, Cam’s classmates are released just in time for him to say goodbye to the girl who got away and for Vala to receive one last pie from mom and dad.
  • An episode that is a breath of fresh air. Fun, exciting and a little different. Another of this seasons many highlights

    It say's a lot about Ben Browder and Claudia Black that they can pull off an episode that for the most part is just them. While the other cast members are about and play a large part in the resolution of the episode, this really is the Mitchell and Vala show.

    Seeing a geeky Mitchell, a Mitchell at home with his family and dealing with his feelings for his high school crush is refreshing. Occasionally it becomes easy to forget that these characters have pasts and personal lives so to see it is nice. Vala meanwhile is great in her comic relief role and her interaction with regular people is highly amusing to watch.

    Some of the other scenes with the other cast members were a tad silly, Daniel's assasin meeting her maker with the front of a bus and Carter taking her's out in the middle of a conference come to mind. Teal'c's on the other hand was nicely done and it was nice to see him with his people again.

    Despite the fact the episode was good, belief has to be suspended for the most part. The entire class reunion in Kansas being sworn to secrecy over the things they witnessed was a bit of a let down for instance. All in all though 'Bounty' was enjoyable and with so few episodes left it's nice to spend a bit of time with our heroes in their downtime.
  • Total Crap. Did anyone else notice when Cams mum poured some tea at the table in Texas that NO LIQUID CAME OUT?

    Okay, so its a pretty stupid thing to get caught up on. But it was just one of many things that annoyed me about this eposide.

    With only 1 season left, why do they need filler eposides like this? WHy not get down to the nitty gritty of killing the real bad guys?

    I was not a fan of THIS eposide.
  • Useless!

    I found this ep. really annoying, not for the story itself, there are some nice scene and amusing too, but for the totally useless of it! We have only 5 ep. before the end and the TPTB reduces "The Shroud" from 3 ep to 1 only to shot ep. lihe this? Who cares about Mitchell past when we know very well that there will not be a sequel to his family background, knowning yet the synopsis of the last 5 ep.! "The Shroud" deserved a better story developement, although I found "The Shroud" really amazing! Nice scene: Vala in hot pants, so cute! Cam and the chair, so funny! Vala that tell Cam's parents that in the beginning the story with their son is only about sex sex sex! The absolute astonished and incredulous Daniel facial expression when the girl say that she found him very actrattive and Daniel, really embarassed, look around and then said "OK, what's goin'on?" and when the girl said "...go somwhere, together...alone.." he looks more embarassed and answer " know, I am not really the most impulsive person....flattering his your offers is... I am in have(?) to say no..." He is so cute!!!! Oh, and he looks amazing in jeans and black t-shirt, he is so fit!
  • A stand alone episode that fleshed out more than just character.

    Although this episode was mainly character based, it did flesh out the Stargate world a little more too. Ever since series one and O'Neill's comment about a planet where Carter drank "that stuff that made you take off your..." we have been aware that there are SG1 missions that we don't see, this episode starts with an example of one of those missions.

    The team then split to other activities, Carter to a scientific conference, Jackson to research, Teal'c to visiting the Jaffa and Mitchell to his school reunion with Vala as his date. While this episode was heavier on the Mitchell/Vala storyline than the others, that isn't necessarily to it's detriment, Stargate does have a tradition of some episodes being heavier on one character or another and it is the first time we have really seen more about the relationship that Vala has with any of the team except Daniel. This was a stand-alone episode and did nothing to address the current threat of the new ships from the Ori galaxy, as a consequence it is unimportant as far as the main continuity goes. However it was nice to get a glimpse into a more fleshed out world.
  • Antoher brilliant episode, though more of a Daniel line would have been appreciated.

    This episode was very good, but If elt it revolved around Mitchell more than the others. THe episode starts with SG-1 breaking into an Alkesh pulling several trailors filled with grain. At first I thought it was some new ship but then it only being an alkesh was revealed. SG-1 successfully blows it up, but it is scanned by a mysterious green bar.

    It turns out this green bar is actually implanting radiation signatures on the team for tracking purposes. Netan puts a price on their heads as a result of cargo destruction. Teal'c is off world, and when returning to the gate gets fired upon. He gets wounded, albeit really minorly, but he returns to the JAffa camp, where he decides that the word should be put out he survived in order to try and draw back the assassin. That night the assassin returns and Teal'c shoots him once with a zat.

    Daniel is in a library looking for particular texts in particular translations, when he reaches for a book and pulls it out he sees this attractive woman and they start a very short conversation. He moves back to his work, and later on she approaches the desk and tries to flirt with him. He politely says he doesn't want anything to do with it, she goes nuts and fires a gun reminiscent of the weapon that killed Martouf at Daniel but he uses a book as a shield. He runs outside only for her to beam outside and point a gun at a mother and child, well mother and baby in pram. He goes to surrender, just as a bus kills her. A little bit ridiculous I know but hey.

    We then cut to Carter who is with Dr. Lee at a conference. After much unnecessary stuff she walks out on to the stage and starts talking about the holographic technology we saw in serias 8 when the Asgard clone was made. She's there to talk about how the tech has advanced. A sniper shoots at her, only to discover he shot at a hologram. Carter pulls out this massive gun, with a mini naquadah generator on it, and fires at the guy, probably killing him. Everyone int he audience all thinks its part of the show.

    We then go to Mitchell at his high school reunion with Vala. Vala meets Mitchell's parents and she leads them to believe they're sleeping together. IT's rather hilarious, especially with all the apple pie. Anyway, moving on, at the school one person is getting ready to go in when he gets killed by a freaky alien dude. This guy takes on his persona walks in and is acosted by a drunk. This guy puts his hand on him and the guy starts to shake, and eventually die. It's really lame because he dies comically, by shaking, foaming at the mouth and making strange child like noises. I did not like this, but I did like the episode as a whole so I let it go.

    Anyway another bounty hunter comes along and kills him so he's the onyl one going after Mitchell. When captures Mitchell he tells him he's just the bait for the whole team. He pushes a button and his teltac comes along. It turns out he and Vala have met, being bounty hunters and all, and a fight ensues but the guy has his own personal shield going so it all rather fails. Over the radio we here Sam saying that SG-1 are there. They beam in and the bounty hunter makes them all standtogether. He calls for the rings to come down, they go up, and Mitchell Daniel and CArter are still in the school.

    The rings appear in the teltac, and Carter, teal'c and daniel are pointing guns at the bounty hunter. They used holograms to make it look like they beamed in. They let the bounty hunter go, onyl after revealing to him, that now that Netan looks really weak, a price will be put on his head, and whoever bags him will be greatly rewarded. Next time we see this guy he kills Netan.

    Meanwhile back on Earth, Vala and Mitchell are preparing to leave. Vala takes some more pie and gets in teh car, while Mitchell kisses his high school crush and it is revealed that everyone in the school had to sign big non-disclosure agreements. Vala and Mitchell leave in a car.

    ~I liked this episode. some of it was unnnecessarily comic, but the overally story line, the new weapons, the baby generator, was all really impressive. Not the best, but far, far , far from the worst.