Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Syfy
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The team learns of an ancient weapons system in the village of Camelot on an alien planet.

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  • Goodness, what an episode! Never have I been so excited in my life turning on the television to watch the show - I sure wasn't dissapointed.

    While the Camelot scenes with Daniel and Mitchell's attempts to locate Merlin's Anti-Ori weapon were decent enough, my real wanting was the huge spacebattle I had been hearing about all these months. I knew that it wasn't going to end in the Tau'ri's favour, but I just wanted to witness the Ori supermotherships whooping some serious ass. And whoop ass they did! What a slaughter! Not even the Asgard ship's weapons had any effect on the invading armada's shielding (despite some other reviewer's claims, an Asgard ship was present during the battle)! Cliffhanger definitely left something other than the episode hanging - my jaw.

    All up, an awesome episode - can't wait for Season 10 to air here!moreless
  • One word sums up this episode, AMAZING

    Stargate SG-1 delivers one of the best cliffhanger endings I have ever seen. The episode as a whole is fantastic and stands up to numerous repeat viewings. It starts with a typical visit to a planet that hasn't progressed as far as ours, Camelot, the scenes here are well written and hugely enjoyable. Mitchell's fight with the knight is pretty damn good, and you genuinally worry for his safety. Mitchell's status as action man is secured too and you realise just how much better the show has got since he joined. Daniel has a rare "screw it" moment by shooting the crystals and Michael Shanks' performance is as good as it's ever been. the comedy moments are top notch too, the unexpected beamings of Mitchell and Jackson and there responses to it are highly amusing.

    The end battle is the best scene the ever has ever had. My jaw was on the floor throughout. Everything about it was done fantastically and by the end of it, it genuinally appears that everyone has been killed except Carter, and her survival doesn't appear likely.

    And Vala's appearence in the final seconds only make the episode that much better, the score over the final minute is equally impressive.

    Things that aren't so good? Can't think of anything substantial, I would have liked Teal'c to be in the episode a little more and it wouldn't have hurt to have Landry involved in some way but these are minor. The episode is the best the show has seen and everything a season finale should be.

    Bring on Season 10moreless
  • One of the best...

    This is one of the best episodes in the entire series. It is also one of the better season finales. sg1 goies to camelot to searech for merlin's weapon but it is not there. The fight between Mitchell and The Black Knight was just awesome it should have been longer. The really bad thing is that the Ori were able to establish a working Supergate. They launch their ships through it and nothing really seems to work against them. You have earth's ships the Tok'ra the Jaffa and the lucian alliance and they still get their but kicked. Those Ori ships do look pretty cool. This episode was awesome in every way and it has a really good cliffhanger.They don't stand a chance because the ori ships shields are way to strong. Is SG1 dead or alive? Later...moreless
  • Sky supremacy!

    What i've learned all this time watching SG1 is that no matter how boring and disinteresting an episode might seem at the beginning, it can sure as hell compensate equally nearing it's end. And boy what an end. The battle is taken in the skies, the Ori show their powerful crafts at work, while Earth and it's allies try to make a stand against this formidable adversary. The Jaffa, Asgard and Earth's ships stand no chance witnessing the Ori ships coming through the activated super-gate with only one goal, that of destroying everyone that opposes the book of Origin and the Ori. An incredible season 9 end that marks the beginning of a great and final season of Stargate SG1moreless
  • I can't help but wonder if Stargate has jumped the shark with the introduction of the King Arthur mythology.

    I can't help but wonder if Stargate has jumped the shark with the introduction of the King Arthur mythology. Suggesting that the ancient gods of various cultures were aliens is one thing, but bringing in King Arthur just seems like a really bizarre tactic.

    This episode was also not particularly innovative. It reminded me of a dozen other episodes, including episodes of Atlantis. And the show has been getting more and more Trek-like: tonight Daniel actually said "why don't you just beam me over there?" And we're warping in a ship instead of gating through a Stargate half the time.

    One more note about tonight's episode: the space suit scenes. The music just did not seem right at all. And what happened to the panel she removed, did it just float away?!moreless
Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Ben Browder

Ben Browder

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

John Noble

John Noble


Guest Star

Katharine Isabelle

Katharine Isabelle


Guest Star

Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin

Meurik's Wife

Guest Star

Claudia Black

Claudia Black


Recurring Role

Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Colonel Chekov

Recurring Role

Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: The Korolev is the third Daedalus-class ship to enter service. The other two Deep Space Cruisers are the Daedalus, first seen in the Season 2 Stargate Atlantis episode "Siege 3," and the Odyssey, first seen in the Season 9 episode "Off the Grid."

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Daniel: Well, all indications are that the black knight was activated the second I stepped onto that platform. So my guess is we can shut him down by imputing the right code sequence on the control panel.
      Mitchell: Merlin's pin number?

    • Marks: And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

    • Mitchell: So all you had to do was shoot the control crystals?
      Daniel: Pretty much.
      Mitchell: Sounds like one of my plans.

    • Daniel: Clearly it can't be a weapon in the conventional sense. See, the Ascended beings transcend space/time as we know it. This device would have to do the same thing.
      Mitchell: In other words, you have no idea what it might be.
      Daniel: Yeah, pretty much, that's it.

    • Mitchell: So, best-case scenario this curse of the black knight is a story Merlin made up to scare off the locals. Worse-case scenario, he has another holographic knight protecting his goods like he did back in England. Either way, I don't see a big problem.
      (Teal'c looks skeptical)
      Mitchell: What?
      Teal'c: Given your narrow victory over the Knight in the Avalon cave, it would seem that your over-confidence is ill-advised.
      Mitchell: Did I say anything about me doing the fighting?

    • Daniel: It's not meant to be taken literally, but we have seen a lot of legends and folklore have a strong basis in fact - Avalon, Atlantis…
      Teal'c: The Easter Bunny.
      Daniel: I guess there's a few exceptions.

    • Meurik: These men will escort you to the Great Ring and ensure you leave as requested.
      Daniel: Look, you're making a mistake, there is no curse. Now the Black Knight is a security feature created by Merlin through the use of science and advanced technology. There is no magic involved…
      (SG-1 beam out)

    • Daniel: Uh-oh.
      Mitchell: What?
      Daniel: Nothing happened?
      Mitchell: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
      (a woman screams outside)
      Daniel and Mitchell: Bad!

    • Kvasir: There was enough data for us to surmise what this so-called anti-Ori weapon might be.
      Sam: Really? I wasn't able to make heads or tails out of it.
      Kvasir: Really?
      Sam: (glaring) Just tell me what you've got.

    • Teal'c: Apologies for my late arrival.
      Emerson: Better late than never.
      Teal'c: Indeed.

    • (Daniel drops a book to wake up a sleeping Mitchell)
      Daniel: Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
      Mitchell: No...I wasn't sleeping...I was Kel'no'reeming. Teal'c taught me the fundamentals.
      Daniel: Did he mention you should have been conscious in the process?
      Mitchell: Yeah, I'm still working on the basics.

    • Mitchell: I hate to break it to you folks, but the only technology I'm seeing is a bunch of dusty old books... ([Mitchell inadvertently opens a hidden door) ...and a secret passage.

    • Meurik: As the men who conquered Merlin's curse, you will be given a place of honor.
      Daniel: Look, once and for all there was no curse. Okay, this...this is a device, a machine. It's like a flower-mill or a catapult, it is just a lot more complicated. There is no magic...
      (Daniel and Mitchell get beamed out)
      Daniel: Boy, my timing is off today...

    • Mitchell: I only count four ships.
      Daniel: It's probably their first wave
      Mitchell: We should see what we can do about discouraging a second one.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Mitchell: I don't know that's going to help, you keep moving around like Ed Grimley.
      Referencing Martin Short, who created the spastic character of Ed Grimley for SCTV Network 90 and its spinoffs.

    • The Korolev
      The name of the Russian ship alludes to Sergey Pavlovich Korolev, the head Soviet rocket engineer and designer during the space race. There is also a lunar crater and a Russian town named after him.

    • Title
      The Arthurian Legend speaks of an English town called Camelot, where King Arthur was said to have lived and was raised by Merlin the Magician. He was raised to reign, to be King, in this land called Camelot.