Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Goodness, what an episode! Never have I been so excited in my life turning on the television to watch the show - I sure wasn't dissapointed.

    While the Camelot scenes with Daniel and Mitchell's attempts to locate Merlin's Anti-Ori weapon were decent enough, my real wanting was the huge spacebattle I had been hearing about all these months. I knew that it wasn't going to end in the Tau'ri's favour, but I just wanted to witness the Ori supermotherships whooping some serious ass. And whoop ass they did! What a slaughter! Not even the Asgard ship's weapons had any effect on the invading armada's shielding (despite some other reviewer's claims, an Asgard ship was present during the battle)! Cliffhanger definitely left something other than the episode hanging - my jaw.

    All up, an awesome episode - can't wait for Season 10 to air here!
  • One word sums up this episode, AMAZING

    Stargate SG-1 delivers one of the best cliffhanger endings I have ever seen. The episode as a whole is fantastic and stands up to numerous repeat viewings. It starts with a typical visit to a planet that hasn't progressed as far as ours, Camelot, the scenes here are well written and hugely enjoyable. Mitchell's fight with the knight is pretty damn good, and you genuinally worry for his safety. Mitchell's status as action man is secured too and you realise just how much better the show has got since he joined. Daniel has a rare "screw it" moment by shooting the crystals and Michael Shanks' performance is as good as it's ever been. the comedy moments are top notch too, the unexpected beamings of Mitchell and Jackson and there responses to it are highly amusing.
    The end battle is the best scene the ever has ever had. My jaw was on the floor throughout. Everything about it was done fantastically and by the end of it, it genuinally appears that everyone has been killed except Carter, and her survival doesn't appear likely.
    And Vala's appearence in the final seconds only make the episode that much better, the score over the final minute is equally impressive.
    Things that aren't so good? Can't think of anything substantial, I would have liked Teal'c to be in the episode a little more and it wouldn't have hurt to have Landry involved in some way but these are minor. The episode is the best the show has seen and everything a season finale should be.

    Bring on Season 10
  • One of the best...

    This is one of the best episodes in the entire series. It is also one of the better season finales. sg1 goies to camelot to searech for merlin's weapon but it is not there. The fight between Mitchell and The Black Knight was just awesome it should have been longer. The really bad thing is that the Ori were able to establish a working Supergate. They launch their ships through it and nothing really seems to work against them. You have earth's ships the Tok'ra the Jaffa and the lucian alliance and they still get their but kicked. Those Ori ships do look pretty cool. This episode was awesome in every way and it has a really good cliffhanger.They don't stand a chance because the ori ships shields are way to strong. Is SG1 dead or alive? Later...
  • Sky supremacy!

    What i've learned all this time watching SG1 is that no matter how boring and disinteresting an episode might seem at the beginning, it can sure as hell compensate equally nearing it's end. And boy what an end. The battle is taken in the skies, the Ori show their powerful crafts at work, while Earth and it's allies try to make a stand against this formidable adversary. The Jaffa, Asgard and Earth's ships stand no chance witnessing the Ori ships coming through the activated super-gate with only one goal, that of destroying everyone that opposes the book of Origin and the Ori. An incredible season 9 end that marks the beginning of a great and final season of Stargate SG1
  • I can't help but wonder if Stargate has jumped the shark with the introduction of the King Arthur mythology.

    I can't help but wonder if Stargate has jumped the shark with the introduction of the King Arthur mythology. Suggesting that the ancient gods of various cultures were aliens is one thing, but bringing in King Arthur just seems like a really bizarre tactic.

    This episode was also not particularly innovative. It reminded me of a dozen other episodes, including episodes of Atlantis. And the show has been getting more and more Trek-like: tonight Daniel actually said "why don't you just beam me over there?" And we're warping in a ship instead of gating through a Stargate half the time.

    One more note about tonight's episode: the space suit scenes. The music just did not seem right at all. And what happened to the panel she removed, did it just float away?!
  • Welcome to Camelot..

    SG-1 going to find that place where is a weapon to destory Ori founds a city and it is soon realized this is a Camelot.. there was Merlin once.. his library is still around, villagers are afraid of Black Knight.. there is a sword on the stone.. everything is perfect.

    I adore the episode - the motion, the moving, the danger. Somehow the dynamic - how different members part for different missions and they go doing all different things and then the battle and supergate in the end - it was huge. Very impressive visual side.

    A really marvelous season final. Worth all the time.
  • Great episode to end Season 9.

    So the season finale of Stargate Sg1, Season 9. To be honest, before the Ori entered the Galaxy through the supergate, I would have considered this episode as a good episode with nothing really great but that space battle blew me away, it was awesome. Actually, it is probably the best space battle ever on this show. I remember watching an Sg1 DVD were of the producers said that for financial issues, they could not make scenes of the Spaceships actually firing at each other, well this time they did show it. It definitly sets up next season. It was about time for the Ori to show some action and now their strength is well established. The writers did a great job to make the Ori a worthy challenge.
    Apart form that, the rest of the episode was good, the Merlin Storyline is not my fave but it was OK.
    So season 9 ends with a big cliffhanger. This season was the most challenging in the history of the show, but its actually an above average season. Of course some will say, Sg1 have jump the shark etc...I miss O`Neill a lot tooooooo.....but I`m sure that if it was O`Neill instead of Mitchell, some would consider the season was purely classic. That`s not fair, specially to the writers who did a great job to reinvent this great show in a satisfying way.
  • The forces of the Milky Way must find the Ori supergate before their followers have a chance to activate it and send their invasion force.

    Adventure, excitement, humor, peril, an unstoppable enemy, and a great cliffhanger elevate this episode to great heights. It seems that the writers are pretty good at coming up with exciting stories that deal with our main bad guys and the stories surrounding them. Here we get not only the next segment of the Ori storyline but also further developments with Merlin's weapon and the discovery of none other than Camelot itself. The entire team gets something to do in this one as Sam must find a way to disable or destroy the supergate, Teal'c tracks down the Lucien Alliance for their help, and Mitchell and Daniel try to find Merlin's weapon in Camelot. The latter two make a really good team in this one as they try to find the weapon's location, eventually forcing Mitchell to go up against another holographic knight. The real big moment of the episode, however, comes at the end when the Ori ships finally reach our galaxy and come face to face with many of the Milky Way's most formidable powers. Seeing them cut right through the best of Earth, the Jaffa, the Lucien Alliance, even an Asgard ship. It's a fantastic way to end the season as we are once again left with a powerful enemy on the rampage and the fates of our heroes unknown.
  • SG1 is ..dead?....

    Right from the get go i knew this season finale was special,mainly because this is the first season finale since season the season four finale not to be written like a series finale.i think the concept of the Ori is 110% better than the Goa\'uld. the goa\'uld were a challenge at first but soon became easy to SG1 has an impossible enemy to defeat. i like how this show was amajor cliffhanger, perhaps the best in show history, iat the end i was sure that teal\'c daniel\' and mitchel were dead wich meant that Carter was srewed.i just loved this episode.later.
  • All this and a cliffhanger too...

    i just had to say.. wow when those ori ships came out of the supergate.. then i had to say wow again when they just kicked the crap out of us. those vis effects guys really outdid themselves with that whole sequence..

    as a 3d animator i could just hear the dollars rackup as that scene just kept going and going..

  • Everybody's dead Dave...

    As much as I hate cliffhangers, I could forgive them in this instance. I'm glad they left it where they did, rather than try to rush eveything into one episode. (On the other hand, I'd rather they'd have added another episode to the end of the season resolving the dilemma... What can I say, patience is not my strong suit :-)

    This episode has everything I love about the show, barring the appearance of a few well-loved characters.
    The ending especially is very good, though I wonder how they could possibly fix the fact that everybody is dead...

    Excellent example of how good this show can be!
  • \"EASILY TOP TEN!!!\" SG1 searches Merlin\'s library. Then all the powerful races in the galaxy battle the Orii battlecruisers.

    All I can say is that I could not take my eyes off the t.v. The episode was so good that I lost all track of time. It felt like a two hour episode (max).

    Camelot and Merlin\'s library were not what I was expecting, but at least SG1 is that much closer to finding Merlin\'s weapon, the San Greal. The timing of such a device is incredible but it is obvious that finding it will take another 7 or 8 seasons of searching and battling.

    The battle is clearly the highlight of the episode. The Orii battlecruisers were immmense and powerful, coming out of the supergate and destroying/damaging every ship in sight. \"The Orii sure do know how to make \'em!\"

    Vala will clearly rejoin the effort to stop the Orii. (Spoiler:) Her daughter is rumored to be a tough Orii follower and leader, coming up.

    What SG1 will encounter this upcoming season will probably be harder than battling Anubis and the Replicators. Hopefully Merlin or some other Ancients like Shifu, Skara, and maybe Arthur can help SG1 along their perilous journey.

    Season 10 is bound to be another great one considering it marks the first decade of the shows airing on television.
  • Amazing!

    This episode had everything that made SG-1 my favorite show. The mythology is back and the action was top notch. Watching Daniel piece together the clues that Merlin left was good and then his speech to the villagers that there was no magic and then getting beamed away was so funny.
    The sword fight with the black knight was great and Ben Browder was fantastic rolling in the mud. The space battle was epic and the best I’ve seen on TV and the special effects were amazing. The cliffhanger was great and first one in five seasons.
    Can't wait for the season 10
  • Cliffhanger!

    I personally hate "to be continued" and end of season cliffhangers. (Where's my anti-anxiety medicine?) But after so many seasons praying that Stargate will live on, it's great to see them end it with a story line that would be sure to get the big wigs linched if it didn't continue. Live on Stargate!
  • SG-1 goto the planet where merlins anti-ori weapon is. They find a village set in medevil times and after finding merlins sercret room, they discover the weapon isnt there. Afterwards SG-1 go into battle against the ori evansion force at the Supergate.

    This has to be the best stargate episode ive ever seen. The massive space battle at the end was excellent, and left me dieing to know what happens next. I can't stop watching it its just that good. I have a thing for space battles and it was so intense and exciting to see that battle against the ori. I was a little upset at the outcome but i know SG-1 will be back and will kick those ori punks back to their own galaxy next season. I cant wait for season 10 to start just because of this one episode.

    What can you say what a episode just why i watch this show.

    I liked the part whwn cameron was fighting the black night very cool.

    The best part is where daniel was trying to tell the people of camolot that there is no such thing has magic then
    cameron gets besmed up to the russian ship.

    Great ending the fight scene between all the ships. what a ending when sam was just left floating in space.

    can\'t wait for the new seaosn 10/10.
  • Great show and acting!

    I thought that I would never, ever, accept the new characters once Richard Dean Anderson departed and that still leaves a hole in the wall big time
    Since he is the heart and soul of Stargate but Ben Browder has been doing a pretty good job at the show
    Villian has since become more threatening and more scary everytime IMO!
  • Amazing season finale, but the azgard never fought!!

    I watched it hoping i would find out what happens to the ori, but unfortunally they make us wait.

    It does not make sense about the azgard, you saw one of them on the ship, but i dont recall them fighting in the battle, none of their vessels was there, you would assume that a such technological advanced race would easily be able to destroy those ori battle crusers. Somthing tells me the azgard plays a major roll in the next season.
  • The end space battle made me ashamed to be from this galaxy!!

    Well what can i say about that battle? Four Ori ships against the cream of the Milky way galaxy\'s fleet and they won!?! Well let me rephrase that they kicked our butt\'s lol. Well from the looks of the end I think maybe the Russian ship (cant remember the name) must survive for two reasons, firstly Daniel was on the bridge and we all know he\'s not going die......again, and secondly there has got to be a friendly ship left to save Sam!

    Now to the anti ori weapon, even if they do find it wont the Ori worshippers still have the mega advanced ships and continue the \"crusade\" against the unbelievers.
  • Wow.....what an episode!

    I love the whole Camelot theme! It was fun watching Daniel in his element. I love how he didn\'t want to give up on that Ancient device. And.....I am seriously convinced that Michael talks faster than David Hewlett (Rodney McKay - Atlantis). I love how Daniel has two sides to his character. I love action-warrior side, and I also love the archaeologist-historian-scholar side. Then, of course there\'s the diplomat side that I love also. I also love how he is the voice of reason. When everyone else thought they were to give up searching for Merlin\'s weapon, Daniel gave them good reason not to give up. Cam and Daniel were funny together when they were beamed down into that chamber with the Ancient device. I love how Daniel had to \"wake\" Cam up by dropping the book. I love the whole kelnoreeming thing. LOL!

    Love the sword fight with Cameron and the Black Knight. Pretty cool.

    Oh....I saw the woman who won the sweepstakes thing she was the blonde in the hood with that governor guy.

    The space battle with Ori ship was pretty cool! Dang, those Ori ships dwarf ours incredibly. Even the Jaffa Ha\'tak vessels seemed tiny compared to those humungous Ori ships. It was awesome seeing the Ori ships coming out of the Supergate. Oh.....and that Supergate was massive. The kawoosh on that thing was just awesome. Oh......and loving the Russians having their own space vessel.

    I thought it was funny that When Daniel was explaining to the Camelot people that there is no magic. Then, he and Cameron get \"magically\" beamed away to the Russian vessel with Col. Chekov.

    The musical score in this episode was beautiful. That last scene was very well done, I thought. With all the ships getting blown up by the Ori, it was kinda hard to keep track which ship was getting blown up. One ship that was blown up looked like an Earth vessel, but not quite. Though, I\'m sure that all of our heroes will be back. But, love the intense of the drama and angst.
  • Sg-1 Seemingly dies and has come back to life

    Season 9 started looking like the begining of the end with all new cast members and the departure of old favorites, but as the season went on the new villan went from silly to threatening and the new cast members seen to have begun to fill the shoes that they replaced both very unexpected but the show has new life and seems strong as the build to the annubis climax, id like to see the series keep running right on the heels of the simpsons as longest tv show
  • Fantastic progress!

    Amazing to see them bringing and continually interweaving various historical myths & ideas throughout the series! Amazing episode!! HIGHLY rated & recommended!!

    Using the Merlin character, the continual progress of "Daniel Jackson" (as Tealc always calls him by his FULL name!) in the Ancient research and knowledge is great for his character growth. Also great to see he can shoot stuff, too! (you'll have to watch to find out what that's about)
  • Sg1 still at it!

    I cant belive they're still at it, i am glad tho and as for resent epp... what happend to carter? lol she was left drifting there bless her. I am looking forward to the next series, i hope they make better epposodes yet! I thought it was interesting how they made the characters of the ori and i am hoping we will eventully meet more of the ancients. This epp had good filming with special effects as always and the actors were just as talanted and beliveble as they have always been, that is all that counts for me! Bring on sesson 10!
  • Wow - theres no such thing as magic.... but this was a magical episode - shame they didn't bring RDA back to cover all bases

    The show just keeps on going from strength to strength - how they manage to get so much action and special effects into 43 minutes is amazing, plus humour too - anyone know when the next season starts ? I can't believe they killed off all the main characters - hopefully there will be some time travel shenanigans to undo all the bad stuff. And how big where those ORI ships - and where were the Asghard and the Tokra ?? How much oxygen has Sam left in here suit too. If my memory serves don't we usually have 22 episodes in a season too??
  • One Good Short Rewiev - It Will Be A Weeery Long Summer :P

    One Good Short Rewiev - It Will Be A Weeery Long Summer aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
  • Brilliant

    Lost 4 words - but will try, scintillating unbelievable , superlative , classic , superb ,the dogs b*llocks , give me a drug so i can sleep til the next episode I WANT MORE , get this episode up u , u star trek sycophants who bleat about "blah blah TNG did this storyline before" , "blah blah we have seen this all before in Voyager" this is THE definative SCI-FI series EVER and side by side with Atlantis in my opinion the best television i have ever seen BAR NONE.
  • It had the everyone fight from the Azgard to the Lucian Alliance, Jaffa, Earth with NO impact to the ORI.

    It was a great episode, with the biggest battle fought since the Lost City. This episode left me with but one possible conclusion. The only way to survive is to travel back in time and dial the supergate before they dial in. Time travel devices were mention while the team was in Merlin's library.
  • Now we will see how good the writters really are, since we seem to see all the SG1 members 'seem' to die...

    Now I really stuck... how is it that the Asgaurd,Goaould, earthlings, and etc, can't break the force fields on these huge ships... and what all this galaxy can produce for its own protection is a measly 10-20 ships? I mean come on!

    I've seen more ships in starwars than in this final scene! There were more ships attacking earth when SG1 found the outpost in the antarctic than there were in this episode!

    Where are the FX people when you need them?
  • Wow! Can't wait til the new season starts.

    I have to say this is the best episode this season. When the team visits Camelot and tries to explain to the people there is no magic, I just thought it was funny that both times that Daniel got magic out of his mouth they were beamed up. The battle at the end was great. It is to bad we have to wait for the new season to find out the fate of SG1.
  • Wow, very nice. But I have some questions...

    Wow, that was how to do a season finale. The season finale's on scifi have rocked this time around, except maybe atlantis's which was kinda just meh. I do have one grip about the episode, but it's not really a bad thing. Does anyone else miss when the team was in a situation like this, with simple, superstitous people telling them there's an evil curse or something, and one of the team does something really cool dramatic to make them all shut up? I think had this been the beginning of the series, Richard Dean Anderson would have pulled the sword from the stone and whipped the Black Knight with it. I'm just saying that I don't really like that it wasn't Mitchell that pulled the sword from the stone, it was some guest character. All Mitchell did was get his butt kicked.

    But anyway, here's my question/thought. The Ori have been unleashed upon the galaxy. On Atlantis, the Wraith have found out where Earth is and are on their way. So do the Ori and Wraith meet up? Big battle of the shows if you will? I know it would be hard to do, trying to figure out which show to put that on. But come on, that would be so freakin cool. Have the Ori and Wraith battle from SG-1's point of view, then see it from the Atlantis team's point of view.

    I know it prolly won't happen. But I can dream.

    And by the way, that battle was awesome.
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