Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 15

Chain Reaction

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2001 on Syfy

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  • General Hammond has decided that he no longer wants to be head of the sgc, says he is tired of sending good people out not knowing if they were even going to make it back. Jack thinks there is more to it than that. Well, he was right.

    This episode shows just how sneaky the nid could ever possibly be. They are all apart of this decision. Jack is very upset when he finds out that they have dismantled sg1. He wants to know what exactly is going on. So he goes to General Hammond's home to talk to him. He finds out that the NID had his grand children picked up from school and then taken home, so he decided for the safety of his family it was time to back out.
    In the mean time the new head of the sgc is tearing the place apart. He has ordered Sam to build and Naquadria bomb. She explains how dangerous this is but he insists that it is to be done.
    Jack had to result in going to Maybourn. N ot his favorite person but he figures he either knows something or can find out something. Maybourn says the only way he can help him is for him to get him out of prison to help find things out.
    So Jack does exactly that.
    While the new head of sgc send sg3 to a gouald strong hold to aquire more naquadria they lose a member but they are able to get the naquadria. Maybourn and Jack find out that this whole thing goes all the way to the Senator Kinsey. Now they ahve to find out how to get the general back and stopo the maddness.
    the new head of sgc says they need to do a test with the bomb. Sam explains to him that it could destroy the whole planet and maybe even the sgc. He says it will be done. and She has to follow orders. Once the bomb is set off it is catastrophic, and they cannot get the gate to shut down, it seems to drawing energy from the blast and it is going to take the sgc with it. this scares him cause he really had no idea what he was doing. all his short cuts have proven to be disasterous.
    They go to Kinsey home who at the time is haveing a party with lots of big wigs. So anyway they get Kinsey in his office in his home and they tell him what they know and of course he denies everything. While Maybourn is on his computer pulling up all his resisent activity online he finds that Kinsey is linked to the threats on Hammonds family and among other things. Jack is holding a gun on Kinsey but he knows he cannot shoot him. So they arrange a crew of reporters to come to the mansion where they are so that they can get out without interference from the agents that have ppulled up outside and make their big getaway, and of course Kinsey agrees to get Hammond back in the sgc with the agreement that they do not let anyone know what they found on his computer and his involvement with the nid.
    the 38 minute window for the gate to shut down on it's on approaches now they have to evacuate the sgc. But just in time the gate sguts down. General Bower is now affraid of what he has done. He tells Sam that he wrong and she was right and he was sorry. General Hammond makes it back to the sgc and Maybourn gets to take a trip to a tropical zone for a wait on his execution Now Jack feels that he has sold his soul to the devil.