Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 15

Chain Reaction

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2001 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Maybourne's prison number: S2989.

    • When Jack shows up at General Hammond's home, there is a game of Connect 4 on the table, and the top two rows are completely empty. By the end of the scene, a red chip has mysteriously appeared in the second row from the top.

    • When Maybourne "accesses the internet" in the apartment, the URL displayed in his browser clearly begins with "file:" - a file on his computer, NOT on the internet. (This actually happens almost every time that a web browser is shown in the series).

  • Quotes

    • Bauer: My name is Major General Bauer. I'll be your new commanding officer. I'd just like to say I look forward to working with all of you. Thank you.
      Jack: Squadron at ease! Always leave them wanting more, I guess.

    • Bauer: Well, there's no point staying here. I'll inform the President from the surface. (walks away)
      Sam: Yes, sir. I'm sure it'll be much safer up there.

    • Maybourne: That's it, we're in. I'm downloading now. Kinsey's online activities connect him to NID actions over the last year and a half. Including the secret operation I ran out of Area 51, the involvement with the Russians... and the threats to Hammond.
      Jack: You're a piece of work, Kinsey. Try to shut down the SGC, you make this big speech about how much you hate secret organisations and then you jump in bed with the NID. What is that?
      Kinsey: Oh, I still think the Gate is a Pandora's box and I still think it should be buried forever, but as long it's open and as long as it's a threat to this planet, then I'm damn well going to make sure it's used the way it should be used. To defend God's creation.
      Jack: Oh, blow the rhetoric up somebody else's nose. You're nothing but a power-hungry hypocrite.
      Kinsey: The only currency in this town is power. So if I have to shake hands with the Devil to do the Lord's work, then so be it.

    • Jack: So this Bauer guy is part of it?
      Maybourne: Truth is, I don't know. I've been out of the loop for a little while, but it's possible he's just a patsy, unwittingly maneuvered into position because he's got the right mentality.
      Jack: All sounds so cloak and daggery...
      Maybourne: You're a Special Ops Colonel, Jack. Why do you always pretend to smell like roses?
      Jack: Hey! I never threatened a two-star general by kidnapping his grandkids!
      Maybourne: Don't pretend to be so naive either.

    • Sam: So what do we know about this new guy?
      Jack: Not much.
      Daniel: Let's hope he's not some sort of spit and polish, brass tacks...
      Jack: Hard ass?
      Daniel: I was building up to that.

    • Hammond: Jack, weren't you there for my goodbye speech?
      Jack: Yes, I was. Of course. You know that. And it was lovely, General, but do you really think I believe you're quitting because we ran into a little trouble out there? Hell, we've been presumed dead before!
      Hammond: I don't have to explain myself to you, Colonel.
      Jack: No, sir, you don't, you're my commanding officer. (pause) But could you throw me a bone?!

    • Jack: About what you owe me...
      Hammond: Anything I can do.
      Jack: Well, nothing right now but one of these days I might ask you to buy back my soul.

    • Maybourne: (has food in his mouth) I have to know I can trust you.
      Jack: Under no other circumstances would I sit here and watch you eat.

    • Jack: If it wasn't for SG1, you'd be sitting here with a snake in your head, rather than your head up your ass.

    • Bauer: In the future you might want to consider using bullet-points and summaries at the end of each section.
      Jack: Bullet-point summaries . . .
      Bauer: Is there a problem with that?
      Jack: General, I realise the format of my reports is of vital importance and if you'd like, some day we can get together and talk about fonts and margins, but right now I like to discuss the fact you're dismantling my team without discussion.

    • Jack: SG-1's been dismantled. Daniel's got a desk job, Teal'c's with SG-3, and Carter's working on some kinda doomsday machine. You know, same old same old.
      Hammond: Are you serious?
      Jack: For once, yes.

    • Senator Kinsey: Half of all American citizens won't even vote, and the half that do vote are too stupid to know what they're doing!
      Jack: Which explains how you got elected.

    • Senator Kinsey: Colonel, have you completely taken leave of your senses?!
      Jack: I'm hanging around Maybourne - what does that say?

    • Maybourne: How nice of you to come by. I don't get a lot of visitors.
      Jack: I find that hard to believe...

    • Teal'c: On Chu'lak when a great warrior retires from battle it is customary to sing a song of lament. (long pause, everyone looks leery) Fortunately we are not on Chu'lak.

    • Sen. Kinsey: How dare you come into my house waving a gun?!?
      Jack: Not waving. Pointing.

    • Jack: Afternoon, ma'am. I'm Mr. Starsky, this is... Hutch.
      (inside party, Jack pets the dog)
      Mrs. Kinsey: He seems to like you Mr. Starsky.
      Jack: Birds of a feather, ma'am.
      Sen. Kinsey: Dear, Starsky and Hutch is an old TV show.
      Mrs. Kinsey: Ah, you're actors then!

    • Jack: I see you're on the famous beer and mustard diet. How's that working out for you?

    • Jack: Have you heard of Ikea? (to Col. Maybourne, about his bare safehouse)

  • Notes

    • The original ending to this episode saw Maybourne walking free and Jack looking the other way. The producers decided not to go forward with this idea as it would be too out of character for Jack.

    • Senator Kinsey's dog, Oscar, was played by Richard Dean Anderson's (Colonel Jack O'Neill) real-life dog, according to writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi.

    • Actor Lawrence Dane, who portrayed General Bauer in this episode, auditioned for the role of General Hammond when the series was being cast.

    • Syndication airdate: February 4, 2002.

  • Allusions

    • Jack: Afternoon, ma'am. I'm Mr. Starsky, this is... Hutch.
      Starsky and Hutch (1975-79) was an American television show that aired on the ABC network. The show featured two Californian policemen, Detective David Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson (David Soul), involved in gritty, often violent, plotlines.

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