Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 1

Children of the Gods (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Awsome pilot

    Weare introduced to these heroes and ick up a year after the movie. Its simply an incrible start.
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  • Two Directional Stargate?

    I never paid attention to this before, but now it bugs me. When Apophis and his henchmen come through the gate at the beginning of the episode, the gate never closes. A few minutes later, after General Hammond comes into the gate room, Apophis and his henchmen turn around and go back through the gate. This is a serious violation of continuity with the original movie and the entire series. The gates only go one way. Never again will you see anyone go back through an open Stargate. Even if it was supposed to have been dialed back through the other way, who dialed it? If Apophis had a portable DHD, which the likes of were not seen until later on in the series, they should have made a point of showing that he did to reinforce continuity. They never even showed the gate close or reopen.
  • This episode was great.

    The objective of the show was to continue where the movie stopped with Dr. Jackson on Abidos and Jack O’Neill retired but other than that this was supposed to be different than the movie. That was definitely a challenge. With Ra dead who would be the bad guy? That’s when they decided to introduce a race of aliens called Goa’uld. We had bad guys. All they needed was to write a good episode that would not only please the movie fans but also introduce Stargate to a whole new group of fans. That’s where “Children of the Gods” come in.

    This was the beginning of what would become one of the greatest TV series currently on TV (at least that’s my opinion).
    This episode brought back Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson with new “faces”. Introduced a new “main” villain: Aphophis. And new characters: Teal’c, Captain Samantha Carter and General Hammond.

    Saddest moment: Sha’re leaving with Aphophis leaving behind a very sad Daniel.

    Bravest moment: The part where Teal’c decided to turn against everything he believed in and against his own people to save O’Neill and the others.

    Funniest moment: when Ska’ara gave that drink to Jack.

    Best quote:

    O'Neill: "Moonshine."
    Skaara: "Moon...shine?"
    O'Neill: "Yeah. Moonshine, as in booze. Daniel, what are you teaching these kids?" Daniel gives him an innocent glance.
    Skaara: "Try it."
    O'Neill: "Alright." He smells it, then "Moonshine. Shocker." He takes a sip, then spits it out. "WHOA!" Everyone laughs. "Smooth. Very smooth."
    Skaara: "Moonshine!"
    Kawalsky: "Our little soldiers are all grown up, Colonel."
    O'Neill: "I'm so proud."

    Worst quote:

    Carter: "I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are in the inside instead of the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle."

    In conclusion: One of the best pilots of TV series. My personal favorite at least.

  • Let the journey begin!

    Before watching Children of the Gods, I was skeptical about Stargate SG-1. Now, it is my favorite tv show thanks in part to the "bang" of SG-1's pilot episode.

    In this episode, we get to meet the amazing cast of SG-1, including Richard Dean Anderson (Colonel Jack O'Neill), Amanda Tapping (Captain Carter), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), and the renegade Jaffa warrior Teal'c (played by Christopher Judge).

    We learn that all is not well after a nuke was left on Abydoes culminating the end of the movie Stargate. There is a new Goa'uld System Lord, Apophis, who wants to destroy earth. Returning to Abydos when the newly formed Stargate Command orders SG-1 on a recon mission, Apophis surprisingly invades the planet and captures Daniel Jackson's wife and friend. The episode continues using tremendous special and visual effects as SG-1 pursues Apophis and tries to rescue Daniel Jackson's wife and friend before they become new Goa'uld hosts.

    One of the best episodes from Season 1.
  • You gotta appreciate it for being the first.

    I'll start by saying that I am a major fan of this show. But the real passion didn't start until the episode, "The enemy within." This episode was good for what it was, but just not my type of episode. I have to give them credit for the nude scene. I was supprised and impressed. The show hadn't quite worked out it's kinks yet, so the plot flaws were excusable. The whole going through the wormhole the wrong way, the freeze effect from going through the wormhole that they hardly mentioned ever again. Not to mention Daniels "terrible" allergies that seem to magically go away. Then there's the serpent gaurds that look absolutely rediculous. But they never amended that. Though I must say it's cool when the helmets recede. I feel bad for the actors though, that had to wear those monstrosities on their heads. There was this one goof that really irks me. You'll notice the "caveman like prisoner then refugee guy that got through the stargate" had his prostetic forehead slipping forward. Then there's the characters. Jack was my favorite since the beggining. It's funny how no one usually likes the leader, they like the comic relief. But Jack is both which puts him in the prime position to be liked. Carter is exceptionally irritating. Of coarse, I have a thing against all female characters in all forms of entertainment. So my opinion is a bit bias. But I think Carter was exceptionally annoying here. She has this high and mighty women pride thing going on that gets under my skin. Don't think I'm sexist. I'm female myself. But all I've said is quite true. Daniel was very Danielish. Not mush else to say. Though that part with all the people gathering around him was really rediculous. How do actors not crack up when shooting these scenes? It was great to see T'ealc young and shaved again. He played his part well. Apophis was good also.
  • Why I watch Stargate

    After I watched the first two episodes of Stargate I was hooked. I had already seen the movie but it was these two episodes which got me wanting to know more. I wanted to see if Daniel would ever find and free his wife, what Teal'c would do now that he had betrayed his gods. I wanted to get to know Carter even more (know my favorite character), and Jack, a oddly funny character. I wanted to see how they would keep away these new enemies while still keeping the program a secret from the world.

    And to this day, I'm still hooked. This episode was the beginning of a great journey for these four characters and I think that even if you got hooked later on and never saw this episode, you should find a way to watch it.
  • Brilliant season starter

    It was just the best sequal that they could have had to the movie it introduced us to a new enemy of the same race as Ra which we saw in the movie. It also gives the US government and Stargate Command more threats that they will need to deal with but along with this threat comes a bonus a defector from the powerfull System Lord Aphophis his first prime Teal'c whom later on becomes a member of SG-1 who will help the Tauri fight the Goa'uld and eventually healps of the defeat of the parasitic race close to the end of the 8th season.
  • The pilot episode was ok, the original actors in the movie would have made a great cast, but boy did those belly aliens look lame !

    I enjoyed the feature length film and recently watched the first episode of the SG1 series. It was okay, some of the acting was worth a laugh, and those belly aliens were a horror, lol ! I always hate when the enemy is some joke looking alien that appears it would have trouble pouring a glass of water.

    The episode was easy enough to get through, but overall it didnt seem to capture anything special for me. You can always check out those belly aliens, now that is total yuck, and how they squeeze out of the pouch is sick.

  • This episode got me hooked for good and after 8 full seasons im still watching every week.

    I think a pilot episode did a good job when you watch a show for the first time not knowing if you will like or dislike the show, and like the pilot episode so much it hooks you in for the life of the show. Everything about Stargate SG-1 was so cool, Like how the stargate opens with a big blue wave coming at you.

    The cast of Stargate SG-1 fit into place like a glove. Richard Dean Anderson dose a good job to bring humor to the show. Don S. Davis (Gen Hammond) does a good job at being the boss of the base but still good friends with a flag ship team SG-1, General Hammond is the first to stand up and tell people to leave his base.

    When everything is said and done the hole show works is a well writen pice of art.
  • Great lead in from the movie.

    After the events in the movie, the stargate is all but forgotten in a secret military base. At the beginning of the episode, a group of military personelle are playing poker in the room which contains the stargate when the stargate activates. A group of aliens come through, kidnap a woman, and kill the rest of the people. Before the aliens go back through the stargate, General Hammond, who replaced General West after the movie, sees the aliens, and recognises them as the same kind of alien as Ra from the movie. He sends some people to bring Jack O'Neill, who retired after the movie, to the military base. After learning that General Hammond plans to send a bomb to Abydos, O'Neill decides to tell him that Daniel is still alive on the planet, and that he didn't destroy the stargate on the planet like he was ordered to do. He eventually convices General Hammond to let him take a team to Abydos.

    This episode is a great lead in to the series from the movie. It introduces two new characters, Captain Samantha Carter and Teal'c, who spent his whole life worshiping the alien named Apophis as a god and was his top rated servant (called first prime) until he betrays him at the end of the episode. It also sets up a few stories which are continued throughout the next several seasons. If you are new to the series, you should watch this episode first, and watch them all in order so that you understand the story as it unfolds throughout the rest of the series.
  • The good thing in this series is: the actors are goods. But beside it, the story is so superficial.

    Usually, I love science-fiction. I like 3 things in a good science-fiction series: find a new univers, psychology, some kind of wisdom. I think that the "new univers" is there. But the psychology and the wisdom is really not there.

    "Good Alien" just wait to be helped from the good person from earth, and "Bad Alien" just want to kill every body (or if you are lucky, just a slave). Commando from earth come with their guns, and seems to me more threatening for an Alien (even the good ones), than it should be. The commando come also with a "we know what is good for you, more than you" that I don't like. The series just try to propagate our civilisation every where, instead of respecting other way of life. They are juge and executioner every where they go.

    Beside the scenario that I don't like, I think that actors are good in the series, and there is a lot of work trying to create other civilisation, different from us. Some love Stargate, others don't... I don't. If you are like me, try Farscape, Star Trek Next Generation or Doctor Who, that I loved.
  • This episode starts things off right.

    A great starter to a great show. I started watching this show just recently through the DVD boxset. This is a great show and this episode is excellent. It shows a lot about the characters, giving watchers an idea of how the different characters respond and who's their personal favorite.

    This show isn't overly technical, which for me, I could use more technicallity, but it is nice that people who aren't all computer/science lovers can still get into a very well created show.

    This episode reveals that the stargate wasn't just about one enemy and that more is in store for our star travelers.
  • A promising start to what would become a great series, with an adequate premise for continuing the average movie.

    It's interesting to look back at this pilot after so many years, especially considering how much the series has changed and evolved over years, both in developing it's Universe and characters.

    It's funny how the serpent guards in the pilot, especially in the well-executed opening scene, seem so menacing and evil, yet it did not take long after to view them as Stargate's storm-troopers: poor-aiming, lumbering weapons-fodder, that wear metal skirts.

    Of course some things were changed for the movie, and an interesting mythology was started thanks to it. The change of Ra's race from a Roswell-Grey alien to a snake-like one, I think is a change for the better, as it leads to a slightly more logical idea of hosts, and also the very interesting idea of the Jaffa.

    The casting is great, too. Shanks seems to much like Spader to be true, and does a great impression. RDA, nuff said. Tapping, who according to myth, sealed her part thanks to a brilliant ad-lib, does her best with what starts off as a cliched sexy-scientist role. And Judge, who according to BRad Wright won his role on first glance, is great fun as what is basically a character's that's "Doctor Spock, only 'urban'".

    An enjoyable and interesting continuation of a franchise, especially considering how the series would eventually evolve for the better.
  • Good pilot episode, that evidently worked 'cause it's entering it's 10th season this summer.

    This is the pilot episode of the continuation to the Stargate movie (starring Kurt Russell and James Spader), which took place on a distant planet called Abydos. It has been a year since the incident in Abydos, and a year since Daniel was left on another planet to live with his new wife, and a year since Jack retired again.
    In the beginning, two Air force officers show up at Jack’s house and tell him that a man that appeared to be Ra reactivated the Stargate, but Jack knows Ra was killed a year ago. I mean come on…who can survive a TEN TON nuclear warhead blowing up in their face!? But anyways, Jack finds out that he has to lead a team back through the Stargate. But there’s a twist…he can’t put the team together, and there’s a Captain Sam Carter who is supposed to be on his team. When he finds out this new recruit is a scientist he begins complaining, and that’s when the Captain walks in. But he’s in for a surprise because the Captain…is a Woman! Played by the wonderful and beautiful Amanda Tapping! It is then that they find out that she is the one who invented the computer technology that can successfully run the gate, using her own design.
    When he insults her for being a ‘scientist’ she, being a strong feminist, immediately retaliates with her own sarcastic remarks despite him being her CO. When she is done ‘mouthing off’ to Jack, she ends with daring him that if he still doesn’t believe she is good enough, that she’ll arm-wrestle him. But by the time they get to Abydos you can tell he is already beginning to trust her.
    When they get to Abydos and meet Daniel, they find out that there is more than one Stargate…in fact there is a whole galaxy full of them! But when they get back to the Stargate chamber they find out that the Goa’uld have struck again, this time taking Shar’e and Skarra with them. To be Continued...
  • The first episode, and the begin the adventures. A ligação feita com o filme foi muito interessante, utilizar os mesmos personagens e adicionar outros a minha atenção. Como gostei muito do filme, pensei que não gostaria nada do seriado, mas ainda bem que

    I like very much this episode, coz is the firts time we see RAD as Colonel O´Neill and he is perfect. And the others too. Amanda, Michael and Christopher are very good. But Richard is the soul of the serie.
    Eu gosto de ver o modo que a mudança dos atores não afetou a história, se possível melhorou. O filme deveria ter sido feito com eles, afinal Richard é o verdadeiro Jack. Gosto do modo sarcástico como ele olha pro mundo, é incrível. E o clima entre ele e Sam é perfeito e meigo.
    Colocar uma mulher no SG-1 deu um toque especial, principalmente pq ela é a mais inteligente do grupo. Nosso Spok de saia.
    Esse episódio mostra como a série seria boa.
  • Good pilot episode

    Having never seen the movie in it's entirety, I took to this like a fish out of water. Only knowing the basics, I understood most of what was going on in the episode. It does a decent job at telling the story for people who haven't seen the movie to understand it. Overall, I thought it was a good episode. It was a little slow at the start, but eventually picked up by the end. I knew they would make a MacGuyver joke since Richard is in this series, and they did! If you have never seen the movie first, like me, this is still worth seeing.
  • Great pilot! It's great to watch this episode and see how much the characters have cchanged since then.

    This was a great pilot. Such an original idea too. It was really neat for me to watch it after watching newer episode and to see how different all of the characters were -in personality and in looks.

    Jack, in my opinion didn't change much in personality. He's still the smart alec colonel we always loved. (Although his hair went from brown to grey : ) All of the others also changed a lot;for the better, or for the worst. (But mostly for the better.)

    I loved seeing how Jack and Skarra reunited. It was great to see these two together and not to mention how we got to see Daniel and Shar'e.(sp?) I don't need to say much after that kiss. : )

    All in all it was a great episode filled with just as much action as emotion.
  • A nice reminder on how it all started.

    I thought this was a well put together episode. I am really glad that they changed O'Neill's character from how it was in the movie. I think if they would of kept him so serious and a chain smoker than it wouldn't of worked out.
    I noticed that Teal'c didn't say hardly anything throughout the episode, but you could tell that he wasn't liking what he was doing, just by looking at his face.
    The camera kept doing closeups of his face and I one point, you could even see a little revulsion in his face when Share was chosen for the host to the new queen.
    It's amazing how Christopher Judge can tell you so much about his character without saying anything.
  • The beginning of a franchise...

    while Brad Wright may not have thought of the stargate, he did think of a series called Stargate SG1. and now the series is a franchise and the longest running sci - fi on tv. in this episode earth discovers what the staraget can bring. in the movie we thought that the gate only went to one planet, but in this episode an enemy comes through from a different planet and with this storyline, a franchise was started. now the series may be a lot different, but we still make refrences to this episode. it was a very well written and very well played episode.later.
  • Most people will say "what a great reminder to how it all started", but this was the first time I've watched any episode of SG1...and it was GREAT!!!

    This is the first episode of SG1 I have ever watched, even though there are already 10 seasons in the franchise. Because this is the first episode of the show I have ever seen, I feel that I have a unique perspective on reviewing this episode. This unique perspective being: I will not be rating this show against other episodes of SG1, I'll be rating it as if its 1997 and it just premiered. That being said:

    This was like nothing I have ever seen before! Usually that wouldn't work for me (since I'm not a HUGE SciFi fan) but this episode was so original, so well written, and had a great mix of characters (with great actors also) that I was hooked within the first few minutes. In this episode, the team learns - with the help of Dr. Carter - that the Stargate can travel not just between two destinations, but to hundreds, and even thousands of planets. This discovery brings endless possibilities for the SG1 team. As a pilot episode, this was the best I have seen in a very long time.
  • The episode that transitions from the Stargate movie to the Stargate television show. An introduction to the SG-1 team.

    All television shows start a little rough, but this is ESPECIALLY obvious in sci-fi television shows. However, what allowed this show to stick was the work of Richard Dean Anderson. He was able to keep the audience entertained through the rough beginnings of the show.

    Obviously, this show did not have the budget that was present for the movie. The result is cheap effects and sets. Also, in an attempt to appeal to the stereotypical sci-fi fans, there is the absolutely pointless gratuitous nudity which is only a distraction.

    With all that being said, this is the episode that kick-started the new sci-fi series that has lasted for ten seasons, has inspired one spin-off (with another in the works), as well as two movies (thus far). Good episode for a great series.
  • Great start to the series

    I first saw this episode when it first aired in syndication after having seen the movie years earlier in the theaters. The episode starts out great with the introduction of Aphosis and General Hammond. Apophis was intimidating and evil mostly because of the great Peter Williams. Hammond was very believable and Don Davis is amazing. I was a little concerned with I saw Richard Dean Anderson name in the credits but instantly fell in love with his take on O’Neill. He was witty, clever, and brave. I was not fond of Carter in this episode but have grown to like her and Amanda Tapping is not only gorgeous and extremely talented but also very funny. Daniel was magnificent and Michael Shanks despite his young age looked like a veteran actor. The scene with him and the kids on Abydos was moving and well written.
  • First ep of a great show.:)

    I saw this ep back in 97, after seeing the movie. I was very glad to see that they made a show out of that cool movie. And I was glad to know that they grow on the norad/SGC base, as well as adding Christopher Judge as Teal'c he is by far my favorite character of the show as well as adding Amanda Tapping as Samantha "Sam" Carter who is a great acttress and character for the show. As for the jaffa well, Seeing the Serpent Guard for the first time comeing out of the StarGate at the SGC was a lot of fun for kid.
    Over all "Children Of The Gods" was a great start for a long series with just a few rough spots. FA out=)
  • The greatest Sci-Fi TV series pilot of all time! "STUNNING. FULL OF POETIC GRANDEUR. SUPERB."

    An instant Sci-Fi tv series classic. The adventure of the SG-1 series begins and it doesn't let up throughout. Stunning. Full of poetic grandeur. Richard Dean Anderson Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks are superb. Richard Dean Anderson is best known for his role on Macgyver but he plays Colonel Jack O'Neill here and we're drawn to him immediately. The cast works well together as if they have been working with each other for years before this episode was ever made. A powerful frontline cast -- including Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge and Don S. Davis as General George S. Hammond -- explodes into action in this hauntingly realistic view of a secret military organization that uses an ancient portal device known as the Stargate and their physical and moral chaos against the Goa'uld in our great milky way galaxy during the early days of 1997. The Children of the Gods (1) is an unparalleled cinematic masterpiece for the tv screen that I Tracey K. Nameth call "brilliant...a terrific achievement...the finest start to a Sci-Fi tv series ever!"
  • The beginning of a Legacy...

    This was a very great way to start off stargate sg1. It takes place a year after the Abydos mission and Colonel Jack O'Neill is called back in and questioned about the mission. Richard Dean Anderson is a way better Jack O'Neill than Kurt Russell was. At the first I kind of thought General Hammond was a bit of a jerk but he was only doing his job. I liked the part when Hammond asked O'Neill if he had ever thought of writing a book about his missions and O'Neill replys by saying "Of course, but I would have to shoot anyone who actually read it". We are introduced to a new enemy and he takes Daniel's wife and Skaara. I don't think the writers thought the show was going to as long as it did when they wrote this episode. Later...
  • The first episode of the legacy of Stargate SG1

    This show really is a classic and i am so proud with all that it has achieved over the ten years it has been running. This pilot episode is fantastic. It takes off sometime after the movie the Stargate is no longer being used. Until it spring into action and and a team of people take some personell hostage and go back through. Jack O'Neill is called in, as is Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter they go through the gate but soon learn that they could be running into trouble that they are not equipt to handle But first they must travel back to when Daniel is. I thought this was a fantastic episode, i loved it. I can see how this show has gone on for so long. Because it is so good.
  • The pilot that started the longest running sci-fi program, with a spin off series and 2 movies being produced, must I say anymore? Jack O'Neill is pulled out of retirement to help retrieve Daniel Jackson from Abydos, and then take on the new alien threat.

    Well, this episode basically just picked up where the original movie left off, a nice 1hr40mins double episode that helped reveal even more about the stargate and our universe. It starts with Apophis(will cover him later), coming through the Stargate with his Loyal(ha..) First Prime Teal'c, and the rest of his personal body guards. They swooped in, stole the woman so she could be chosen as a host, and then somehow left. We clearly see the wormhole disengage while they are standing in front of it, and unless Teal'c and his men had time to run upstairs and figure out how to use the computer, im fairly certain they screwed this part up. Apophis might of had some type of hand dialing device on his wrist, like we see in future episodes, but as far as I remember the Goa'uld never had technology such as this. I would also like to point out at this point that it was kind of iffy how Apophis just decided to randomly dial earth, after he thought the gate was buried for 2000 odd years :|. Anyway Apophis leaves and O'Neill is called in to explain why they are coming through, and eventually he is forced to tell the truth about what happened to stop General Hammond from sending through a nuke. He explained that RA was most definetely dead since they sent the bomb up in his spaceship, but the gate remained so Daniel Jackson stayed behind with his new wife and buried it. General Hammond setups a recon mission to retrieve Daniel Jackson and find out more about they're enemies, after recieving word that he was still alive by sending through a tissue box and getting it back with the phrase "Thanks, Send More". With the Assistance of Major/Dr Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky, they go through and are greeted by old friends such as Skaara. While there, Daniel Reveals that the stargates are located all over the galaxy, and that Apophis could of some from anywhere, at which point he arrives again with Teal'c(a bit convenient) to take Shaa're(sp?) and Skaara. Forced to come back to Earth, Daniel joins SG-1, with O'Neill and Carter while Kawalsky heads SG-2, two top secret teams created soley for the stargate program, 2 teams out of the potential 9 if the current mission was to succeed. While there, Carter Daniel and Jack are captured, when they find out that Shaa're(sp?) has been taken host by a Apophis' wife, a Goa'uld(the larval form of the so called gods). While captured they also find Skaara, who is then taken host by Apophis' son. After Apophis orders their death, Jack notices Teal'c's disgust in what is happening and requests his help. "Help me, I can save these people" "Many have said that....but you are the first I believed could do it", this marked the friendship of Teal'c and Jack as they escape through the forests to the stargate. They watch as Apophis and his new family (Shaa're and Skaara) leave through the stargate. As SG-1/2 and the refugees leave, hundreds of jaffa surround them, and while attacking a dead jaffa's Goa'uld takes Major Kawalsky host without anyone noticing. They flood through the gate and prepare for debriefing, and as the credits come on we see Kawalsky's eyes glow.

    A few disconcerns I had, for instance as I noticed, the fact that Apophis decided to come through the gate to retrieve one woman, a lond period of time after RA had died, and 2000 odd years since he had last come through. Also the fact that he left so easily, there was no DHD, and there is no way that they would of been able to run up to the control room and figure out how to use Earths computer generated DHD. I also didn't like how they showed us Shaa're naked, it wasn't much of a pretty sight and I didn't really notice the point.Now Apophis is the Serpent god of the night, and enemy of RA, sun god of the day. Egyptian legend states many great battles between RA and Apophis, which is vocalised on stargate. All in all, a good episode which deserved to be the pilot for 10 Seasons of greatness.
  • The show that launched a thousand shows..

    Okay, probably not literally, but still. This is the great first episode of a fantastic series. Jack gets reunited with Daniel, Daniel's wife, and Skaara. They meet Teal'c. They start the war with the Goa'uld. The team starts going on missions to other worlds and meeting wonderful and interesting alien races. This is the show that got me hooked on the Stargate series (as well as Stargate: Atlantis), albeit ten years too late, but I'm quickly catching up. The only set back was the nudity, but that can be overlooked. And even though the Jaffa pouch things are very corny they were still kind of gross. All in all a very good episode.
  • The System Lord Apophis launches an attack through the Stargate and the SGC program is reactivated and given a new objective - seek out and find the alien invaders and defeat them.

    This was ofcourse the Pilot episode that started this great series off back in 1997. When I firsted watched this episode it made me fall in love with the whole concept of the Stargate and that this is really posible. I also did not watch the feature film and I was still kept in the loop. They did a great job of explaining the Stargate to newcomers and the episode was overall well-written. O'neil's character is a little young in this one but thats understandable. This is the way a show is supposed to be Started. The initial going to Abydos to find this scientist Jackson was not so interesting but when they acually visit the planet and find out the Stargate goes many, many other places, then I knew this was going to be my favorite show of all time.
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