Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 2

Children of the Gods (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Awsome pilot

    Weare introduced to these heroes and ick up a year after the movie. Its simply an incrible start.
  • Let the journey begin!

    Before watching Children of the Gods, I was skeptical about Stargate SG-1. Now, it is my favorite tv show thanks in part to the "bang" of SG-1's pilot episode.

    In this episode, we get to meet the amazing cast of SG-1, including Richard Dean Anderson (Colonel Jack O'Neill), Amanda Tapping (Captain Carter), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), and the renegade Jaffa warrior Teal'c (played by Christopher Judge).

    We learn that all is not well after a nuke was left on Abydoes culminating the end of the movie Stargate. There is a new Goa'uld System Lord, Apophis, who wants to destroy earth. Returning to Abydos when the newly formed Stargate Command orders SG-1 on a recon mission, Apophis surprisingly invades the planet and captures Daniel Jackson's wife and friend. The episode continues using tremendous special and visual effects as SG-1 pursues Apophis and tries to rescue Daniel Jackson's wife and friend before they become new Goa'uld hosts.

    One of the best episodes from Season 1.
  • great!

    Its truly amazing how this episode never seemed like a "pilot". Usually pilot episodes are all about learning the characters (even if the show was previously a movie) and you have this long thing of people saying everything about the person. You have to hear them going into detail about everything and its just a bore. But this episode wasnt like that at all! It was like watching a movie, you learn the characters as you go along. Instead of learning everything about them in the pilot you have a span of like 10 years just learning things about them! This was probably the best pilot ever in tv history:)
  • Review

    This review may contain spoilers The 2nd part is much better then the first part of the pilot but that is because it sets everything up and now we get on to the good parts like when SG-1 is formed and among other things the second part has the best part of the story of the episode on it and is much more enjoyable the battle seen at the very end of the episode is great and also looks nice as well that is all I have to say about the 2nd part of this episode my score is 9.4 the end
  • And now the rescue began

    The story, what was build with the first part of this first episode, now continues as there is new planet and it looks on so many ways like when they first went to that dessert planet. No matter what Daniel says, they bow for him. And the way Teal'c is brought into the story, all the beautiful landscapes - that episode has something that you won't remember. I first saw it many years ago and my little sister, she had to be very little and when we today rewatched it - she did remember all and she was so shocked as she never thought she could - it most have impressed her. And this really impressed me and all those episodes coming - all the action, excitement bound with deep and catching storylines.

    One of the best series I know.
  • This is the action-packed conclusion to the Pilot and is outstanding at that.

    The episode was dull until Teal'c surprisingly turned on his comrades and handed O'neil a Staff weapon. I at first wondered why a Jaffa with the rank of First Prime would join complete strangers and throw away everything for the sake of some innocent people but this act shows that not all Jaffa are bad and that(later on) even some Gould are not so evil. The action sequences were also well down, with Kawalsky's team saving SG-1 from the Deathglider and opened up the plot for the next episode very nicely, with a gould jumping into Kawalshy but no one but the viewer seing it happen. Great episode.
  • They track down Apophis and get captured and made prisoners . They find out that Jacks wife is now under control of a gouald- creature that takes over host bodys and turns them to slave . Jacks wife marries Apophis . The team manages to convince a Jaffa .

    It would be hard to make a reveiw since the man who made the recap did not use very good details . The show is very actiony so I am sure this would be a good episode to . The cast is always focused so why should be no diffrent . I like how they managed to convince to convince the best Jaffa guard to betray his team and becomes a member of the stargate 1 team . It was a great ideato add an alien to the team . The addition of him made the show more compicated and enjable .
  • The show that launched a thousand shows..

    A very pivotal episode of the Stargate series. The second episode. The episode where SG-1 meets Teal'c and escapes from the clutches of Apophis, thus starting the war (or at least reawakening the war) between the Tau're and the Goa'uld. With the help of the episode preceding this, it got me hooked on the series (10 years late, but I'm quickly catching up). Kowalski is infected with a Goa'uld (which is really a shame..I liked him) and the SGC does everything possible to take it out, but to no avail. Poor Kowalski! This was a very important episode to the development of the series.
  • The pilot that started the longest running sci-fi program, with a spin off series and 2 movies being produced, must I say anymore? Jack O'Neill is pulled out of retirement to help retrieve Daniel Jackson from Abydos, and then take on the new alien threat.

    Well, this episode basically just picked up where the original movie left off, a nice 1hr40mins double episode that helped reveal even more about the stargate and our universe. It starts with Apophis(will cover him later), coming through the Stargate with his Loyal(ha..) First Prime Teal'c, and the rest of his personal body guards. They swooped in, stole the woman so she could be chosen as a host, and then somehow left. We clearly see the wormhole disengage while they are standing in front of it, and unless Teal'c and his men had time to run upstairs and figure out how to use the computer, im fairly certain they screwed this part up. Apophis might of had some type of hand dialing device on his wrist, like we see in future episodes, but as far as I remember the Goa'uld never had technology such as this. I would also like to point out at this point that it was kind of iffy how Apophis just decided to randomly dial earth, after he thought the gate was buried for 2000 odd years :|. Anyway Apophis leaves and O'Neill is called in to explain why they are coming through, and eventually he is forced to tell the truth about what happened to stop General Hammond from sending through a nuke. He explained that RA was most definetely dead since they sent the bomb up in his spaceship, but the gate remained so Daniel Jackson stayed behind with his new wife and buried it. General Hammond setups a recon mission to retrieve Daniel Jackson and find out more about they're enemies, after recieving word that he was still alive by sending through a tissue box and getting it back with the phrase "Thanks, Send More". With the Assistance of Major/Dr Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky, they go through and are greeted by old friends such as Skaara. While there, Daniel Reveals that the stargates are located all over the galaxy, and that Apophis could of some from anywhere, at which point he arrives again with Teal'c(a bit convenient) to take Shaa're(sp?) and Skaara. Forced to come back to Earth, Daniel joins SG-1, with O'Neill and Carter while Kawalsky heads SG-2, two top secret teams created soley for the stargate program, 2 teams out of the potential 9 if the current mission was to succeed. While there, Carter Daniel and Jack are captured, when they find out that Shaa're(sp?) has been taken host by a Apophis' wife, a Goa'uld(the larval form of the so called gods). While captured they also find Skaara, who is then taken host by Apophis' son. After Apophis orders their death, Jack notices Teal'c's disgust in what is happening and requests his help. "Help me, I can save these people" "Many have said that....but you are the first I believed could do it", this marked the friendship of Teal'c and Jack as they escape through the forests to the stargate. They watch as Apophis and his new family (Shaa're and Skaara) leave through the stargate. As SG-1/2 and the refugees leave, hundreds of jaffa surround them, and while attacking a dead jaffa's Goa'uld takes Major Kawalsky host without anyone noticing. They flood through the gate and prepare for debriefing, and as the credits come on we see Kawalsky's eyes glow.

    A few disconcerns I had, for instance as I noticed, the fact that Apophis decided to come through the gate to retrieve one woman, a lond period of time after RA had died, and 2000 odd years since he had last come through. Also the fact that he left so easily, there was no DHD, and there is no way that they would of been able to run up to the control room and figure out how to use Earths computer generated DHD. I also didn't like how they showed us Shaa're naked, it wasn't much of a pretty sight and I didn't really notice the point.Now Apophis is the Serpent god of the night, and enemy of RA, sun god of the day. Egyptian legend states many great battles between RA and Apophis, which is vocalised on stargate. All in all, a good episode which deserved to be the pilot for 10 Seasons of greatness.

    Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright's storytelling prowess has never been more potent! They've masterfully interweaved dark, evocative fantasy and icy realism, as the SG-1 team, purses their rescue mission for Skaara and Sha're. Roaming another planet called Chulak that is a nightmarishly distorted Goa'uld stronghold for the System Lord Apophis, the team is drawn in and captured by their new enemy. Here O'Neill links forces with the defiant Teal'c who rescues them from execution and takes up with them the savage struggle against the evil Apophis and his orderworldly armies of Jaffa. The Children of the Gods (2) is sheer magic, and with breathtaking boldness of imagination, I Tracey K. Nameth call this rising to the peak of power that creates a compelling epic that is at once enigmatic and familiar...and always compulsively watchable again and again.
  • Good way to end the pilot...

    This episode just picks right up from the last one and they have the coordinates to the planet that Apohis went to. When O'Neill and daniel are at O'neill's house O'Neill said that after the first abydos mission he came home and his wife was gone. That would just suck to have your son die then go to an alien planet come back and your wife is gone. We also learn that Ra was just one of many Goa'uld. I'm not sure but I think Major Samuels really didn't want sg1 to come back, he was following orders but come on you can give them a few more minutes. I really liked the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Later...
  • great conclusion to the pilot

    The scene in Jack’s house was great and the Jack and Daniel friendship was one of the highlights of show. The “Blending” scene is one of best in the episode and showed how evil the Goa’uld really are. I felt so sorry for Daniel when he first saw Sharai as a Goa’uld and then again for Jack when he saw Skara in the same position. Teal’c was good but did not have a lot to do in this episode. The escape sequence was nicely done and exciting. I liked how the episode ended on a cliffhanger with Kawalsy. All and all it was a great start to one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time.
  • The second half of a great pilot!

    This is the second episode of SG1 I have ever watched, even though there are already 10 seasons in the franchise. Because this is the second episode of the show I have ever seen, I feel that I have a unique perspective on reviewing this episode. This unique perspective being: I will not be rating this show against other episodes of SG1, I'll be rating it as if its 1997 and it just premiered. That being said:

    This was a great conclusion to the Pilot episode! This was like nothing I have ever seen before! I'm not a HUGE SciFi fan, but this episode was original, well written, and had a great mix of characters (with the introduction of Teal'c) that I was hooked within the first few minutes. In this episode, the team learns of snake-like alien invaders - The Gould - that use humans as "hosts" (Teal'c is hosting a larvae Gould). Jackson has lost his wife, and O'Neill has lost his young friend to the Gould (as hosts) and they promise to rescue them. This sets up the premise for what could be a fantastic story of heroism and adventure!

    P.S. - I loved how Kawalsky's eyes glowed at the end!
  • Pretty cool ending

    A great conclusion to the two-part pilot episode. The problem I have with watching this before I saw the movie is that I don\'t know the characters enough to become emotionally attatched. The story to this episode is sad, and it has some really good special effects. Rah is a very interesting alien for the crew to battle. After watching this and part one, I know that the rest of the series is going to be great. It\'s just a shame I didn\'t ever watch this series until now. I really do recommend all sci-fi fans to watch it! Awesome
  • A good start

    I saw the pilot as a 1 hour and a half episode so I decided to review only the second part, but trying to point out the good and bad (of course, from my point of view) in both of them.

    To put it simply I think it was a very good beginning but some small elements keep it from being truly outstanding. Right from the start we are presented with the break of "the greatest war our world has ever seen", represented by the small battle in the stargate chamber. And while this may at first lead us to believe that this is what the series will be about entirely, thankfully that is not going to be the case. Don't get me wrong, a battle between earth and the goa'uld is always more than just interesting and full of adrenaline, but the show wouldn't be that good if that's what it would all be about. The "Daniel part" that lingers deep within Stargate SG1-s heart is the secret ingredient that makes this show so great.

    The cast of characters we are presented with is great. Sure, it's not Kurt Russell or Jack Spader, but they'll do at least as good a job if not better. In time they'll evolve on their own, independent of the movie and we won't even be able to imagine anyone else playing their parts. Their characters are funny, they connect greatly with each other and those around them and that's really the most important thing in a show. They're likeable and believable. And not just the four main characters, but usually everyone else as well.

    I won't do the summary of the episode as I'm sure you are all familiar with it and I'll simply try to analyze the presentation.

    Teal'c was introduced briliantly and Christopher Judge does a wonderful job in playing him. Basically the moment he deflects is the most memorable moment in the episode and it packs quite some dramatic power. When Jack cries out "I can save these people... Help me" and Teal'c turns to him replying "Many have said that... but you are the first I believe could do it" we know the show has just pulled its ace out of its sleeve...

    The musical score follows the epical story quite closely although it could have been a little more quiet in some places as it did tend to tire. Also, some scenes with Apophis (like the choosing of his next queen) seem to take up more time than was necessary and they become quite repetitive, but it carves the message well in our minds (as O'neill might say: They're definetly the bad guys)

    The battle at the end was definetly a pleasure to behold, as we don't often see a fight with a superior bad alien race, in which we actually stand a chance. And boy did we show them :)

    So apart from some small flaws, it looks beautiful, it sounds good... it's great. If you like clever Sci-fi's this is definetly for you. If you however enjoy shows with more character depth and more interior conflicts, then it might seem a bit dissapointing. But even so, there will be episodes in this series that might be to your liking as well, for every episode is an entirely different world (literally and figurately :) )
  • Good pilot conclusion to the pilot episode.

    Daniel and his team go back to Earth to set a rescue mission for them, only to find out that the new General won’t let them go!
    After getting new information the General changes his mind and let’s them go through the Gate to a place called Chulak…A Goa’uld homeworld. As they set their mission into action they are captured and brought to their base to be chosen or killed.
    Shar’e is chosen to be the new Queen of a Goa’uld named Apophis, and Skarra is to be his new son! When they are ordered to be killed, one of the serpent guards, a man named Teal’c, turns against his own people in a daring move and helps them escape, along with a bunch of refugees. Jack asks him to come with them and he does. On their way back to the gate they come under fire, and are saved by the Marines. As they proceed to the gate, Apophis and his ‘merry band of Jaffas’ are escaping through the gate.
    When they finally make it back to Earth, they find out that the SGC is going to be a permanent fixture in the U.S Government, and Armed Forces, and Jack, Sam, and Daniel are going to be SG-1, the elite head team.
    In this episode Sam comes on pretty strong, but the only reason she is like this is because she has always needed to constantly defend herself, as she has gone through the years in the Air Force. As the series goes on and grows, so do the character personalities, so this isn’t really a big deal. All in all this was a pretty good pilot episode, except for the scene of nudity that was wholly unnecessary and unwanted.
  • Hard to judge the pilot in two separate parts, but I think the second half is slightly better than the first.

    In accordance to this in general, I've said all I need to in the other review.

    Looking at this episode alone, it is pretty impressive. It has it's cliched moments, which damper it a bit, but one can forgive it for that. Also, there are well-staged battle sequences, gooey alien snakes, a great scene between O'Neill and Teal'c (I can save these people), and pointless nudity...what more could you want.

    This pilot is quite different in approach to what the series would eventually become, but it is still enjoyable.
  • Nice Follow from the movie to the Series...

    As a big fan of both the movie and the series, I think the pilot does a splendid job tying the two together, and introducing the new characters such as Sam and Teal’c who are Necessary for the series. Although it displays obvious differences in the Jack O’Neill character, I feel that the difference can be well justified, by just the change of time, and the longer time between Jack’s son’s death. Even though this is not my overall favorite episode, it’s a great two part pilot, and was well worth watching. It’s a great way to start a series, and showed the promise of episodes to come.
  • Excellent two-part pilot episode and continuation of the movie!!

    This episode of Stargate SG1 was a very inventive way to start off the series that continues where the movie left off. To start off I will say that the actors they chose to my Daniel Jackson and Jack were kind of hard to get used but after watching the show for 9 seasons now I think that they made a good choice. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Richard Dean Anderson was playing Jack. I also like how they introduced the new characters (Carter and Teal'c) and brought back Jackson in a good way. They way they made the Stargate go to thousands of planets was a surprise the first time I watched it but it is one of the things that’s allowed the show to do so well. So all in all I would have to say that this was a very good pilot an excellent continuation of the movies.