Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Amanda Tapping is 10 on a scale of 1 to 10

    Amanda Tapping in a summer dress is 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. She should never be allowed to wear fatigues again.

    And to find out that Sam loves "Singin' in the Rain" and considers it "a classic?" It doesn't get any better than that.

    The writers cleverly made both the A story and B story about lovers doing their best to uncover their partners' secrets, and unfold in parallel.
  • Though I hated the part with Pete. The Sarah/Daniel storyline mad it worth it.

    It is a great episode in every concept except for the fact that it introduces Pete Shanahan. I am a shipper and proud of it, so I’m allowed to say that I hate him: with every little fiber of my body. But aside from him it was good episode and him coming in the picture did cause the scene in the elevator, and that’s one that I’ll always remember. And for the sake of underage people I will not elaborate on my thought about the Pete scenes, except maybe for saying that they really, really suck and he’s a prick for spying on her.

    The storyline with Daniel and Sarah was cool. And as Jack said, Osiris in Daniel’s bedroom is ‘Kinky’. And it made for some very funny team conversations. I especially like the one were Teal’c plays shrink: very funny. The Sarah in his dreams was a bit unrealistic, but it all was a fun way to try and find the lost city.

    The stakeout was fun to; Teal’c and his doughnuts, and the ‘Daniel, are you asleep yet?’ I was surprised Daniel could even fall asleep with his friends watching his every move, but he was probably really tired from all the sleepless nights. I’m glad they saved Sarah, and I hope they’ll have her play in more episodes, because her scene with Daniel promised a lot more. But I really hope they’ll get rid of Pete: for all our sakes.
  • It's nice to see Sam moving on with her life and getting a boyfriend.

    I am surprised of the complete disdain other reviewers feel over Sam and Pete getting together. Common guys, you know it was done to create more drama to the Jack & Sam thing. Anyways, yes he was a a bit of jerk for spying on her, but he digs her, and what the hell is this big secret anyways?

    Before getting involved with anyone, make sure you know what you are getting into. Cover your booty. Sam wasn't going to tell him anything, and he knew it. Protecting himself is all he did, plus find out all about the highest-level, top-secret, government progam.
    Nice finish to the episode.

    Way to go, Pete!
  • Very clever way of reminding people what happened....

    I dig this episode. I get why people find the whole romance in it off putting, but it had to be done to make Carter/O'Neil relationship even more tense and exciting. The cop however was just too schmoove and perfectly romancing Carter and there is no way she wold have been able to reveal all that top secret stuff to him. I also find Osiris English 'tea' quipping fairly annoying. Apart from that this was an excelllent episode, it is kinda the beinning of the end, you have the Ancient city being revealed on the tablet and G'ould mind devices, its great!!!! I think it sets the scene very nicely for what's to come. Also has some nice shots of a almost half naked Tealc and Daniel excercising wahey!!!
  • ok episode...

    Daniel is being visited by Osiris every night and she's trying to get him to read an ancient tablet that has the key to finding the lost city. Meanwhile, Sam has a boyfriend named Pete. Honestly, I don't like the Sam/Pete relationship. I've always wanted Jack and Sam to get together and it's really weird to see her with another guy. I really like the dynamics between Sam and Jack. Oh well, the story was mildy interesting. Daniel and his girl have a sophisticated relationship. Overall, the episode was just average, nothing special, nothing too bad. I just want Pete to go away though...
  • Different side of Sam

    We have seen a lot of char developed episodes for Sam lately but this episode opens a totally new side of her - seeing her in dress was quite surprising and the scene in elevator - great dialoge.

    I also loved the part of this episode concerning Daniel - it looks Sam is not the only one with little curse that every man she gets close dies - every woman Daniel gets close - gets Goa'uld.. And I only realized it now.

    Anyway, Daniel manages to figure out what is going on with him and they trap Sarah and get her back.

    Pete is not so believing and he starts following Sam and does it while they are trying to get down Sarah and he seems things he should not. And in the end, Sam tells him what she is doing.
  • A good episode but it is a shame about Osiris/Sarah

    As an exit for a goauld host this is good in the sense that Sarah, a perfectly lovely ex-girlfriend from Daniels past is saved from her host Osiris so Daniel doesn't have to feel like all his loves are going to be posessed by the snake heads and die (yes I'm talking about Sha're, poor love).

    My main complaint is perhaps more general and that is that Osiris/Sarah has not been used enough. I can see why she was not in series 6 as her main purpose was perhaps to taunt Daniel but she was a brilliant villain, pure evil whenever she was on screen you always felt the bad aura surrounding her and I just feel she could have been used more. This is brought to light by the fact that this is her first episode in a year and a half and they get rid of her. She is ddoing a job for Anubis here yet we have not seen or heard from her in this whole time he has been taunting Earth. Having said this having Michael Shanks sprawled out the bed waiting for Osiris to come and raid his mind was very nice to look at.........(*sigh*).

    On the other hand though I do like that Sam is getting herself a man and I like that it is having an effect on O'Neill. Plus Pete is actually a nice guy to, not some boring type that main characters in shows like this often get as boyfriends, I don't dread seeing him in a scene and he is believable as a bit of competition for Jack in Sam's affections.

    All in all a good episode I just wish Osiris/Sarah had been used more. Its eve more annoying that Sarah doesn't seem to have appeared since, she was possessed for over 2 years would she not need counselling, maybe she could break into where ever Osiris is being held and chuck him back into her and then take over the SGC and then let Anubis through the Stargate, and then , and then, and then, and then. Bring her back - complete waist, think of 'Summit' and 'Curse' and the series 5 Finally that I can't remember the name of (the one after 'Meridian'). Such a good villain!!!
  • An episode featuring Carter and Daniel mainly, the events in this episode, while not that exciting and spectacular as in many other episodes, are an integral part of the show's mythology, in both the past and the future.

    An important installment in the show's mythology, here we find information about Daniel's past with Sarah, as well as the knowledge he gains from translating the tablet in his dreams (which is an important step for the Atlantis Expedition), and we meet Pete, and see into the character development of Carter.

    Although I see Pete as a really good guy, I like many of my fellow viewers probably, want to see Carter with O'Neill. That's always the way it goes with estranged and tabooed romances, isn't it?

    In the end, while significantly less spectacular than even a 'filler' episode, this installment proves critical to the story of the series.
  • Yes and no.

    Carter finally gets herself a boyfriend.
    Unfortunately it all seemed too sudden and contrived, and I for one would rather see her in a relationship with someone more 'convenient'. Someone from SGC or off-world would have been preferable, but maybe that's just me.
    But Daniels' storyline in this episode more than made up for any irritation I might have felt at Carter's. He is visited at night by Osiris, who manipulates his dreams and uses Sarah to try and find the way to the lost city of the ancients, which she believes is buried in his subconcious somewhere.
    This episode sports some great dialogue and character interaction, as well as some amusing in-jokes (such as Carter humming the SG 1 themetune).

    Not one of my favourite episodes, but very interesting nonetheless.