Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Though I hated the part with Pete. The Sarah/Daniel storyline mad it worth it.

    It is a great episode in every concept except for the fact that it introduces Pete Shanahan. I am a shipper and proud of it, so I’m allowed to say that I hate him: with every little fiber of my body. But aside from him it was good episode and him coming in the picture did cause the scene in the elevator, and that’s one that I’ll always remember. And for the sake of underage people I will not elaborate on my thought about the Pete scenes, except maybe for saying that they really, really suck and he’s a prick for spying on her.

    The storyline with Daniel and Sarah was cool. And as Jack said, Osiris in Daniel’s bedroom is ‘Kinky’. And it made for some very funny team conversations. I especially like the one were Teal’c plays shrink: very funny. The Sarah in his dreams was a bit unrealistic, but it all was a fun way to try and find the lost city.

    The stakeout was fun to; Teal’c and his doughnuts, and the ‘Daniel, are you asleep yet?’ I was surprised Daniel could even fall asleep with his friends watching his every move, but he was probably really tired from all the sleepless nights. I’m glad they saved Sarah, and I hope they’ll have her play in more episodes, because her scene with Daniel promised a lot more. But I really hope they’ll get rid of Pete: for all our sakes.
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