Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 15

Citizen Joe

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • How to make a clip show not feel like a clip show

    How to make a clip show not feel like a clip show. In other words, how to make it not boring.

    Ingenious framing device with the SG-1 "fan" vicariously experiencing everything Jack O'Neill went through for the past seven years.

    This enabled the series writers to recycle seven years of old clips without making it feel like that was what they were doing.

    Glad the poor guy's wife didn't leave him!
  • The best of all the flashback episodes by 4 billion%, jack should get a cake for this one.

    Like I said the best flashback episode of the entire series. Jack, and Homer in the same show, and of course the humor in season 8 remains the best. Great episode. when Jack lets everyone know he has been seeing the life of a barber for the last several years was one of the funniest points of the entire show. hehe.
  • I was expecting a funnier episode. When I heard that Dan Castellaneta was going to be on this episode I imagined an episode filled with laughter. But I still loved the episode.

    This was a different episode. I have to say that I was expecting something entirely different but I wasn’t disappointed I was just surprised.
    I loved to see Dan Castellaneta as Joe Spencer because he is the voice of Homer Simpson and e all know how much RDA loves the Simpsons so to see them working together was wonderful. I also think that Dan Castellaneta is a great actor and was perfect for the part.
    The idea of having a normal person seeing the adventures of SG-1 is great. A simple barber that sees his life go upside down when he starts seeing something that he wasn’t supposed to. I felt sorry for him when everyone started to abandon him. So this episode to me had everything: drama and comedy. Can we ask for something more that what this episode gave us? No way is my answer.
    I loved the comment about Burns being a Goa’uld. I see it too.
    I found both funny and strange that Jack was seeing pieces of the life of a barber but then I remembered that it was Jack we were talking about.
    From all the episodes they ever made that had images of previous episodes this one was the best. I just have to give it a good grade. Not only because of the Simpsons references but also for the great acting, writing and directing.
  • This was a great twist on the clip show. Well done and really interesting.

    This was a terrific episode. The only downside was that it was not new information and the main characters were mainly shown at the end or in non-speaking flashbacks. Dan (Homer) was terrific as the barber who saw visions and the way it destroyed his life was really well conceived. Seeing his son get older as the flashbacks increased toward modern day was also good.

    I liked many things about this episode, not the least of which is when Daniel reminds Jack this is the second time in 2 weeks his home has been invaded. Daniel suggests alarms, Jack suggests dogs but "Joe" just suggests that he start locking his door. The banter is smooth and this show is definitely worthly of this series. Clipshow or not.
  • funny...

    This is the best clip show I've seen of Stargate. Generally, I hate flash back episodes and I think they're pointless, but this one was funny. For seven/eight years a barber named Joe has seen Jack's missions and confronts him. I just really like how they did this story. They go back and show what Joe saw and how it ruined his life. It was great. I love the end when SG-1 and Joe are all in the briefing room and they find out that Jack has actually been seeing clips of a barbers life for seven years. It's halarious. Seven years of seeing random flashes and Jack said nothing. Anyways, great episode.
  • As far as flash-back episodes go, this one was fun!

    I hate flashback episodes. I feel kind of ripped off. During one commentary (I believe in season 4, but I'm not sure) someone had said that audiences love flash-back episodes because they an look at it and feel a little bit of rememberece, like, "Oh, hey! I remember seeing that!" But that is not really the case. I like hearing references within a show to previous episodes, that's for sure, but I hate the clips that accompany it because I feel kind or ripped off (like, I paid for this episode already, and now I'm basically paying for it again!) But that aside, this one, I've got to say, was really fun for me.

    I happen to be a big fan of professional voice actors in general (Dan Castallaneta not least of all!) and seeing him in this episode was a real treat for me (I'm sure it must have been for Richard Dean Anderson also, who, like his character, is a big fan of the Simpsons.) So I took the flash-backs in stride and just let myself be thrilled at getting to see the interactions (eventually) between him and the SG team. So yes, it was a flash-back episode, but it was a good one, for me anyway. :D
  • Never have been too big fan of flashback episodes...

    Usually flashback episodes offer nothing. They just.. look back and there have been quite many of those in eight years but this one was different - there was an actual story running mostly not that I liked that story itself. But it was not all about flashbacks.

    I think the purpose of this episode was to remind us how they have got from year one to year eight. Or that I was waiting. That would have been great. To remind us the irony of their path.. the decisions they had made and prices they paid. Somehow it worked towards that goal but not fully I think. It was not that kind of concluding overview. It was just flashes.

    I expected more.
  • Jack comes home to find a gun to his face. The holder of the gun somehow has all of Jack's memories and he's wondering how.

    This episode is better than it first appears. Yes, it's a clip show, but it's creatively done and the addition of Dan Castellaneta really helps make it a solid entry. It's pretty entertaining to see all of SG-1's adventures over the years through an "average" person's eyes. It's really like putting a real life viewer, one of us, as a character on the show. IT's interesting to see how he deals with these "ideas" that he keeps getting and how that affects his life. That leads to the only problem I have with this episode. Sure, what he's seeing and how he describes it to his family sounds a little crazy, but to nearly end his marriage and family? That always seemed a little extreme to me. Still, the episode ends on a high note and gives us a good look on how the typical person might perceive a guy like O'Neill and the Stargate problem. That is, if they actually sit and think about it. BTW, Daniel's line about Jack locking his door? Classic.
  • Yet another re-cap episode...

    At least once every season, it seems this show feels it must do a re-cap episode, dsevising a way to chronicle major events experienced so far. This is the re-cap episode for season 8 it seems.

    Though I've had my fill of these episodes by now, this one would have received a much lower rating had they not handled it as well as they did.

    The way it was put together was funny and inventive, though it all started getting a bit old towards the end of the episode.
    Even still, I personally think it was a shame to waste another episode on just re-hashing old stories... If I weanted to see what had happened before, I'd go back and watch the dvds again.
  • Manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions.

    First time I saw Joe Spencer I thought he was nothing more than a your average crazy Joe. Then the flashbacks to his story started filling the episode, mixed in with the parts of several previous Stargate episodes.

    I truly loved seeing all the pieces of previous episodes! But what really makes me sad is that Joe apparantly lived such a dull and mundane life that these stories consumed his life to such an extent that his family left him, that his entire life broke into pieces.

    Well, I knew from the beginning that the gun was fake, and that everything was going to end well. But the wife.. such a dumb creature. I bet the moment she finds out that everything Joe was saying is true (which she probably won\'t) she\'ll be so shocked she\'ll die of a heart attack. And I won\'t cry and whine about it.

    Joe is a sad and pathetic guy, but Jack\'s brilliance makes everything worthwile.

  • Not another clipshow?!?!

    A lot of TV shows use clipshows as filler (a clipshow is where the bulk of the episode is made up of clips from previous shows). The producers of Stargate SG-1 have made the clipshow an art form. Every season has a clipshow. Ironically, some of the Stargate clipshows are actually not bad stories, and they often force you to watch them by including vital plot and character information.

    “Citizen Joe” is a fine example. A funny plot about a barber in Indiana who sees visions of SG-1 over the years. A communicator stone allows him to do this. When it is finally revealed that the stones come in pairs, we find O’Neill has been having visions of the barber’s life for years and didn’t think it was that important! Very funny stuff. Clipshows like this make it worthwhile!
  • A unknown perso is able to watch the adventures of SG-1...

    We can watch 8 years of SG-1 through somebody who sort of connect with the watcher, it's then great since the writters make a link with everyone, we can recognize ourselves in Joe, who lives the adventures even though he isn't inside... The feelings can really be true even if the story is just a story... That's the evidence...
  • A Earth-based episode.

    If you knew something incredible is true but were the only one who could see it, and nobody would believe you, if it lasted years and years and made
    you obsessed, made you lose everything you care about, you would try to proove you are right.
    This is what happens to Joe Spencer, an average Joe who is also a hairdresser. During seven years, with a mysterious object, he follows the SGC missions and tells the stories to his relatives and friends, until they get bored.
    One day, he decided to contact O'Neill.

    This is the kind of episode that is half a clip episode, and half a real episode. This is a special one, because it is like the one when Wormhole X-treme was created. It has a good dose of humor.

    The episode does not have a very suspenseful episode, but a funny storyline and hilarious quotes, especially once Joe meets O'Neill and they are all at the SGC base.
    This is not of the best episodes of the series, but surely one of the funniest, to be taken apart from the others.

    The device might be Ancient, it still make me doubt about realism.Not that I do not believe in telepathy, but the way they say it works does not seem to be the way it could work according to the Ancient technology.

    It is nice, though, that they got the whole episode started from a detail in a single
    scene of one of the old episodes.