Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 7

Cold Lazarus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Touching

    Jack get zorked by a blue crystal and a clone is created. We now spend the rest of the episode learning about Jack as a person, his history and deep dark pain over the loss of his son. It's a very kind and touching episode that adds multiple layer to Col. O'Neill life and relationships.

    Now this episode starts out in a blaze of captivating storytelling and it has a highly flammable performance by Richard Dean Anderson. But unfortunately towards the end it slowly starts to burn out and begins to look like just another run of the mill science fiction duplicate episode. It's still okay though. For me Cold Lazarus may not have much heat but it's still pretty inspirational with the backstory that revolves around O'Neill's character. Cold Lazarus is uplifting to a point that I Tracey K. Nameth call "a drama episode that wants to inspire you and touch your feelings!"
  • A strange crystal renders Jack unconscious and takes over his appearance. We find out about about Jack's personal life in this episode.

    Not the greatest episode of SG-1 and rather slow, if you compare it to the previous 6 episodes in this season. Nonetheless, we find out a lot about Jack's personal life, the story behind his son's death, his ex-wife and the reason why he left her (or she left him?). A lot of touchy-feely moments sprinkled with a few tears here and there. I thought the reason why "crystal Jack" went back to look for Charlie (Jack's dead son) was quite silly but it was a clever way of giving us some background information on Jack's history and personal life. We already start to see some signs of how brilliant Sam is. It seems the universe holds no secrets for her. I also liked the way they are emphasizing how bad the Goa-uld are, as we see yet another species being destroyed or ruined by them. Teal'c is brilliant as usual: George: "I cannot let you take your staff with you" Teal'c: "I've seen your world - I will need it". Typical Teal'c.
  • We learn a little about Jack's past. Jack's issues with his past are largely put to rest.

    I found this to be a real touching episode, as we explore a little more of Jack's past. I really liked the idea of the crystals being lifeforms that are able to take on the appearance of humans. That was an interesting and fairly unique idea. This episode is also crucial in that it largely puts Jack's past to rest. The last remnants of the Col. O'Niell from the movie are officially swept away and we're left with the Jack we all know and love. And I am forced to admit that the second time I saw that episode I was so touched that I did tear up. The ending was just perfect.
  • A look into the past of O'Neil

    I like this episode - the story. It was one of those episode where there really was a story - deep and moving. It was great storyline - what happened with O'Neil's son and it was a smart idea to take it up and use it for this episode. The way the wrong O'Neil tried to understand the human pain, the way humans die - it was another really great philosophical dilemma. And the way Teal'c tried to understand Earth - and all the thing with weapon - I will need it if I go out. It was great moment.

    Really deep story episode.
  • O'neil is replaced by a strange lifeform capable of duplicating a human.

    One of the really good episodes of season 1, frther explans and gets in deph about O'neil's past and sheds some light on the topic most fans wanted to know more about. Personally, at first I didn't know where this episode was going. The talking crystal was kind of stupid and was my only real issue with this episode. Solid acting as usual, ending was one the the more mushy SG-1 ending but good nonetheless. If they expanded more on his wife and their relationship, it could have been better. Overall pretty good, must see for those who choose to watch this show selectively.
  • good episode

    This episode lets people see more about Jack's past. It is very revealing and sad. Jack goes to a planet and touches a blue crystal. The crystal knocks Jack out and copies his body, returning to Earth with the rest of the team. It tries to be him and learn more about his life. When Jack comes back through the gate the team learns the truth and has to find his copy before the copy gets into trouble. It is at a hospital because it is having energy surges. It takes the form of Charlie, Jack's son, and tells Jack the truth. It is a very well written episode.
  • great episode that answered some questions about O'Neill that people wouldn't have known if they hadn't seen the origonal movie...

    Colonel Jack O'Neill touched a blue crystal off world and was knocked unconcious in doing so. Another O'Neill took his place and tried to help heal the real Jack. He looks inside the real Jack's mind and sees that his real hurt is emotional. Jack's son died when he shot himself, by accident, with Jack's gun. Then Jack's wife left him, actually we see in this episode that he grew distant from her. The fake Jack tries to talk to his wife and patch things up. In the end, the fake Jack will blow up and, before he goes, he becomes Jack's son and the real Jack becomes very emotional. This episode is very special to me because it shows how Jack has a painful past. Overall, this episode has less action, but has a great emotional story and some good funny moments.
  • O'Neill development...

    I don't know about anyone else but the doppleganger story is always entertaining especially in this episode. It was so funny though when O'Neill came back through the gate and said why did you leave without me? This episode was major character development for O'neill. It was ad to see him and his son walking away from his ex-wife. It makes you wonder if he told sara about the stargate and everything. I don't think he did but she did see alot that would raise some questions. I really liked Tealc's remark abou the chicago hat he said "Home of the Black hawks and the white socks" then O'neill said "Don't forget the Cubs". Later...
  • Needed O'Neill development

    This episode was very necessary to develop the O’Neill character for him to come to terms with the death of his son. The B-story about the crystals was not that interesting but that was not the focus of the episode. I liked it when Jack came back to Earth and was locked up it was very funny. I liked the scenes between Sara and the fake O’Neill and the end with Jack and Charlie was touching. All and all it was an OK episode with some good character development and some decent humor.
  • This episode is balanced nicely between the main episode plot and the development of the other characters.

    Apologies for any spelling issues in this review, I write in British English not American and I am mildly dyslexic!

    The main focus of the plot of this episode is around Jack’s continuing struggle in coming to terms with the loss of his son. Unusually for most episodic television this is not wrapped up nicely with a bow at the end. Instead, although Jack has gained some personal insight, it is obvious that he still has issues to deal with on a personal level. This, I felt, was a fairly realistic way to view grief.

    Although the plot was very Jack-centric, some of the things I liked most about this episode actually came from little character moments with the rest of the team. The two things that stood out for me are Teal’c’s reactions when watching television, and the nice little (slightly geeky) rapport that Sam and Daniel had in the episode when researching the damaged crystals. These little moments of humour offset what could otherwise have been a depressing episode.

    My only real quibble is a minor one around the character of Sara O’Neill. To me there was a slight hole left in the plot at the end of the episode, which I would like to have seen dealt with (or at least mentioned) in later episodes. As I said, this is a minor quibble only.
  • Jack releases suppressed emotions from his son's death. Meanwhile, SG1 must save energy-beings from their deaths.

    This is the first episode dedicated to the past of a member of SG1. Jack O'Neill and his team travel to a desert planet and find a "grave-yard" of crystals. Jack separates from the team, and touches one of the crystals only to find himself knocked unconscious, and replicated by the energy of the crystal. He regroups with his team and they return to Earth. Upon returning to Earth, Jack (the replica) re-visits the memories of his past, and takes a trip to his ex-wife's house. While with his wife (Sara) Jack recalls the death of his son Charlie, and how he blamed himself for the death, causing him to leave his wife, and causing Sara's anger towards him. With the help of the replica, Jack and his wife are able to resolve many issues from their past. However, the energy being must return to his home world, or else he will deteriorate. While this is developing, the original Jack returns through the Stargate and is welcomed with cold suspicion. SG1 puts everything together and realizes what has happened. By this time, the replica has began to deteriorate and Sara has taken him to the hospital. Since she has never heard of the Stargate program, or knows nothing of Jack's work, Sara is stunned by the sight of two Jacks. With the help of the replica, Sara and the real Jack have another chance to see their son Charlie before the energy being needs to return to its home world. This episode was not what I expected it to be. I usually watch SG1 for the action, adventure and clever stories. When I first watched this episode, I was skeptical within the first few minutes whether I would like it, but it turned out better than I expected. This episode is a must if you want to make a personal connection with Jack. Well-written with good acting, this episode touches on the emotions and has a wonderful ending.
  • Nice to develop O\'Neill\'s character a bit but truly a filler episode.

    First off, it wasn\'t terrible.
    It was just totally pointless I thought.
    We already knew that his son had died so why make a story about it? His wife had left him and he seemed generally happy (?) in SGC.
    The effects seemed pretty useless in this episode.
    The sand looked so bright that it would blind you if you didn\'t wear shades, though they never wore shades throughout a lot of it and the whole crystal story just seemed kinda pointless. The gou\'ald tried to destroy all the crystals, but why didn\'t they just blow up the planet instead? There\'s been evidence of them doing that and in the next episode they mention the gou\'ald destroying a surface.
    A complete filler episode.
    1) The Broca Divide.
    2) The First Commandment
    3) Children of the Gods Part I
    = Children of the Gods Part II
    5) Emancipation.
    6) Cold Lazarus
  • Very emotional episode

    In this episode I learned a lot about Col. O'Neill and his life away from the Stargate Program.

    When he was struck down by the energy from the crystal and it took his shape. It went searching for O'Neill's son, Charlie. Even though it wasn't O'Neill it still felt like he did when it realized Charlie was dead.

    He was very emotional to see O'Neill break down. Even though it was a clone, it was still a lot like O'Neill is.

    I liked how it showed itself as Charlie at the end to let O'Neill know that Charlie was still with him and than showed itself to Sara O'Neill to give them both a little closure. It was like they got to say bye to their son even though they knew it wasn't really him.
  • Great episode. Essential for plot development and good character development for Jack O'Neil.

    Despite what some people may say, I thought that this was an important episode for the character development of Jack O'Neil. I thought that giving the back story of Jack's son Charlie really helped allow the viewer to connect with O'Neil's character. It helped to make his character more 3D and gave something beyond the hard military exterior.

    I also thought that this episode was really something that I could get into as a viewer. I think that it was a nice break from the typical fighting in that is often portrayed in the show. Though it is a sci-fi series I think that giving Jack O'Neil a back story and a family outside of the Stargate makes it easier to relate to him as a character.

    Overall, I thought that this was a good episode. Depsite it not being the usual action filled episode I thought that it was very necessary for the development of the show.
  • Some classic moments mixed in with a silly story, but necessary in developing O'Neill's character for the better.

    Let's face facts here, the story is very silly: mysterious living blue crystals harm O'Neill, make a clone of him, and this clone tries to cure Jack's emotional pain. Still, the whole point of the episode is just to help Jack's character get past the emotional turmoil of his son. In a way, this helped to bring out the Jack we all know and love, so it makes it all worth it.

    Even though it's a very serious story (and unfortunately at a point when SG-1 took itself too seriously), there are some classic gags thrown in, such as Teal'c watching TV and O'Neill being abusive to the security camera. Although, it's still hard to watch the scene with the morphing crystal-Carter...

    Another flaw in the episode is it's inability to mention how it managed to get away with people seeing a man convulsing and pulsing with blue electrical charges, or causing lights to shatter in a hospital, not to mention explaining to O'Neill's ex-wife why she saw their son.

    Although it is at times hard to sit through, this is arguably a necessary episode in the whole fabric of the show. If you're introducing someone to the show, you'll more than likely have to show him or her this one.
  • Do yourself a favor and skip this episode

    Am I missing something here? I just started watching this series from the Movie, then the pilot, and now I am watching series one and this is the first episode where I had to stop what I was doing and warn others. This was terrible. Yes, there is some character development which is always a plus. But to have to sit through this horrible episode is not worth it. Maybe I am spoiled by watching shows like Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Lost, VMars, Battlestar, Deal Like Me, etc. I plan on watching this series out and I hope it gets much better than this first year.
  • Mostly character developement for Jack, and a deeper look into his past.

    After traveling to another planet that appears to be covered in bright yellow sand, and after traveling further from the gate they find a valley full of blue crystals. Jack goes off on his own and gets struck down by a strange crystal, replacing him with a double that returns through the Stargate back to Earth, to find the true cause for Jack’s private grief- his son’s death. Thus D-Jack (duplicate Jack) returns to his old home and visits his ex-wife and goes up to Charlie’s old room to figure things out.

    While he’s away Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c do further research about the crystals they brought back, and when they are in the middle of testing the crystals, the real Jack comes back through the Gate, but is put into the brig, because as far as everyone else is concerned, Jack returned hours ago.

    While talking to Sara, D-Jack becomes unstable and she takes him to the hospital. Back at the SGC they prove that Jack is actually Jack, and they find out that the crystals are actually pure energy and they are a civilization that was massacred by the Goa’uld. Sam then figures out that they are very unstable and that D-Jack is going to release small amounts of radiation as he begins to get more and more unstable. And after they arrive at the hospital, SG-1 gets electrocuted by accident.

    He explains to Jack that when he hurt him he tried to heal him but found out that Jack’s greatest pain was not the physical pain, but emotional pain of losing Charlie. D-Jack turns into Charlie and they walk out of the hospital that way and he brings D-Charlie back to his planet. This episode was good character development for Jack because it showed how much he really cared for his wife and son. Was ok but not the most original idea the writers have come up with.
  • Two Jacks

    "Cold Lazarus" is a very sad episode that reveals a lot about the character Jack O'Neill. More than anything, we learn a lot about his son Charlie. The emotion in this episode is very high, at times it was very sad. Anderson really did a great job at playing both Jacks. The story is so well written, you will feel Jack's loss as he talks about his son and thinks of the memories of he and his son playing together. It even shows the day and how his son died, which was very sad. This is definitely a must see! Excellent!
  • Jack as energy, but not Jack.

    I really enjoyed this episode because the innovative and strange way we got to see Jack's character develop and gain insight into his personal background was quite clever. RDA as usual deliver a superb performance. This episode help create a deeper understanding of Jack's past and the pain he suffers from his sons death. It also the way in which the energy life form discover that it could not repair Jack because his pain was not physical but emotional. How it came to understand that it couldn't understanding was ironic. It was also interesting that it even tried to help Jack in the first place. A weird but cool way to develop Jack's character and a suprisingly enjoyable episode, with a good emotional ride.
  • While exploring what appears to be a decimated field of benign crystals Jack is rendered unconscious and left behind while the others return to earth with an imposter among them.

    Cold Lazarus addresses loss and the scars it leaves on the individual who loses.

    Unbeknownst to the other team members Jack has been replaced by a benign shape shifting entity who believes that it can repair him if it can only find the source of his wound.

    The being, a victim along with the rest of its kind, of the Goa'ould and their need to crush anyone who could eventually compete with them, is one of few survivors on this world. Unfortunately Jack was stunned by it and rendered unconscious and when it assumed a shape identical to his, it sensed a deep rending wound within him and sets out to find the source of it so that it may heal him, only to find out that the wound was caused by the loss of his son Charlie and that the hurt of the loss of a child can never be truly healed, only borne.

    Glad we also got to see Jack, even if it was only the double, apologizing to his ex-wife and trying to make things less strained between them. A wonderful touch that intimates it's never too late to say you're sorry. (And in the world of Stargate fewer truisms have been spoken).

    Loved this ep for just the same reason that the series is so original and long lived. It isn't formed of canned episodes. There are references to their lives outside of work, there are nuances written into the scripts that let the watcher know these people have a history whether with each other or with others makes no difference, they are not homogenized, pasturized or otherwise processed. The writers have it right, by remembering to keep it real. That includes the darkness, pain, losses, joys and triumphs.

    Keep up the great work y'all. We'll keep watching.
  • More Like Character Insight, But A Must See...

    Cold Lazarus
    This episode is a must see for the Jack O'Neill lover. It definately goes deeper into the character and gives us a good character foothold early in the season. If you've seen the movie, the info won't be anything new to you. Although bringing back Charlie seems quesitionable as to why, it doesn't really matter much.

    I recommend watching the episode.

    -But Then I Could Be Wrong-
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