Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 9

Company of Thieves

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Odyssey arrives with Sam to find the second supergate, but there's not race of it. Sam determines there's a neutron star present. Three Goa'uld motherships approach and open fire, driving them into a minefield, inflicting serious damage. Emerson sends a SOS to SGC. After detecting a transponder signal from the Odyssey Landry briefs the rest of SG-1 who wonder who may have set up the ambush. The Daedalus is en route to Atlantis, leaving them without a ship, but Vala volunteers to get them a ship. Sam wakes up to find the crew imprisoned and a group of humans come in demanding to know where Sam is. She volunteers her presence and the men take her and Emerson to the bridge where she is greeted Anateo, a member of the Lucian Alliance. Anateo wants her to remove the beacon and has Emerson killed to force her hand. Vala finds them a poor-quality Goa'uld ship and en route they change course as the transponder position changes. They track the beacon to a planet but get no response. They find a small civilization and Vala recognizes that the planet used to be a Goa'uld ship-manufacturing base and the Lucian Alliance now are allied with the locals. Vala suggests she should go in alone. Sam is returned back to the crew where she tells them of Emerson's fate. Vala takes Daniel to the shipyard and talks to the owner, trying to get him to give her information. He gives them the data transponder which has a recording of Anateo's conversation with Sam. However, it's a trap and Anateo's henchmen Sotek stuns them and takes them prisoner, while Mitchell and Teal'c listen in from the ship. Teal'c and Mitchell report to Landry who wants to make contact with the leader of the Lucian Alliance. Anateo has the shipyard owner "taken care of" when he fails to bring the man the full team. Landry receives a briefing that the leader of the Lucian Alliance, Netan, is suffering a blow to his reputation because of Earths' efforts against him. One of his lieutenants, Kefflin, is one of his reclusive lieutenants. Mitchell suggests he go in claiming to be Kefflin and use the Reole drug to convince Netan he is who he says. Sam tells Daniel and Vala she's stalling for the time, but Anateo is getting impatient. Mitchell and Teal'c approach Netan's ship and Mitchell bluffs his way aboard as Kefflin. He gets taken to Netan and manages to administer the Reole drug by a ring. Netan buys it and Mitchell probes for information about Netan's plans for the Odyssey and SG-1. It soon becomes clear that Netan doesn't have the Odyssey in his possession. They're interrupted when they spot Teal'c through the ship's defective cloak and take him prisoner. Sam continues her work on the Odyssey and fiddles with the power systems on the sly, while Netan has Teal'c beaten for info on the rest of SG-1. Mitchell takes out one of Teal'c's interrogators and asks for permission to torture the Jaffa himself. Netan agrees and leaves them alone, but Teal'c insists he remain prisoner so Mitchell can continue the ruse. Anateo's men realize something is amiss but Daniel and Vala get to them first and take them out. Mitchell returns to tell them that Anateo has the Odyssey and he's betrayed them. Netan puts down one of his lieutenants who questions him, then vows to find the Odyssey and take it for his own. Daniel and Vala hack into the system to beam the crew out of the cargo bay, but are interrupted when the guards they took out miss their check-in. Solek tells Anateo that Daniel and Vala are missing, and Anateo demands they release or he'll kill Sam and the others. They respond by beaming Anateo out into space where he gets off a few useless shots before dying a painful death. The freed crew go back to work on the Odyssey while trying to find the missing Solek. The ship is in bad shape and they're sitting ducks. Netan finds Mitchell with Teal'c "interrogating" the prisoner and says it's time to kill Teal'c to send a message. They're interrupted when one of Netan's mercenaries, Tenat, reports that they've found the Odyssey and it's a half day's journey away. After Netan leaves, the alien says he recognizes Mitchell from when he was disguised as a bounty hunter, and wants 50% of the cut. The cut a deal and then Mitchell has Teal'c released and he promptly and painfully disposes of the guards. Later Netan confronts Tenat directly and reveals that he knew all along about Mitchell's plan, but he'll spare him for now. Two Goa'uld motherships merge from hyperspace near the Odyssey and Daniel suggests Sam get the hyperdrives working pretty quickly. Netan hails them and tells them to surrender or be destroyed. Daniel surrenders but warns that they don't have enough air for Netan's crew to beam over. Netan doesn't buy it and prepares to fire. At the same time, Netan tells Tenat to fire on the other Lucian ship. Teal'c contacts Daniel and asks him to beam out the both of them. Netan calls Tenat from the other ship to ask him what's going on… while "Netan" is there in front of Tenat. It's Mitchell as Netan, and he beams out with Teal'c. Vala manages to repair the Odyssey drive and they leave while Netan destroys Tenat and his ship. Later Mitchell reveals he used the Reole drug to pass himself off as Netan to Tenat. As they're underway, they all acknowledge that they're at war against the Lucian Alliance.