Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 9

Company of Thieves

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Mitchell has to use a trick from the past to save the majority of SG1 when they get captured by the Lucian Alliance.

    The more times I watch SG1 including the fine acting by Ben Browder (the more I find myself transported back to the good old days of Farscape).

    I love this show, I love the actors, I love the characters, I love the way they interact and I especially love the scriptwriters. Thank you.

    I'm not too sure where this show is going as I've heard that this is the last season - so why oh why do they officially give us another lot of bad guys. Yes, yes the Alliance was a bad guy before but now it's official. The Ori are still running about and now Earth etc. has to deal with the Lucian Alliance. This is where it's getting nerve-wracking.

    Vala is as always excellent especially with the whole car salesman routine - 'You must know by now that I can get you pretty much anything you want'. Absolutely classic!!!!! Daniel was excellent sitting in the Captain's chair on board the Odyssey. I half expected him to put his feet up on the counter but that didn't happen. Bugger!

    I feel so sorry Teal'c who seems to get tortured at the drop of a pin & Mitchell, well his plans sound good but they never seem to work out as planned - again classic.

    I have to say the only bad thing in this episode was the death of Matthew Glave aka Colonel Paul Emerson.

    Can't wait for the next installment!
  • well i liked this one but this idea has already been done with danle and the go'uld but i still like this episode.

    Truer words were never said before regarding this episode and the current state of Stargate SG-1. When the season started off, it was full of potential, as this was the big season where it would break the X-Files record, and though early episodes weren't amazing, they were still pretty good quality. And then came along "200" and it was a perfect episode, filled with everything that has made Stargate SG-1 such a fan favorite to this day. But then an episode like this one comes along, and makes you reevaluate everything.

    After the Odyssey falls into a Lucian Alliance mine field trap, the remaining SG-1 members (Daniel, Teal'c, Mitchell, and Vala) head out to save the Odyssey and Carter, but along the way Vala and Daniel fall into a trap, and Mitchell finds himself inserting himself into the Lucian Alliance, posing as a member, to learn the whereabouts of Carter and the crew.

    To get the few good points out of the way, it was surprising to see the Lucian Alliance kill off Paul Emerson, the Odyssey captain, but even then there was no more revere for the villains than there ever was. Another quality moment of the episode was when Vala beamed the Lucian Alliance member outside the ship, and he hit the glass of the ship like a bug when you're going down the freeway (very funny moment). Otherwise, eh, not so much with the good.

    The biggest problem with the episode is that it just wasn't that interesting, because nobody cares about the Lucian Alliance; especially seeing their politics, which happened quite a bit through both visuals and dialogue throughout this episode. You see, as this season stands (and to put the comparison in an even geekier way by using the X-Men franchise), the Ori are like Magneto, as they are the villain you can't wait to see square off against SG-1. The Goa'uld are like Apocalypse, where they can have their moments, but are generally misused more often than not, hence why they aren't around much. Meanwhile, the Lucian Alliance are like Toad, who are best left to the background or serving as an underling to some master. The writers certainly tried to give weight to the Lucian Alliance this episode by killing Emerson and having the SG-1 team say how they are at war with them, but there is no moment of "OMG! We are doomed!" The Lucian Alliance simply isn't a threat to even care about. There just wasn't anything to care about this episode, especially Emerson's death, because viewers have never really seen this man beyond the capacity seen in this episode, which is him sitting in a chair and barking out orders; who cares about a cardboard character? The rest of the regulars were generally misused as well (Teal'c captured and being tortured again…really?) to a point where there was a detachment not usually associated with a SG-1 episode, where it wasn't as if you were along for the ride, but rather watching a rather dull press conference being carried on CNN; something important might be talked about, but why watch someone speak for a half an hour when you can get the gist in the two-minute recap afterwards? If you missed the episode, consider this review your two-minute recap, and thank your lucky stars something pulled you away from the SCI FI Channel during this particular hour.
    I should have said this on my last SG-1 reveiw why are you wasting time on this crap. Come on guys you have 11 epidoes left and their wasting it on some thing that has absolutely nothing to do with the Ori in the last episode and now you stray to the Lucian Allaince.
  • Poor Teal'c

    First of all I was a little concerned when I first heard the plot of this episode. I wasn’t too fond of the Lucian Alliance storyline but I really liked this episode. There was some great humor by Vala as always and some good action as well. But want I really liked about this episode was the use of the Re’ol chemical again which gave the whole episode a Donnie Brasco kind of feel. As for Teal’c, I feel for him and hope he is never tortured by the Alliance again. Overall it was a good episode with a great twist at the end.
  • Good Episode...

    This episode was good and what was even better about it was the fact that it was very funny. Like when Teal'c said to Mitchell "I grow weary of this torture Colonel Mitchell". I didn't want to see Colonel Emmerson die I really liked his character if they were going to kill him off I would have liked to see him die a heroic death, like Colonel Pendergast did. Mitchell has to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance and he used the ring that Daniel used in the season 5 episode Summit. I like it when they talk about stuff that happend in past episodes and they used technology that has been used in previous episodes. The good thing is that the Odessey didn't get destroyed because I don't think earth could afford that right now. Later...
  • Carter is taken prisoner by the Lucian Alliance and eventually is joined by Daniel and Vala. It\'s upto Mitchell and Teal\'c to rescue them.

    This wasn\'t exactly the most exciting episode to watch because the Lucian Alliance are nothing more than a pain in SG1\'s side. However it was nice to see reference\'s to old episodes when Mitchell produced the ring that makes you think a person is someone else. Also Vala\'s piece of junk that she calls a spaceship was funny to watch as it was practically falling apart and the look on Teal\'c\'s face when he saw her kicking it to make the cloak work. The overall storyline was quite weak because it was obvious they would all be alright in the end and go home with their ship. The only good thing about this episode was the funny parts such as Vala beaming that guy into space and Mitchell conning that alien guy for the second time.
  • Running around like crazy...

    Mm.. this is very adventurous, exciting and fast motion episode. Stakes are high, everyone is in danger and everyone needs to be saved. So, this is a full time action and that's why it can be understand that the story is not to good. Or it is good but just cannot be seen trough all that plotting and trap setting and fooling each other. Yes, this episode might have been confusing and in some places it looked little stupid - like the scene with shooting man in space. But if leave that out, it was enjoyable. Specially Michell's part when he tried to act like of the Lucian alliance (if I get the name spelling right). And the way he then fooled them in the end.. oh.. Enjoyable action adventure episode.
  • ok episode...

    The Odessey is attacked by a rogue Lucien alliance member but Sam, Daniel, Vala, and the rest of the crew soon retake it. Meanwhile, Mitchell goes undercover as a Lucian alliance member which leads to the death of the leader of the lucien alliance. Basically, all this episode did was add the component of an open, declared war between earth and the lucien alliance. I really didn't like the story very much; it wasn't very original either. There weren't many funny moments like there usually are in SG-1 episodes. It just wasn't up to par...Overall, average episode that I wouldn't really want to watch again.
  • The Odyssey is captured by the Lucian Alliance. With most of SG-1 captured, it's up to Mitchell and Teal'c to infiltrate the Alliance and get the Odyssey back.

    An okay episode, though nothing really special about it. I'm not a big fan of the Lucian Alliance episodes (better than a Trust one, I guess). The weaker of the two storylines running through this one would probably be the one on the Odyssey itself. It's fairly routine and not all that interesting. Anateo doesn't come off as all that threatening or dangerous aside from one moment. That one good quality moment would be the death of Emerson. Like Pendergast's death in "Ethon", it's pretty shocking and a little sad to lose another likeable, competent background character and makes for one of the episode's better moments. The other story, involving Mitchell's infiltration of the Lucian Alliance, is somewhat interesting and gives a good inside look at that organization and recurring bad guy Netan. What we get is pretty two-dimensional, but it's at least entertaining and gives Mitchell something nice to do. Still, as villains the Lucian Alliance are pretty small fish, especially with the Ori out there. That last line about "officially declaring war on the Lucian Alliance" doesn't carry the weight it might with a greater threat. The episode has enough going for it to be enjoyable, though, even if it doesn't blow me away.
  • Well lasting repercussions methinks. And a good way to show our favourite characters off in difficult circumstances.

    I thought the episode was very good. I felt the scene with Carter and Emerson was special at the beginning. The look on her face when he was shot was very convincing. And it was one of the those scenes that you remember. For a long time afterwards. I was sad though as I liked and respected the character.
    Then there were Mitchell's little heroics, well I was quite impressed by that too really. He has definately grown as a character; he seems much more level-headed now compared to early episodes.
    The writer's really felt the need to put our guys through alot this week though. There will be repercussions I'm sure of Sam's guilt about what happened to Emerson. And I'm also certain Teal'c has one of those Jaffa vendettas against his torturers, and with good reason I suppose.
  • telc gets a 10 have not realy seen his aggression like that before deep seated anger

    all sg1 is good - but a couple of the lucian alliance members around the table were a bit poor trying to hard with there voices and stance - but telc gets a 10 have not realy seen his aggression like that before
    he was not in a good place i pety the poor fool he saw when they walked out of that cell - i miss jacks humor but they make up for it when that nobody ends up out side and then floats back in to the window i was in tears - thats why this show rocks how many other shows have good humor !
  • One of the worst episodes in a long time

    Enjoyment of this episode will depend greatly upon one’s opinion of the Lucien Alliance. Conceived as a wild card in galactic politics in the wake of the defeat of the System Lords, the Lucien Alliance is essentially the Space Mafia. They have the means, motive, and opportunity to make a nuisance of themselves, and they dislike anyone getting in their way. Yet they have enough resources to be a serious threat.

    All things being equal, they should be interesting. The galaxy is a dangerous place at this point. The Ori are running rampant (though in the background at the moment), the Jaffa Nation is in disarray and playing “bad ally”, the Tok’ra and Asgard are nowhere to be seen of late, and the Lucien Alliance is taking advantage on all sides. They should be imposing. Instead, they come across as goofy and generic.

    Avateo, one of the prominent members of the Alliance, is played by Rudolf Martin. Previously, Martin was best known for two roles: Dracula on “Buffy” (a semi-effective guest role) and Ari on “NCIS”. As Ari, Martin played one of the more disturbing recurring characters; he was quite good at being terrifying in his competence and control. This is a very similar character, but the performance is not even close to the same level of quality. Frankly, Avateo is incredibly annoying, and the line delivery is about as bad as it gets.

    Even when recurring characters are being killed off (a sure sign of a story reaching for impact, when nothing else in the story works), there’s a sloppiness to the entire production. The guest cast is terrible and the apparent threat of the Lucien Alliance is tempered by the inability to take these events seriously. For me, some of the scenes meant to be funny came across as desperate, and to a certain extent, disrespectful.

    I’ve often said that the writing staff sometimes takes the audience for granted, though I’ve said it a lot more for “SGA” than “SG-1”, especially in recent seasons. I wouldn’t go so far as to accuse them of coasting in this episode, because the plot points were communicated. Earth is at war with the Lucien Alliance, so one more possible ally against the Ori is out of the question. That makes the search for the Sangraal even more important, which is logically the point of the exercise.

    My issue is with the execution. The writing wasn’t particularly sharp, and some of the lines that were supposed to be imposing or humorous fell flat. The acting, especially from the guest cast, was far below the usual modest standard. The direction also didn’t help, because there was a casual nature to scenes that should have been more animated. It was just an episode with a lack of cohesiveness, and given that it featured adversaries that have been hard to take seriously, this amounts to another misfire.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Not bad. But not really good.

    This is just another fine example on who to make an episode in which nothing happens but still you are somewhat entertaind at the end.

    I mean it had quite a few good parts and a few just plain STUPID parts.

    I liked the whole idea of the infiltration and how he did it althou it`s not really likly that NOBODY ever saw him but then again you never know.

    The battle between the Odyssey and the Motherships was plain stupid. They didn`t even bother to fire back. The sensors didn`t pick up a HUGE minefield right next to them and so on...

    And worst of all was the ending when they showed the ship in hyperspace. I didn`t have a dend in the hull. Just a few minutes before it was barely holding togheter all banged up and blown to bits and now it was perfectly fine. That is just sad.

    Well all in all I can say that I saw worst episodes but also that I saw WAY better ones (althou I admit not in the last time :p )
  • Mitchell infiltrates the Lucian Alliance to save the rest of SG1 and the Odyssey

    OK, so this episode is a mixed bag for me. Emphasis on FOR ME.

    I think my reaction can best be summed up by Landry when he said a comment (paraphrasing): "Spare the rerun".

    I was hoping this would not be a rerun. Some parts yes, some parts no.

    The takeover of the Odyseey was handled well. The interactions between Mitchell and the Alliance were written well and were very "Crighton-y". That's a complement given how good Farscape is.

    However, there are draw backs. Why did Carter cry when they shot Colonel Emerson? She never reacted that much to losing someone before. I saw less tears when Doc Frasier died than with him and Frasier had been around more. Sure, I'm sorry to see the Col. go, and the death does serve a purpose.

    Another thing, what's with Netan and the Alliance? Sparing the ruse Mitchell pulled at the end, Netan comes across as a crazy Goa'uld. Maybe... then again, maybe not. The alliance, overall, are very weak enemies. I just don't buy them.

    However, the one part about them I DID buy was Avateo. He provides some dimensionality to the Alliance that Netan could not do. If the Lucian Alliance returns, bring back Avateo. Despite what you may think, I don't write this episode off as a total loss. I liked it. It is better than some I've seen. However, I noticed a VERY subtle comment about Stargate and S10 in this episode.

    "This season's not been good to me" -- by one of the Alliance. The season has not been good to Stargate. Partly the episodes, but mainly SciFi.
  • Mitchell has to try and save Carter, Daniel and Vala!!

    I thought this was another great episode. I\'m really glad the show tells you about previous episodes, because I have a really bad memory. OK not really bad, but I had forgotten about Mitchell pretending to be a bounty hunter and I still don\'t remember that episode.

    Anyways, to get back on track, I thought this episode was interesting and it kept me interested til the end.

    I thought the part where Vala got SG-1 a rundown ship was pretty good, especially the part where life support was failing.

    I am really sorry to see O\'Neill gone, but I think Mitchell and Vala are really growing on me. They are starting to feel like a part of the team and sometimes, just sometimes, I don\'t even think about O\'Neill when I watch the show!

    A great episode and a little intense at some points!