Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A great new episode to the series...

    i watched this episode later than i could have , and i was afraid that i would miss it but i didn't. i was hoping that this episode would have been better. it was still a great episode, don't get me wrong, but it was supposed to be about the Jaffa launching a counterstrike on the Ori, and all they did was wipe out one planet, and try to kill SG1. It wasn't much of a counterstrike. I still think that this episode was one of the seasons best, but of course i have only seen seven. I like the Storyline of season ten, and i was really surprised when Adria blew up the weapon at Dakara and I guess the whole planet.It was a great episode. Later.
  • Adria destroys Dakara along with the last hopes of both Vala and the Jaffa

    As the SG-1 barely survives a Jaffa’s bio-weapon that obliterates all life on the planet Adria just converted, Teal’c and Bree’tac go to have a word with the Jaffa council in Dakara while the rest of the team explores the Ori ship Adria left behind. Once the team separates, Daniel and Vala have a bittersweet exchange in which they talk about their respective experiences regarding Sha’re and Adria, how he relates to her efforts to save her daughter as he once tried to save his wife and how does he live with the worst possible outcome; it’s strangely comforting for Vala to have someone who could actually understand how she really feels about her daughter and the fact that that someone is Daniel only makes it more special to her.

    The situation complicates when a Jaffa crew that also boarded the Ori ship captures Cam and threatens to kill him unless the rest of the team revels themselves. Just before Sam would expose herself, Daniel & Vala take the fall for her which causes Adria to reveal her position in order to spare her mother from being captured, Vala’s little girl is so pleased with herself as she not only has saved her mother – and escaped from the planet alive – but she’s now able to locate the weapon that killed her followers all the way to Dakara. Problem is: she continues to underestimate the bond between Daniel & her mother for as much as she tempts her with an important position, Tomin or even a life with together, she loses her the minute she destroys Dakara along with Vala’s last hopes to win her over their side so now both mother and daughter must come to terms with the fact they may be on opposite ends of this war.
  • Enter Adria fully grown!

    After some pretty slow previous and fill-up episodes, this one returns to the original plot at hand and brings this beautiful, power mad and belief blinded Orici a.k.a. Adria a.k.a. Vala's "miracle" daughter. On the other hand i'm so sick of those dumb as dog s**t Jaffa that just keep making bad to worse decisions, choosing poor leaders and horrible diplomats. At least the Ancient weapon gets eventually destroyed along with Dakara, leaving all free Jaffa in disarray (perhaps time for Teal'c and Brata'c to finally impose their thoughts). An action packed episode that left me wanting more. Finally it seems the beginning of the end. P.S. what happened to the Tok'ra, seems they just vanished, while the alliance was "broken" more or less, still we heard reference to them every now and then, why have they been so excluded, they were cool.
  • Hardly built, easy to broke...

    ... can be said by Jaffa nation. This is somehow another turning point. When at the end of season 8 we had very enojoyable forming of this alliance, the use of that planet, then now all is broken. I do like this episode, but not too much. It was very well written, gave a way to develop major storylines, gave us more information, had huge impact.. but.. I would say something was missing. I am not sure what. Adria was very good addition and all the way she is - somehow little childish but also quite grown, that kind of not sure about nothing. And I loved that talking Daniel and Vala had about how the feel. Added little more emotional level to chars.

    So - action episode mostly. Enjoyable.
  • Vala learns lot!

    Vala learned lot about this episode. Because she is mother of Adria. I refused to count that Vala is only carrier of Adria. There is NO father??!!! So, Adria came from ORI's DNA. It is crazy enough! Daniel finally told Vala about his late wife, Sha're who died eight years ago until this season, I think. Daniel decided to tell Vala about his love to Sha're and his late marriages. Vala is strong woman who can control her feelings or emotions that Adria is controlling the universe! Vala want to get Adria to be destroyed or else. I love this episode, and great adventure!
  • good episode...

    The jaffa use the weapon on Dakara to wipe out a world and the ori that were inhabiting it. The jaffa and SG-1 have a struggle over the ori ship on the planet and Adria wins. Adria destroys Dakara and the weapon. I liked the idea of this episode and I thought it was a long time coming. It was interesting to see the stone around Adria's neck protects her. I really like the Adria character and Vala's relationship with her. It was nice to see Bra'tac again, but, now, whenever Bra'tac comes into an episode he's always bearing bad news and it always has to do with jaffa politics. It's a little annoying. He's a great character and he should have a better role. Oh well. This episode makes the ori seem even more powerful and unstoppable. I really hated the story line with the general going to Dakara for peace talks and crap. It was boring. I can't wait to find out what the ori have planned for Daniel either. Overall, good episode where a lot is revealed.
  • Great Episode...

    I've waited to see this episode for a long time now and I finally got my chance. I must say I wasn't dissapointed either. The jaffa try to kill the Ori with their weapon on dakara. All they managed to do is kill a bunch of innocent people and some priors. They almost got SG-1. Then sg-1 goes to the ori ship to blow it up. They find Adria, Vla's daughter. I thought it was nice how they mentioned daniels wife, charae. At the end of the episode Adria blows up the dakara weapon and Dakara. That was really surprising. this was a really great episode and I can't wait until the next one. Later...
  • Great emotional episode.

    This was a very emotional episode from start to finish. From Vala trying to hide her feelings when it looked like Adria died to Daniel telling Vala about Sha’re and the destruction of Dakara. As for the Jaffa, I know they are desperate but to use this weapon on a human world and not one of the many Jaffa worlds that have fallen to the Ori is Genocide and unacceptable. The visual effects were beautiful and the destruction of Dakara reminded me of The Lord of the Rings when Sauron was destroyed. All together it was a great episode with good action and suspense.
  • Exactly why I watch the show!

    This is why I watch the show as when Jaffe tries to use a weapon that is against SG-1 policy, he and the other crew members find themselves butting heads with one another about how to defeat the Ori. As SG-1 original member Christopher Judge or whatever his name is, is the only cast member to appear in all 200 shows with the exception of one. Great show once again!
  • This episode is nice. Not only do we finally see the devolopment "orsi" (adria), but we also see how desperate the jaffa have become. this brings nothing new to the series however.

    it took me about 25 seconds to geuss how this episode ended. it is obivous that it becomes harder and harder for the writers to come up with good and original ideas for the show. The manage it quite niceley thoug.

    They also manage to put in a very important element to the plot of this season. Im thinking of the relation between Vala and Adria. The fact that Adria stille seeks to convert Vala to Orign shows that she still seeks her approval. The best part of this episode is that we finally get to see some of the Ori tech from the inside.
    I must admit that i was somewhat surprised to learn that the Ori Also used a chair to run their weapons but in the end it is logical. All in all it is a relativily average episode with no new devolopments.
  • Back to the season arc!

    Coming off an episode with absolutely no connection to the overall season arc, the writers must have known that the time had come for a stiff shot of mythology. Coming about a third of the way into the season, it’s the right time for the plot to become more complicated. Adria’s ascendance and display of power fits the bill, as does the loss of Dakara. Add to that the fragmentation of the alliance between the Jaffa Nation and the Tau’ri, and things are not looking good for the Milky Way.

    I like how the plot resists simple categorization. Events unfold, with a slight tinge of predictability, but there’s also the feeling that things could go out of control at any moment. And sure enough, the Jaffa are in complete disarray, pointing fingers at anyone and everyone. It’s as if the loss of Chulak and other worlds had frightened them into believing that they might lose it all again, and they would rather alienate the rest of the galaxy than risk servitude to the Ori.

    The irony, of course, being that their actions are more likely to lead to their downfall than maintaining their current alliances. This has always been one of the more interesting complexities of the series: the struggle to keep groups with natural tensions in an alliance of defense. It’s bad enough when everyone is working together, but once the in-fighting starts, the defense becomes nearly impossible. Add a practically indestructible hottie to the mix, and it’s a fun time had by all.

    Morena Baccarin doesn’t show too much range in the role, but she really doesn’t need to, since any deficiencies fall within the whole twisted psychology of the Orisi. Her relationship to Vala could be her eventual Achilles’ Heel, but the writers may recognize that such a plot element would be too obvious. More than half the season remains, and if the usual plot progression is in play, there’s still a lot of complication and fragmentation of alliances to come before things look remotely promising.

    I’m still a little worried about the whole “Merlin’s weapon” thing, especially in light of the cancellation. It would be all too easy to have SG-1 find the weapon just in time for the series finale, ending the threat of the Ori once and for all. I think the Ori arc would work better with a little more time to grow, since I doubt that the writers had planned to use the entire season to cover all the arc elements. Either the solution will be rushed, or the series will end on one hell of a downer. (I’m envisioning a situation where the SGC is forced to relocate to Atlantis as the Ori influence spreads, in some bid to protect Earth, thus justifying the movement of “SG-1” characters like Mitchell and Vala to “SGA”. Hey, one can dream, right?)

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Good solid anchoring episode!

    This episode is great! There are plenty of plot developments here in terms of the central Ori conflict arc. Adult Adria, treacherous Jaffas, fragile Jaffa-Tauri aliances, the destruction of the pivotal WMD on Dakara, Vala impending pivotal role in dealing with Adria, Daniel's fate (Adria mentioned the Ori has plan for him), so much and so effortlessly, skillfully and effectively woven a tale of 42 minutes. This episode really stands out with the best of Stargates.

    And the commander of Odyssey, what can I say, the character is growing on this reviewer. He is a likeable character, steady, smart and has developed a in depth understanding with SG1. He was smart to know the destination of the Ori ship - Dakara by piecing the puzzles, always saving the SG1 at the last seconds, knowing exactly when to retreat and when to fight. Like Walter, this guy is a real good supplement to the SG1.

    All in all, a solid ground breaking episode that lays the ground for the story ahead.
  • A good solid episode in the great tradition of Stargate.

    An episode with lots of questions and possible twists and turns in the future.

    The Jaffa are back with a vengence, using a powerful weapon, prevously used to destroy the replicators, they kill thousands of people with it to capture an enemy vessel. But as always SG-1 is right in the middle of the action to spoil their plan. Vala's daughter Adria, who is immune to the effects of the weapon, has all grown up now and has become a powerfull woman with very strong psychic powers. Somehow there is still a connection between mother and child but more one of the child trying to convince the mother of what it is doing is ok. The Jaffa and the team fight it out over the vessel, while the general in the meantime tries to convince the Jaffa on their homeworld that the use of the weapon is a big no no. His words fall on deaf ears even worse he and Bratac are accused of being traitors. Adria has taken control of the ship and destroys the homeworld of the Jaffa. The team is rescued of the ship right before the Jaffa shoot the weapon again. Adria being immune for the weapon in response destroys the planet.

    Merlin's weapon seems to be the only way to stop the Ori.

    Good stroryline, good acting, and with a lot of promise for future episodes.
  • not bad.... quite a few questions unanswered though...

    Spoilers and mmore questions.. :)

    Who is the new "leader" of the Jaffar ? How come they all don't trust the humans ? Convenient that the most powerful weapon in the galaxy is destroyed.. Convenient that the emulet protects Adriana.

    Why were'nt SG-1 looking for Merlin's weapon?

    Why don't the Ori know about the weapon at Dakara ? Why don't the Ori know about Merlin's weapon ? Guess they are not omniscient as they claim.

    What is the power generator ? How did Adria stop the C4 from exploding ?

    What is the statement that "we have plans for him" refering to Jackson mean ? Now all Jaffar on Darkara are dead... that's a lot... why were'nt there any ships guarding Dakara ? How are the Jaffar going to be unified ?

    How did the Jaffar learn how to use the weapon ? Since they can use it... why did'nt they dial ALL the planets with Ori on it ? How are the Ori brining in more ships ? "many many more" - Adria... if the Supergate is occupied ? 1yr to convert this galaxy is rather short isn't it ? especially with 3 or 4 ships... okies that's enough... not bad episode though... quite enjoyed it.
  • And yet another great episode!!

    I thought they did a good job with this episode. The way the Jaffa were acting, I thought they were a little like their Goa'uld counter parts. They just seemed a little more vicious than they had been after defeating the Goa'uld.
    When I saw them use the weapon on that planet I had a feeling that Vala's daughter was still alive. I just didn't think the writers would kill her off so fast seeing that she was so much more powerful than any of the Ori are.
    If this truly is SG-1's last season than I'm extremely curious to see how they will defeat the Ori before the show ends for good!
  • Maybe because I've never been too keen on the Jaffa, or all the allies on SG-1 keep getting corrupt, but this episode wasn't my favorite. Some parts did stand out.

    "Counterstrike" seemed to have only two purposes: getting rid of that weapon at Dakara and setting up the rest of the season with sentences.

    First the Tok'ra's symbiotes seemed to corrupt them, trying them into not the best of allies. And now the Jaffa, also long time allies are getting greedy with their power so what do they do? Destroy a large chunk of that power and a giant weapon, fracturing the Free Jaffa Nation even more. Yeah, like the show needed more evil Jaffa. Isn't it bad enough that Teal'c still gets spat at and called "Sho'vac" by some passing by Jaffa? Oh well, more issues to complicate the mid-season break.

    Morena Baccarin sold the bad guy to a tee. I never watched Firefly but know I'm starting to wish I had seen a little of her. Maybe it was partly because she never blinked. Her superiority was at parts ridiculous, but that's what makes bad guys more enjoyable. She was a very good actoress for the part, especially in looks. But Adria's childish behavior was a little overwhelming. Adria's connection to her mother is so needy, it's a bit strange. Plus, Adria destroyed Dakara because...they killed her followers and she got bery upset. The Ori should re-evaluate that girl's maturity level before giving her more ships.

    Then the Daniel set-ups. First you have the closeness between Daniel and Vala when they talk about Sha're, setting up a general mood. When Adria mentioned the Ori had a plan for Daniel, it gave the wrong feeling because the later episode pertaining to this was different. The way Adria said it, you'd think this was another emotional attachment of hers.

    All of this episode seemed to point mostly to giving you hints toward the mid-season break and some other episodes. I thought Atlantis was more enjoyable this week but expect some of their set-ups to be interesting to watch. Especially, the Adria and the Jaffa conflict which could only go one way: riveting.
  • Daniel gets a chance to show his emotional side again, and Vala may be more than a brat after all!

    Being a long time fan of Stargate SG-1, I've been somewhat disappointed with the last couple of seasons. The steam sort of went out of them when the snakeheads were defeated, and the Ori plotline never really hooked me. However, this episode was surprisingly good. The Ori, unlike their former enemies, have suffered from a lack of recurring villains. One prior is pretty much like any other, and face it - they just don't have the same "oomph" that for example Baal or Osiris had.
    Adria may change all of that. A strikingly good-looking figurehead she may be, but if she continues to provide the right balance of intimidation and naivety, she could be what I've been waiting for.
    All that aside - what made this episode memorable for me - as opposed to far too many of the recent Ori-episodes - was the emotional moment between Daniel and Vala. When was the last time he had a chance to show his gentle, compassionate, yet ever so strong side? His recap of his wife's disappearance and death brought me to the edge of my chair, so happy to see the emergence of the incredible person we all know is in there - but so rarely get a chance to see, these days.
    Vala's little speach about why Adria's death would be a relief was also very well done. It showed a maturity we don't get to see very often, as the character seems to be written as a sort of "bratty kid sister" to the rest of the cast. Her attempt to remain practical and realistic in spite of her entirely involuntary emotional reactions was interesting, and made Vala a much more likeable character to me. Which is good - cause I want to like her. ;)
    I'm hoping they won't leave me hanging with this, but will bring more "heart-to-hearts" between the main characters - who have been little more than cardboard cut-outs for the last season and a half...
  • We have a plan for him!!!

    First off I want to say that this show has been in my life for 10 years, and if it truly is the end, then it will be largely missed. Enough with the sentimental though, let's do what we came here to do. This was a great follow-up episode to last week’s very fun fanfare. We finally get to see Adria grown up, but I noticed one thing about her, she is still very much immature. I think that her aging so quickly still makes her vulnerable. One main thing happened that showed this. This was because of the fact that she wouldn't kill Vala, but the will of the Ori is destroying all non-believers. She still has that maternal connection with Vala, something we all still have, but is weakened as we get older. I agree very much with one of the previous reviews, in saying that she could very easily have saved the others, but didn't choose to, which shows the arrogance of the Ori, or maybe the fact that they could have made a mistake by creating her. Then there's the whole Daniel and the Ori arc. This has been a spoiler on many sites for quite sometime, if I were you guys I would not look into this. It is a big twist, and would be much better if you had no idea it was coming. Though I will tell you this, it will blow everyone away. Finally, we get to see more of the technology we're dealing with. The ships, some of the biggest we've encountered, are controlled by one person. The interface is much like that of Ancient devices; it taps into the Priors' neural functions. The most impressive thing was when Adria started the ship, destroyed three mother ships, and jumped into hyperspace, all with out even going to the bridge. One person controlling that massive thing, wow. All in all this one was definitely a breath of fresh air after the 199 episode with that crappy monster. Hopefully they can wrap it all up right.
  • SG1 vs Jaffa vs Ori

    This episode is a mixed bag, though a mixed bag of the good kind. This episode shows the promise of the Ori as worthy adversaries, while providing them with some depth and dimension. This is all in the form of Adria.

    Adria is played by the wonderful Miss Morena Bacarrin. Excellent choice. At the beginning of the episode she seemed kind of cardboard, but as the episode progressed, I began to see just the type of character she really is. She is just as much a pawn in the Altera/Ori conflict as the rest of the SG universe.

    What surprises me most is that while Adria could save herself, she did not save her followers. While most would view that as a missed detail, it shows her hypocrisy. I wish someone, especially Vala, would've pointed out Adria's not saving her followers. She had the power...

    What really made the show were some of the scenes between Vala and Daniel. It really shows the change in Vala's character. However, it did raise an eyebrow when Adria told her of the Ori's plan for Daniel. Already have a suspicion but I will not leak spoilers here.

    All in all, a really good episode. A little slow at first, but it was a good slow, designed to build the story and set the pace for some good character development. The ending really surprised me, but its an ending I can live with.

    Oh, with the ending... Hebridan and Langara have fallen. If that is the case, then we MUST see Jonas Quinn soon. Please.

    Keep going SG1. At this rate, it is my hope and anticipation you will NOT be cancelled.
  • Great episode!

    I liked this episode. it showed the icon of the Ori, Adria, and how she is more powerful than the Jaffa or SG-1 think. They need to develop a weapon that will render Adria's powers useless. I think she will prove to be a worthy opponent for SG-1. They have not seen the extent of her powers yet in my opinion. Those Ori ships are something too. If Earth had just one of those, think of the damage they could do to their enemies. I can't wait to see more of the battle between Earth and the Ori. Go SG-1!
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