Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Adria destroys Dakara along with the last hopes of both Vala and the Jaffa

    As the SG-1 barely survives a Jaffa’s bio-weapon that obliterates all life on the planet Adria just converted, Teal’c and Bree’tac go to have a word with the Jaffa council in Dakara while the rest of the team explores the Ori ship Adria left behind. Once the team separates, Daniel and Vala have a bittersweet exchange in which they talk about their respective experiences regarding Sha’re and Adria, how he relates to her efforts to save her daughter as he once tried to save his wife and how does he live with the worst possible outcome; it’s strangely comforting for Vala to have someone who could actually understand how she really feels about her daughter and the fact that that someone is Daniel only makes it more special to her.

    The situation complicates when a Jaffa crew that also boarded the Ori ship captures Cam and threatens to kill him unless the rest of the team revels themselves. Just before Sam would expose herself, Daniel & Vala take the fall for her which causes Adria to reveal her position in order to spare her mother from being captured, Vala’s little girl is so pleased with herself as she not only has saved her mother – and escaped from the planet alive – but she’s now able to locate the weapon that killed her followers all the way to Dakara. Problem is: she continues to underestimate the bond between Daniel & her mother for as much as she tempts her with an important position, Tomin or even a life with together, she loses her the minute she destroys Dakara along with Vala’s last hopes to win her over their side so now both mother and daughter must come to terms with the fact they may be on opposite ends of this war.