Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2004 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Industrialist Alec Colson calls a press conference to announce a big secret about a meteor strike some months ago – that it was the result of powerful aliens. Colson gives the governments of Earth 24 hours to reveal the truth or he'll do it for them. Colson worked with Sam on the F302 program for SGC without knowing what it was, but put together the pieces. Jack sends Sam to deal with him. Colson has photographs of the Prometheus and refuses to back down. Julia Donovan of the WNN contacts Sam, who forces her to help them discredit Colson due to the non-disclosure statement she signed (after the events of Prometheus). Colson calls his press conference and shows off . . . an Asgard. SGC confers with Thor, who is unaware of any absent Asgard. The captive Asgard looks vacant and near-mindless, and Daniel discovers that Biovail, a Colson research company, got hold of a copy of Asgard DNA from when the SGC were helping the Asgard solve their cloning problem. Thor beams the technology and the clone out of Colson's laboratory, then Carter goes on TV with Donovan and with Thor's aid "prove" that Colson's alien was a hologram fake. Colson is flying en route when his plane nearly crashes due to sabotage. Sam talks with him but he's unconvinced of the SGC's innocence. Sam convinces the top brass to let Donovan in on the secret of the Stargate. As Colson gathers the rest of his proof for another public display, they beam Colson to SGC and introduce him to Thor, then take him to the new Alpha Site through the Stargate. Colson remains unconvinced about the need to keep the existence of the Stargate secret, and Sam tells him about the Trust, who want to keep the Stargate's existence secret and were behind the assassination attempt. Upon his return to Earth, Colson plans to go ahead but discovers that his company is in financial disarray – his assistant Vogler was blackmailed by the Trust to frame his employer for securities fraud. Colson tries to convince him to wear a wire to his next meeting with the Trust, but he hangs himself first out of remorse. A depressed Colson considers suicide, but Sam convinces him to join the team and help out at the Alpha Site.