Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Howard Hughes debuts

    An aerospace tycoon modeled after Howard Hughes connects the dots and threatens to reveal the truth about Stargate to the world.

    The arguments he gives for full disclosure are absolutely irrefutable.

    The writers of this episode essentially concede this point when they resolve the story by making it necessary for him to disappear.
  • The truth has habit to reveal itself

    This was great episode. First it looked so much - maybe the revelation of SGC program but instead it offered so much else. I really adored it. The action, excitement, conspiracy theory. It was magnificent.

    Also, little humorous moments like Thor on Tv.. ok..when the cloned Asgard walked out of the room - it was shocker. I was like. And when Colson was showing Sam and Daniel those images of the battle. It was.. this episode really showed the response of that kind of knowledge. Where it will lead and there were some tragic on it. And Trust.. how they always manage to get involved.

    It was huge episode, a much different than usual but on the scale - huge.
  • Pretty good...

    This guy says that he has proof that aliens exist. He even has pictures from the batttle in Antartica. On live news he brings out an asguard. But it turns out that it was cloned one. carter is ordered to tell him about every thing and she does. She even takes him to the Alpha site and they fly in one of the F-302s. It turns out he is being targeted by the Trust. Even though this episode aired out of order it was still very good. So far season 8 is full of earth based episodes and I really like that because the earth based ones are some of the best. Later...
  • Found really boring...Not much exciting stuff.

    This episode was good, but not great. It's just about a guy, named Alex, who is going to tell everyone the truth and what on earth the SGC is going to do to stop him. He makes an asgard out of DNA but it is just an empty shell. Then his friend tells him that the trust are after him. This is the only cool part, you get to learn a little, not much, bit more about the trust. The SGC tries to tell Alex that telling people will just upset them and set them into a frenzy. He doesn't listen and intends to go ahead with his plan. His friend stops him and tells him about the trust. Alex's friend sort of goes crazy and then hangs himself. Alex is relocated to earth's alpha site because he needs to get away. Basically that sums it up, like I said, not that interesting.
  • not my favorite story line...

    A man comes forward with evidence of the attack of Anubis and he has a cloned asgard to prove it. Sam and Daniel have to convince him not to go forward with the information, but they end up hiding him off world. Anyways, I'm not too fond of this story line. It's been done a couple times and it's just not interesting. I've always wanted to see what would happen if the stargate was revealed to the public, but it didn't happen in this episode. Anyways, the episode was better than I thought it would be, but it was still slow and I didn't like the story.
  • The Stargate project is threatened with exposure.

    Alec Colson, a rich industrialist, goes on national television, threatening to expose the truth about the recent Goa'uld attack on Earth to the public. He claims to have proof, and gives the world governments 24 hours to come clean.

    Carter has been given orders to either dissuade him, or discredit him which, with a little help from the Asgard, she does.

    The Trust tries to assasinate Colson, and when that doesn't work, they use other methods.

    Not a bad episode I suppose, but certainly not one of my favourites. There was precious little interaction between the main cast, and I felt little affinity towards Colson.
    I think this could have been done better.
  • Rich CEO posesses alien ship debris and a mindless Azgard and threatens to tell the world. As expected, all ends well.

    Cloning does have negative consequences, and SG-1 just proved it! If we never started the whole cloning business the little Azgard would have never been cloned! Tears almost began to fill my eye when I saw him walk in the press conference room like a circus exhibit.. His vacant eyes saddened my heart. Turns out that vacant look was because he lacked a spirit. Fooled me there! Bonus points to the Azgard.

    It\'s nice to get to know a bit more about the SG-1 characters, I am guessing there is a little romance going on between Sam and that CEO. His name slipped my mind, so that tells me he wasn\'t cute. But that doesn\'t matter, he\'s all Sam\'s.

    All in all everything was pretty predictable. You know that everything was going to end well because if it didn\'t, the show would be pretty kind of sorta messed up.