Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2004 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: At about 7 minutes and 10 seconds into the episode, after Sam and Daniel enter Colson's office, Colson walks to a monitor. On the wall to the right, you will see a picture on the wall behind him that bears a resemblance to the Stargate. It comes into closer view behind him at about 7 minutes, 15 seconds into the episode.

    • It's not within the powers of the President to stop trading on the stock exchange. When Sam and Colson return from the Alpha site, Daniel tells Colson that the President stopped trading for Colson's shares and that the market fell 500 points. Also, after the last major stock market crash, 'bumpers' were put in place that would automatically stop trading if the market fell about 250 - giving it about a 1/2 hour pause before trading resumes and if the market continued falling, to stop trading for the day.

    • Trivia: Chronologically, this episode takes place five months since the battle over Antarctica (in "Lost City", pt. 2).

    • Trivia: It is confirmed here that Kinsey is no longer Vice-President.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: Colson developed the Multi-Engine-Control-Sytem for the F-302s, Colson didn't know what they were for, of course, but he's brilliant.
      Jack: He's also a little nuts, isn't he?
      Sam: You've test-flown experimental aircraft...
      Daniel: We all go through the gate...
      Jack: This isn't about us.

    • Jack: All right, see if he can be convinced not to go public.
      Daniel: Without actually telling him anything?
      Jack: Right.

    • Vogler: Alec, they tried to kill us!
      Colson: That works in our favor.
      Vogler: Dying doesn't work in our favor!

    • Thor: Greetings, people of Earth.

    • Jack: How about a new hyper-drive for the Prometheus?
      Thor: That is something I must discuss with the Asgard High Council.
      Jack: Come on, Thor, you said you wanted to get something nice for the President...

  • Notes

    • The Colson Industries logo is based on a inverted and upside down version of the Sci-Fi logo.

    • Injoke: Alec is introduced to a character named "Shefield" when he goes off-world. Charles Shaughnessy, the actor who plays Alec, also played a character named Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny.

    • Since this episode was supposed to air before "Affinity", there is a bit of dialogue added of Sam telling Colson about the Trust before Vogler confesses, even though in the original script when this was to air before "Affinity", no such dialogue was included.

    • The original character name of Alec Colson was Andrew Colson. This was also the name of a character in the pilot episode of 'MacGyver', which of course also starred Richard Dean Anderson. Colson was played by Dana Elcar, who would play Peter Thornton, MacGyver's boss, on the series.

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