Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Tok'ra Traitor

    Teal'c is contacted by a past beloved and tells the SG team that she has a way of defeating the Goa'uld. By meditating and communicating with her symbiote she was able to convince it that the Goa'uld way of life is evil and to turn to the Tok'ra side. The SG team agree to take her to the Tok'ra and after a symbiont exchange takes place we find that In fact the Goa'uld was lying all along and will now use his knowledge of the Tok'ra to destroy them.
  • Teal'c gets another episode, then gets very, very angry...

    Ah, the impetus of the "Jaffa revenge thing". Unusually among SG-1 fans it seems, I've always really enjoyed episodes that center around Teal'c. I think he is a very interesting character, who keeps his emotions in check about 80% of the time. I love it when Teal'c flies off the handle like he does towards the end of this episode. Everyone's favorite sexy Tok'ra makes her second appearance in this episode, so that alone was enough to keep me watching. More than that though this episode is critical in that it does create issues for Teal'c that show themselves in later episodes as he seeks retribution for the death of Shan'auc. It was a little slow at times, but I still found it to be very entertaining.
  • Predictable

    The episode itself was alright. I started watching Stargate SG-1 not long ago on the Sci-Fi channel, but couldn't make much sence of it because they play them out of order. So, I bought the seasons on DVD, have watched seasons one through three, and am working through four now. Though I thought it was decent, it's certainly not the best episode I've seen so far. Mostly up to the SG-1 standard, except for one fatal flaw.

    Predictable. Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was completely predictable. About the only thing I did NOT forsee coming was that not that the Tok'ra knew (or suspected) that Hebron/Tanith was not a true Tok'ra, but that Anise/Freya admitted to this fact. One other thing that was not so predictable, Teal'c was able to look into the eyes of the man-thing and not tear his head off.

    Other than those two parts, the rest seemed completely predictable.

    (As well as going through the show entirely for the first time, this is also my first (and maybe last) review)
  • Some possibles storylines for the future..

    Teal's episodes somehow usually make me have some doubts but this one was quite good. I specially loved the ending - that kind of dark conversation and threats on Teal'c side - did they fooled him or not?

    But I should talk more about the episode, I think. The beginning and some part of it was quite slow and not cathcing as I had no troubles walking away. I did like that it was Tok'ra storyline - and with last episode, somehow the Tok'ras have made some developments. They are somehow changed. But they are here and that's good. Also, some mystery solving (what was wrong in the end) was good.. and some more of the past of Teal'c why not...
  • I don't really get into the Teal'c stories:P

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  • ok episode...

    Teal'c's former love comes through the stargate asking for asistence. She claims that her symbiote is good and wants it to have a good host that is a Tok'ra. In the end, the gou'ld turns out to be evil and kills her. However, the Tok'ra believe it is better to have the gou'ld with them so that he would relay false information to Anubis. Anyways, it was an ok episode. It had a interesting idea: the point that the jaffa could talk to its symbiote. Overall, though, the episode was boreing. There were several points that it was very slow. Teal'c's story lines always seem to bore me; I guess I don't like him. Oh well, ok episode that sets something up further on.
  • An average episode.

    This episode was pretty average. I really didn't think it was that great, honestly it was rather slow at times. The episode started well but somewhere in the middle it fell appart. So far this was a great season 4, but this episode is defianatly the worst so far. I hope the next episode is better becase i know that Stargate is normally better than this. Season 4 is probably one of the best seasons of Stargae. Overall this was mainly a Tel'c episode, where he meets an old love. Other than this it was a little too slow. looking forward to the next episode.
  • A bit too silly at times, which hinders an important story for Teal'c's character.

    This is yet another episode that comes across as a mixed package. On the one hand, the story and situation work well in developing Teal'c's character, whilst on the other hand there are some very silly moments that dampen the effect the episode should have had.

    As always, I'll start with the good points. One thing that I really consider highly about this particular episode is how it reveals how Teal'c has influenced other members in the Jaffa community. We see that the seeds of revolt have been planted, and Teal'c begins to realise the responsibility he must now accept for the movement he has started.

    But perhaps my favourite thing about this episode is the introduction of Tanith. Some people may find Tanith a little too over the top, but I personally have always really loved the relationship between Teal'c and Tanith. In particular, I really adore that final scene. Unfortunately, after watching it recently I didn't feel the chills I got from watching it previously, but (despite Teal'c over-working the jaw muscles) it's still a great ending.

    And, of course, there is plenty of humour throughout, although sadly once again most of it seems to come from O'Neill. Still, he has some great lines, my favourites including "Master Teal'c?” "How do those two go together?” and "I like Freya!"

    But my biggest problem with this episode is just how silly it is. In particular I really hate the scenes where Shau'nac is supposed to be in pain trying to control her symbiote. I just find these scenes to be quite unbearable (although they are made humorous by Peter DeLuise's "Poo cramps!" remarks on the audio commentary). Other scenes that seem overdone include when Tanith takes his host, and to a lesser extent the scene with Teal'c and Shau'nac in the room full of candles.

    So, despite not being handles as well as I'd have liked, this is still an episode with a good, important story. It has some moments that are overdone, but it's a key episode for the things that are introduced. I'd strongly advise you watch this episode with audio commentary.
  • Why is it, that when they bother giving Teal’c a centre-storyline, they give him the best?

    Teal’c ex, Shan'auc, comes to the SGC with news that she has found a way to communicate with her symbiote and make it believe the Goa’uld are evil and to side with the Tok’ra. Needless to say, Jack, Daniel, Sam and especially Teal’c are dubious, and it takes them some convincing. After Teal’c himself discovers he can communicate with his symbiote, he promotes the symbiote’s acceptance into the Tok’ra. Shaunuc will be given a new larva Goa’uld, the existing symbiote will share its secrets and everyone will be happy.

    Except, um, turns out the symbiote, Tanith, is actually a Goa’uld pretending to be a Tok’ra, and he kills Shan’auc for her audacity to challenge his power and plants himself as a . Goa’uld spy in the Tok’ra. I knew when Teal’c said he was leaving the SGC to be with Shan’auc that something would happen, but I was sorry that she died. There were some great moments between Teal’c and Shan’auc, and I love the episodes where we see more of Teal’c’s past and past relationships. Chris Judge is brilliant as Teal’c, and whenever they give him centre stage he’s amazing. I wish they’d give him more airtime. I loved the double-entendre between Teal’c and Tanith about each getting what the other deserved; they both know who the other is, and they both know the other knows. If it wasn’t Stargate, I’d be biting my lip over who will triumph over who.

    I really like how ambiguous a character Anise is; she’s definitely not on the side of the SGC, but she’s not against them, strictly speaking, either. It’s a refreshing changed from Stagate’s back-and-white approach to things and I hope we see more of her in the future.

    Good cynicism from Jack regarding the legitimacy of Shan’auc’s claims to be able to commune with her symbiote.

    Nine out of ten.