Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2000 on Syfy



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    • Shau'nac: Kal-mah has neutralized the sedative.
      Fraiser: Kal-mah?
      Teal'c: (angrily) It means child. (to Shau'nac) The demon you carry within you is no child!
      Shau'nac: Do I not carry it in me as I would my own? Have I not taught it right from wrong as any mother would? You have closed your mind, Teal'c. I expected more.

    • Shau'nac: I could not wait to speak with you.
      Tanith: Yes. We must speak of your audacity.
      Shau'nac: I do not understand.
      Tanith: How dare a priestess touch the mind of one who would be her god!
      (Tanith grabs her)
      Shau'nac: You despise the Goa'uld!
      Tanith: I am the Goa'uld!

    • Jack: How do I hang up with Anise and talk to Freya?
      Anise: Why?
      Jack: I like Freya!

    • Teal'c: She has carried her symbiote far past its time.
      Freya: Then come, this way. We were able to find a host both willing and eager.
      Jack: (to himself) Eager too, huh?

    • Teal'c: For what reason did you wait so long?
      Shau'nac: I was afraid you would not believe. Since word came to the temple that you betrayed Apophis, I have thought of you every day.
      Teal'c: As a shol'va?
      Shau'nac: No, Teal'c. Because of you my doubts became certainties. (pause) When we were children you were always the strongest, the bravest. That you would one day be First Prime was never doubted. But you did what no Jaffa before you had ever done. You challenged the gods themselves and won.
      (she places her hand on Tealc's face)
      Shau'nac: Among many on Chulak, you are as revered as the gods once were and yet you walk away.
      Teal'c: My place is here.
      Shau'nac: Is it? Bra'tac cannot be expected to bear the burden alone. It was you who first began walking this path. Do not abandon those who have followed you this far!

    • Anise: Egeria came to the Tau'ri to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans through the Stargate as slaves. Ra found her and killed her, but not before she had spawned our movement.
      Sam: Literally?
      Anise: Yes.
      Jack: Thanks for the image!

    • Anise: The great queen Egeria. She broke from the Goa'uld over 2000 years ago. Her offspring became the Tok'ra.
      Daniel: Egeria, Roman goddess of fountains.
      Jack: Fountains?
      Daniel: Also childbirth.
      Jack: How do those two go together?

    • Teal'c: O'Neill?
      Jack: Master Teal'c?
      Teal'c: I am in need of your assistance.
      Jack: I'm here to serve...

    • (regarding Teal'c and Shau'nac)
      Jack: Well, there may be a little more than meets the eye here. I'm thinkin' they got history.
      Sam: History?
      Jack: Oh yeah!
      Daniel: She's a temple priestess.
      Jack: So?
      Daniel: So, they don't do a lot of dating.

    • Jack: Is it dangerous?
      Daniel: Jack, he's stopping his heart.
      Jack: I mean for us!
      Teal'c: I am unsure of what will occur if and when communion with my symbiote is achieved. It may be necessary to restrain me.
      Jack: Well, knock yourself out!

    • Jack: You know, this whole talking to two people in one body thing really sucks!

    • Anise: (to Sam) Your father asked that I shake your hand, and give Colonel O'Neill a big kiss from him.
      Carter: That might have been the other way around.
      Jack: Maybe...

    • Shau'nac: My symbiote has assured me this will not happen again.
      Jack: Oh, well, if the snake says so, who are we?

    • (Jack is waiting for Bra'tac to pop out, but instead a beautiful woman appears)
      Jack: Bra'tac? You've done something to your hair...

    • Shau'nac: Bra'tac has taught me much about the Tauri. You are O'Neill, Teal'c's apprentice.
      Jack: Yeah. (double take) Apprentice? (Teal'c smiles)
      Shau'nac: Also a warrior of great skill and cunning.
      Jack: Apprentice?

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