Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

A noticeably pregnant Vala is strolling through SGC and visits Mitchell in the men's locker room. However, when Mitchell turns around he sees that it's…Daniel.

Mitchell brings the situation to Sam who knows what's going on – they've figured out a way to emulate the signal of the stones. Vala has important news, but Landry needs Daniel there to meet with the Russian and Chinese members of the IAC board. Vala reveals how she was found unconscious in the rings, back at the village of Ver Isca where she and Daniel were, and a man named Tomin found her. Vala blended in with the villagers, avoiding the attraction of the Ori, and noting that her husband, a devout worshipper of the Ori, had a limp that the Priors had never healed. She tried to contact the anti-Ori resistance while avoiding the attention of Seevis, the village leader. Then Vala and Tomin got married to the Ori-devout Tomin, to cover for the fact she had a child out of wedlock…but she doesn't know who the father is.

Vala eventually gets around to revealing that the Prior healed Tomin then recruited him to serve with the Ori on a crusade. Vala was unable to persuade him to stay. Landry is called off to the briefing room for the meeting and meets with Chekov and Shen, who wonder where Daniel is. Then Chekov announces that they are withdrawing from the treaty and taking their Stargate back.

Vala reveals she struck up a friendship with a local harlot, Denya, and discussed her pregnancy. It turns out Denya is with the anti-Ori resistance, but this brought her to Seevis' attention. He captured her and denounced her.

Landry isn't thrilled with Chekov's announcement and realizes Russia is planning to get China's backing. Landry warns the U.S. government won't give up the gate but Chekov points out they may have no choice. Seevis confronts Vala and wants to know who her conspirators are, and Tomin abandons her. Seevis leaves her out there to starve until she confesses – later she collapses and has a vision of a burning face hovering above her in a bed. She awakes to see Tomin and the other crusaders leaving for training. Denya confronts Seevis and says that Vala couldn't have known anything, but then Tomin frees Vala and takes her home – Seevis lets him. Vala was out there without three days, and they're puzzled how the baby could have survived.

In bed later, Tomin asks for Vala's forgiveness but then leaves for training on the Ori crusade. Vala decides to go check things out. She sees an Ori marching troops through the forest and follows them to their camp filled with spaceships, where Seevis confronts her.

Landry and Chekov discuss the Stargate again and how the Chinese are offering the Russians a deal and Chekov plans to use it as leverage. Landry realizes he's supposed to ask Chekov what the Russians really want.

Denya arrives to assure Vala that both she and Seevis are members of the anti-Ori underground, and Seevis is the leader. Seevis assures Vala they have a plan and many infiltrators in the camp. In three days a Prior will activate one of the ships as a demonstration of power, and the underground plans to kill all their followers. The underground reveals the communication terminal to her and how they have spies in the Ori holy city of Celestis that help them smuggle the terminal out.

Tomin returns to his home but a Prior confronts him and points out that he is sterile, and couldn't have fathered Vala's child (as she has led him to believe). Vala overhears their conversation as the Prior points out the child is the "will of the Ori," and Tomin asserts his belief in his gods. The next day Tomin tells her of the arrival of the Prior and the demonstration of the ships, and asks her to come. In response she asks him to stay but he refuses and leaves for the camp.

Vala concludes that the Ori have a working supergate and the crusade is the next step in their invasion of the Milky Way galaxy. At the demonstration, Vala, Seevis, and Denya look on as the Prior activate the ships but nothing happens – either the sabotage failed or the Prior figured it out. Then Vala "cuts out" and Daniel is back to normal. They conclude something has happened. Back at Ver Isca, Tomin has arrived and destroyed the communications terminal, then shoots down Seevis and Denya. The Prior sent Tomin to kill Seevis and Vala spins a story about how she was forced to help them. She offers to tell him about the foreign unbelievers and convinces him that her child is a miracle and they must walk the path together. Tomin buys it and Vala says she must go with him, and they embrace.

Landry reveals that they gave up the 304 plans to the Russians in return for keeping the Gate. SGC is scanning for black hole anomalies to find the supergate, but Mitchell concludes there's one planet they can search to find a weapon to counter the Ori.