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Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 21

Crystal Skull

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2000 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

While visiting a new world, the team discovers a huge pyramid, empty but for a central platform above a vast abyss, accessible by a single walkway. Upon the platform is a skull fashioned from pink crystal, that Daniel cannot resist looking into - at which point he disappears. Unable to locate Dr Jackson, SG-1 return to Earth hoping to find a way to retrieve their lost friend. The only clue appears to be a similar skull found on Earth by Dr Jackson's grandfather many years before...moreless

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  • Great episode. Need more like them.

    This was a good episode. They need to tell us what Nick has been up to. How are the aliens going. It was a great story. Daniel was out of phase. He even thought he was dead. The team went home. Are there any more of tese big aliens out there? Do they have any cool technology that could help with the Ori and the priors?
  • not that good...

    This episode was really boreing to me. Daniel uncovers a crystal skull that links to another crystal skull that his grandfather found years ago. They have to confront his grandfather, which happens to be crazy. Oh, and Daniel was stuck as a ghost or something. Anyways, they eventually get Daniel back to normal and talk to the huge aliens. Basically, the idea was ok, but boreing. Daniel's family/story lines are annoying and boreing and I just don't like when they try to develop his character because it's boreing. It was funny to have a crazy guy in the show and it was also funny to see everyone walk through Daniel butm other than that, it was dull.moreless
  • Very funny.

    This episode starts with a great piece of visual effects of the pyramid. The humor in this episode is top notch with the highlight being Jack falling out of bed. My biggest complaint for this episode is some of the green screen shots were horrible especially when the rocks move over Teal'cs head. The highlight of this episode is the chemistry between Daniel and his grandfather who was played perfectly by Jan Rubeš. The mist aliens were a bit ridiculous but I wish they would have brought them back. The final scene was touching and both actors did a masterful job. Overall this was a solid stand alone episode.moreless
  • A very unusual episode with "giant aliens"...

    This episode was definitely a black sheep among season 3, very unusual and far-out concepts make this episode a real treat. The crystal skulls are very intriguing artifacts in real life and they are no less intriguing in this episode. I can't remember for certain, but I believe this is the first time anyone on SG-1 goes "out-of-phase", a very strange concept for an equally strange artifact. On top of all that the pyramid in which the skull is found is one of the coolest sets ever on SG-1. I loved the team members different reactions to the cavern inside of the pyramid.

    Daniel: "You could fit every pyramid in Giza in here!"

    Sam: Talks about neutrinos, I don't remember exactly what she said.

    JacK: (peering over the edge into the bottom of the cavern) "I wonder how far down that is?"

    Classic. Nick Ballard was an interesting character and he was pretty believable, and had a lot of passion when he saw the pyramid again. There were also the usual Jack/Teal'c funny moments like at the insane asylum. Oh, and of course the giant aliens were pretty unusual and somewhat hokey, but believable enough to move the story. Pretty good and very unusual episode.moreless
  • All illusions say they are not the illusions...

    It was quite funny episode, I most say. I loved the way Daniel was invisible and noone saw him... and all the talking... and.. it was really lovely but most have been desperate for him.

    I also like that Daniel's grandfather was brought in - he really added some more depth to Daniel. Specially added some more depth to the story the fact that Daniel's grandfather was on mental institution. And that he had met those aliens before.. and then try to prove it to others that he sees Daniel.. and he is not insane..

    So.. it was quite funny, many great sayings, humor, little action.moreless
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Major General George S. Hammond

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

Quetlzelcoatl (Voice)

Guest Star

Jan Rubeš

Jan Rubeš

Nick Ballard

Guest Star

Russell Roberts

Russell Roberts


Guest Star

Daniel Bacon

Daniel Bacon


Recurring Role

Tracy Westerholm

Tracy Westerholm

Surveillance SF

Recurring Role

Dan Shea

Dan Shea

Sgt. Siler

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When General Hammond is talking to his granddaughter, he is using the red phone which is supposed to be a direct line to the President. He should have used his other phone.

    • When SG-1 entered the cavern with Nick, you can clearly tell that they are against a green screen, as when they start to cross the catwalk to the skull, the rocks above passed through Teal'c's head.

    • Trivia: This episode marks the first appearance of Dr. Robert Rothman since "Forever In A Day." However, Daniel dreamed that story. So exactly when did SGC actually hire Rothman?

    • When Daniel is out-of-phase, he can seemingly pass through solid objects. As is often the case in sci-fi shows, however, there's no explanation for how he can lean against the wall outside the elevator that Samantha gets into, sit on a cabinet in the control room, and stand on the floor throughout the entire episode.

    • When Nicholas Ballard is "alone" in his quarters with invisible Daniel Jackson for the first time at the SGC and confesses that he can see and hear him, Dr. Jackson has a frustrated but excited outburst in which he touches a chair which is knocked slightly back. He should have passed right through it.

    • When Daniel first comes back to the SGC as a ghost, after he waves his hand through General Hammond's head the CGI made his fingers extremely pointy and can be clearly seen when he is looking at them.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jack: Look, I'm sick of laying around. Help me up.
      Teal'c: Dr. Fraiser believes you are not strong enough to undertake such a mission.
      Jack: Yeah. Whatever.
      (tries to get up, but instantly falls to the floor)
      Teal'c: Dr. Fraiser is usually correct in such matters.

    • (Jack and Sam call it a night, as ghost-Daniel looks on)
      Daniel: What? That's it! What ever happened to working through the night? I do it for you.

    • Sam: Do you get the feeling that Daniel's still around?
      Jack: Kinda.
      Sam: I guess it's 'cause we miss him.
      Jack: Or radiation sickness.

    • Nick: Now we must wait for the giant aliens.
      Jack: That just has a nice ring to it.

    • Rothman: Teleportation device...? I... what do you think?
      Siler: I think you're gonna get fired.

    • Jack: He's just a little anxious to see ol' Nick.
      Nurse: Oh, are you close?
      Daniel: No.
      Teal'c: (overlapping) No.
      Jack: (overlapping) Yes.
      (Jack stares at Teal'c)
      Teal'c: Yes, extremely.

    • Hammond: Colonel, there is no greater secret in this nation than the Stargate.
      Jack: So we keep (Ballard) away from Level 28.
      Hammond: A civilian who's spent the last 20 years of his life in a psychiatric institution?
      Jack: Exactly. Who's gonna believe him if he says anything?
      Hammond: Colonel, you walk a fine line.
      Jack: Thank you, sir.

    • Jack: Doc!
      Fraiser: You can protest all you want Colonel, but it will be a while till you get your strength back. So relax. Ah-ah. Doctor's orders!
      (Fraiser walks away)
      Jack: Napoleonic power monger.

    • Hammond: The MALP telemetry suggests the radiation levels are still too high.
      Teal'c: My symbiote provides me with a greater tolerance against the effects of radiation.
      Hammond: And if that thing zaps you to wherever it sent Doctor Jackson?
      Teal'c: Then I will have succeeded in locating him.

    • (walking into the pyramid)
      Teal'c: Whoever the builders are, they would appear to be a formidable race.
      Daniel: You could fit every pyramid on Earth inside this thing and still have room to spare.
      Jack: Could you imagine heating this place?

    • Teal'c: Is someone present?
      Daniel: (invisible, intangible) Yes, yes I'm here, just...don't walk through's very...disconcerting.

    • Sam: Look at these readings, Sir! These are leptons!
      Jack: ...? Get out.

    • Daniel: Well, there has to be some sort of radiation suit or uhm...
      Jack: Hey! If you had been listening you'd know that "Nintendos" pass through everything.

    • Sam: Why wouldn't Daniel have told us that?
      Daniel: (invisible) Oh yes, by the way, he's insane.

    • Jack: Rothman couldn't figure out an ash tray! The guy we need working on that thing is Daniel.

    • Daniel: (invisible to anyone except Nick) Repeat after me: He's standing right beside me.
      Nick: He is standing right beside me.
      Jack: Well, he's lost a few pounds...
      Daniel: Jack, don't be an ass.
      Nick: Jack, don't be an ass.
      Jack: Daniel?

    • Daniel: No, no, no Nick, I'm real, you're not hallucinating!
      Nick: Hallucinations always say that.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Quetlzelcoatl
      Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec name for Feathered-Serpent, an ancient Mesoamerican god worshiped by the Aztecs, Toltec, and many Mexican and northern Central American civilizations. He is believed (by some) to be one of the four gods to have created the earth.

    • The Skeptic's Dictionary: There isn't a shard of evidence that these crystal skulls are mysterious in any way. What is mysterious is their continued popularity and the continued mythology as to their origins and powers.
      The Skeptic's Dictionary has a somewhat better researched and plausible story behind the crystal skulls, the conclusion is that most, if not all, were actually manufactured in Germany no earlier than 1850 or so, and any tales of ancient cultures is most likely a hoax.