Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2002 on Syfy

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  • A very underated and forgotten episode

    You know this is actually a blinkin' fine piece of Stargate.

    Jonas gets a bit of love interest, the story is set for a later episode so Teal'c can be free of Junior and we get to see a Gouald queen, and very yucky she is too.

    The gradual revealing of this amazaing cure is very clever and very sad. The introduction of the Tok'ra queen was a good sideline, my only complaint is that she did not survive as that would of perhaps made a rather interesting b-plot for the tok'ra alliance (not sure why it would have but I felt that way when I was watching it). My main complaint is that how the monkeys does goauld queen that big (or Tok'ra rather) fit into a human host? I thought they went round your spine, no wander she was lying down when we saw her (probably broke her back.

    I'm not saying this is as good as other episodes but it is a must see to understand, fully the whole Tretonin issue and to see Jonas all loved up (my main complaint there is that he is loved up with someone other than me but you can;t have everything.....yes I feel the same about Daniel Jackson but he ain't there is he).

    Watch this!!
  • The sgc have made contact with the Pangeras. The pangeras want to learn the use of the stargate and Sg1 is interested in the cure all that the pangeras have.

    This was very interesting and i likes it alot. Sg1 is there visiting and trying totalk to the pangeras and see what they can do for them. they offer them several off world addresses to start them off safely and to let them see what they are up against.
    But they are wanting the really dangerous gates and the sg1 just will not allow that to happen.
    While Teal's and Jonas are checking the walls in the tomb Jonas learns that the Gouald that was intombed there was not a gouald but Tokra', the mother of all Tokra'.
    The pangeras are not aware of this but see no way to let her go since their lives depend on this serum that they use for their good health and longivity.
    The Tokra' come to claim their queen.
    Kamel risks her life to give her voice to forgive the pangeras cause they knew not what they were doing.
    She also shares the secret to the cure for the serum with the pangeras.
    It was a really good show not one othe blow things up tshows, but one of the really puzzling shopws, it was a good mystery shows that they are so famous for.
  • good episode...

    We finally get to see the goa'uld queen that spawned the Tok'ra! Anyways, SG-1 negotiates with a world to exchange a miracle drug that hightens the immune system for locations of goa'uld mother worlds. Basically, that was all that happened. They were using symbiotes to create the drug and the symbiotes were created by a queen, the Tok'ra's queen. In the end, a Tok'ra became host to the queen before she died. Anyways, the episode was good, but not great. It was nice to see the reaction of the Tok'ra when they found out the queen was their queen. The story was good, but there were some slow parts, especially between Jonas and the scientist. Overall, good episode.
  • Tok'ras' past..

    This was revealing and educative episode - first it looked liked somehow too simple and not very catching - all that new race who is learning to use their technology and study Goa'ulds... but when Tok'ras came in and that Goa'uld spreading facility was found - it became more interesting and when Teal'c and Jonas managed to translate the text and truth was unveiled - it was wow. They had so great thing hidden in so simple episode and all the end - the queen and the antitode and forgiving what they had done for her - there was something worth remembering.