Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 7

Deadman Switch

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 1999 on Syfy

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  • GO Flash GO

    Sam J. Jones, (Flash Gordon) stars as a galactic bounty hunter that works for the Goa'uld. He Captures the SG-1 team and after some pretty funny interactions and clever writing we get down to the m,eat of the episode. The team has to keep Aris Boch from turning over a key spy of the Tok'ra to Sokar. After more funny banter and silliness the team is able to get Aris Boch to fool Sokar and his fleet and everyone escapes with smiles on their faces.
  • Very funny episode...

    This episode is just loaded with humor, and the plot's fairly good too. Aris Boch is a unique character among guest stars of SG-1. Neither he nor his people are ever mentioned again, which is somewhat rare on this show. In some ways it is sad that we do not see him again, but on the other hand it makes him and this episode a classic that is never repeated. It was interesting to see a person/alien who was neither in direct service to the Goa'uld or directly opposing them and still survive. Kind of a one-off episode that truly fits the bill of a classic in my opinion.
  • That kind of great interlude...

    It was one of those episodes that had no connection with nothing all and somehow had not much point but still, it was great to watch.

    The storyline was somehow.. all the things you thought first was then turned upside down and they had some really big troubles to overrun that bountyhunter. And Teal'c and his "last" act was so noble and really brave one. Maybe one of the best moments of this episode when Teal'c said he will do that to protect To'kra.

    And their little try to escape.. being worried that they will blow up soon and then that bounty hunter came back and explained it all. For moment, it looked so bad
  • A very funny episode.

    This is such a great episode mostly because of the performance of Sam Jones best known for his role as Flash Gordon. He was sarcastic and had this great chemistry with the team especially with Jack. His species was interesting since they could not become hosts. This was also one of the funniest episodes of the season with the Tac's and the back and forth of Jack and Aris. I like how Teal'c volunteered to go in place of the Tok'ra and Aris did the right thing in the end. Overall this is one of my favorites of season 3.
  • Some wonderful gags and Aris Boch, a great character never to be seen again.

    I'm very surprised that this episode has a relatively low score. I consider this to be one of the better episodes of season 3, and I think it deserves at least a 9 (which is weird, I know, as I'm giving it an 8.5). This episode does have its flaws, but they're few in comparison to its positive aspects.

    First, there's plenty of humour throughout this episode. There are classic gags such as Daniel's worth to the System Lords, Daniel and Jack trying to remember the password, and of course "Pain in the mikta". Jack and Aris just seem to have great chemistry, and every scene they share together is a joy to watch. You have to give a lot of credit to Robert C. Cooper (and whoever else on the writing staff helped out, as they do on all the scripts) for making Aris Boch an understandable, complex, sympathetic and lovable character. Also, Sam J. Jones give a great, fun performance as Aris Boch, making him that much more believable, lovable and memorable.

    The story is okay, not great but not poor either. I can't really say how I first reacted to it when I first watched it, but there are some aspects that I could see as being predictable. Also, the ending might be considered a bit sentimental, but I still love Aris Boch's final line and like to quote along with it whenever I watch this episode.

    This is another one of those episodes where it had an interesting concept that was never expanded on or seen ever again (as was Aris Boch). Arguably this is for the best, but I'm sure I'm not alone in my curiosity (and I guess concern, in a way) about the fate or Aris Boch and what remains of his people.

    I also have to say that the visual effects, as little as they were on the show, were amongst the most realistic I've ever seen on the series. I know visual effects don't make an episode, but it's just a little icing on the cake, and what a sweet cake this was.

    All in all, a fine little episode that's a joy to watch again and again. I just wish we got to see Aris Boch again.
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