Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 16

Death Knell

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Not bad.

    Not a bad episode, though a little bland compared to the rest of the show.

    Carter and Jacob are at the Alpha site trying to modify a weapon to use against Anubis' 'supersoldiers' when they are attacked.
    The Alpha site is quickly overrun, and Carter and Jacob run for the hills, all the while being persued by one of the aforementioned 'supersoldiers'.

    When the SGC hears of this, O'Neill takes it pretty hard and eventually goes off to try and find Carter.

    Season 7 seems to be Carter's season. A large percentage of the episodes focus mostly on her, and this is no exception. managing to outmanoevre her enemy, she stays alive until finally O'Neill can come to the rescue.
  • Anubis takes out the Alfa site, and the self destruct is set off, but where is Samantha Carter and Jacob? How did anubis find them? She is out there alone hiding and struggling to survive all alone. Can Jack and Teal'c find her first? Who leaked? Tok'ra?

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Usually sg1 has each other to fall back on and to figure things out, fight the battle win and go home. Well This one sam is on her own, and Teal'c and Jack are doing all they can to find her. She is being persued by a super soldier of Anubis's. And he will not stop until she is dead and he ahs what he came for.
    While Jack and Teal'c are desperately looking for her, the sgc is having another problem they want to know how Anubis found the Alfa site. So this investigation is going on at the same time. The Tok'ra think it is the Jaffa and the Jaffa think it is the Tok'ra, this is just no helping at all. Daniel is doing all he can to put this puzzle together and keep this traty in tact.
    While the soldieer gets closer and closer to sam the distrust continues at the sgc. carter does a fine job at the hide and seek game all by herself but hey there has been no rest and no food she is slowly trying to run out of gas. The sgc send out an arieal probe to try and locate her, but the soldier shoots it down, but to sam that is just fine she might could use this to her advantage.
    she finds it and takes off the rockets and rigs it thinking that she could shoot it with that and stop it, she waits and when he comes she goes through with her plan, but it fails, i believe at this point she is ready to give up. Just when she thinks it is all over Jack runs up and he gets the unit from her for the new weapon to fight these soldiers with, Once he shoots it and Teal'c confirms the death of the soldier she is so relieved yet dead tired. Jack asks her if she wants to stand up, she says not yet, then he realizes that she is affraid and tired and just cant go any further. He comforts her.
    Once back at the sgc the Tok'ra express their relief for the return of Carter but also state that they have decided that they need to leave the aliance because the have to beable to keep their secracy to be able to operate as they always have. Daniel is struck with shock, he can't believe this now that they have this weapon to fight this soldier and Carter had to risk her life for it, now they want to leave..he just can't understand, and the Jaffa feel they must leave also so that they can learn to function as a free race and to beable to learn how to free and that would not happen if the remained in the Aliance. So Jacob has to tell Sam good bye for now, he feels he may still beable to do some good with the Tok'ra.
    This was an excellent story, it was fantastic to me, they were very believable. And the charaters continue to grow as individuals. Yes Sg1 is a great team but we learn that they do a great job as individuals too. they are just the best of the best.
  • Carter is on the run from the Anubis drone...

    Fantastic episode. Amanda is great as Carter - injured but running from the Anubis drone. She still finds a way to scramble some bits-and-pieces together to have a last shot at the drone. Her scene as the drone recovers and is about to shoot her is great. As is the scene where a weary Sam is comforted by Jack. Another subtle Sam-Jack moment!

    Back at HQ, the story about finding the agent who leaked the news about the Alpha-site, starts off slowly. But it builds to a interesting climax where the Tok'ra, the Jaffa and Earth dissolve their alliance. Daniel has a good scene where he says what they're doing is nuts. Another good ending is Sam's dad saying he'll be leaving for a while to patch things up with the Tok'ra.
  • SGC really close to find a solution of producing a weapon in capable of destroying these "Supersoldiers" ? Well, nice.

    Starting off by mission to SGC's off-world-site, meeting an "supersoldiers" again? well this just keeps getting interesting and interesting, so to speak of, i never enjoy really those eps which they go for new tech and stuff on other planets which arent anyway connected to main plot, so more anubis and goauld guys, the better and when Jack comes to rescue of a woman, well what better :P

    In this episode tho the missile part was a bit curious for me, in first times they learned that C4 doesnt do anything to them, why would a airborne missile do anything different to these "supersoldiers" ?

    And once again Major Carter is working on tech, and eventually found a solution to problem of prototype gun to stop these "supersoldiers", could say Wicked ;)...besides she is kinda cute too =)
  • Breakdown of the alliance

    This was really good episode, I think.. I loved the excitement, the way so much was left to be mystery until the end. Also the concept - the way we see trough the episode how the Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa just fall apart. And the way Jacob has prize to pay for his caring and emotions.

    But it is not all about the alliance. Somehow it is about Sam too. She is trying to survive all alone in very hostile environment where one of the super soldiers (hate them) is after her. And all the explosions.. all the tension, escaping.. and the end.. very beautiful episode.
  • good episode...

    The Beta site is attacked by Anubis's drones. Carter is being pursued by a drone while the alliance between earth, the Tok'ra, and the jaffa is failing. This episode is pretty good, but nothing special. When Sam was rigging the missile to hit the drone it made me feel like I was watching MacGyver...that made me laugh. Also, the little moment at the end between Jack and Sam was sweet. Even though Sam is dating Pete, she still has something for Jack. It was great seeing Selmac again. He's awesome. I also liked the new Tok'ra. He was pretty cool. Anyways, overall, good episode, ok story, good action, good characters.
  • A super soldier is on the alpha site and chasing after Major Carter; that’s a great idea.

    This is a great episode in which once again Amanda Tapping proves she’s more than capable of playing more emotional scenes. And Carmen Argenziano is there and for once not in action. Even though he hasn’t got any action scenes, he really does have an impact on the episode. But then again, it is his daughter stuck on the alpha site.

    With all this going on I couldn’t really care about finding the one that was responsible, no matter how much that perpetrator may be responsible for the whole mess. The fact that Jacob was being ridiculed by the Council was a shock to me. And I think it’s a little sad that he probably isn’t going to be on the next several episodes.

    Carter’s fight against Anubis’s drone was really thrilling. And I really felt for her when all her attempts to kill the drone failed, and that all while she has a gigantic gash on her leg. But when, with the help of Jack and Teal’c, they did succeed in destroying the drone, it was pretty awesome. And the scene with Jack and Sam sitting on the rock was really emotional, I loved that scene; it gave me hope that the writer didn’t forget about ‘Jack and Sam’.