Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 16

Death Knell

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Anubis takes out the Alfa site, and the self destruct is set off, but where is Samantha Carter and Jacob? How did anubis find them? She is out there alone hiding and struggling to survive all alone. Can Jack and Teal'c find her first? Who leaked? Tok'ra?

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Usually sg1 has each other to fall back on and to figure things out, fight the battle win and go home. Well This one sam is on her own, and Teal'c and Jack are doing all they can to find her. She is being persued by a super soldier of Anubis's. And he will not stop until she is dead and he ahs what he came for.
    While Jack and Teal'c are desperately looking for her, the sgc is having another problem they want to know how Anubis found the Alfa site. So this investigation is going on at the same time. The Tok'ra think it is the Jaffa and the Jaffa think it is the Tok'ra, this is just no helping at all. Daniel is doing all he can to put this puzzle together and keep this traty in tact.
    While the soldieer gets closer and closer to sam the distrust continues at the sgc. carter does a fine job at the hide and seek game all by herself but hey there has been no rest and no food she is slowly trying to run out of gas. The sgc send out an arieal probe to try and locate her, but the soldier shoots it down, but to sam that is just fine she might could use this to her advantage.
    she finds it and takes off the rockets and rigs it thinking that she could shoot it with that and stop it, she waits and when he comes she goes through with her plan, but it fails, i believe at this point she is ready to give up. Just when she thinks it is all over Jack runs up and he gets the unit from her for the new weapon to fight these soldiers with, Once he shoots it and Teal'c confirms the death of the soldier she is so relieved yet dead tired. Jack asks her if she wants to stand up, she says not yet, then he realizes that she is affraid and tired and just cant go any further. He comforts her.
    Once back at the sgc the Tok'ra express their relief for the return of Carter but also state that they have decided that they need to leave the aliance because the have to beable to keep their secracy to be able to operate as they always have. Daniel is struck with shock, he can't believe this now that they have this weapon to fight this soldier and Carter had to risk her life for it, now they want to leave..he just can't understand, and the Jaffa feel they must leave also so that they can learn to function as a free race and to beable to learn how to free and that would not happen if the remained in the Aliance. So Jacob has to tell Sam good bye for now, he feels he may still beable to do some good with the Tok'ra.
    This was an excellent story, it was fantastic to me, they were very believable. And the charaters continue to grow as individuals. Yes Sg1 is a great team but we learn that they do a great job as individuals too. they are just the best of the best.
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