Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Unbelievably bad writing!

    So let me get this straight - these soldiers, including an ex-special forces Colonel can't defend themselves from a bunch of medieval stick wielding thugs and let themselves be caught and sent for sacrifice to the Demon? They aren't in the least bit capable of kicking the arse of some petty jumped up village dictator? Teal'c is supposed to be the supreme warrior of a race of warriors and we've seen him involved in some serious hand-to-hand fighting. These are soldiers - they should be behaving as such and not taking this sort of treatment from an idiot with a power ring.
  • Dar Be Demons

    It's a pretty ridiculous premise. A proto-Christian culture gives sacrifices to a demon that comes through the Stargate. It's up to the team to stop him. The Demon ends up being an Unas and he comes to gather hosts for the Goa'uld. To top it all off the town is lead b a corrupt power hungry preacher that uses Goa'uld technology in the form of a ring to call down the powers of nature to smite the impure.
  • A mostly boring episode, but it has its moments.

    This episode probably ranks amongst my least favourites of all time. Despite having a few good gags, it's pretty boring and silly most of the way through. First, let's deal with the good aspects of the episode. It has an interesting concept: a Christian planet kept in the Dark ages by Sokar pretending to be the devil. It also gives us an interesting look at life back in those times, and their ridiculous methods of witch hunting and 'cleansing' a person of evil spirits.

    There are also some pretty good gags throughout this episode. The recurring gag with Jack telling Carter "If I ever get the urge..." and "If Daniel ever gets the urge..." is pretty good, but we've seen much better from the show. But there are some great, arguably classic gags such as Jack's Dr. Evil reference, their discussion on the Bible, and of course Jack being ever so grateful for ol' Junior.

    But the episode has some serious flaws. For instance, the Unas doesn't really come across as menacing, and is at times pretty pathetic. The makeup looks really fake at times, especially its picture on the outside of the DVD box set (I really don't like looking at it). Having it voiced by Christopher Judge only makes it less real. Unfortunately due to the amount of make-up, production and costume design in this episode you can't really forgive it by calling it a budget-saver.

    But the episode on a whole is pretty boring. Stargate usually strives at being a very entertaining show, but there is always the rare exception and this is one such example. I also really don't like the thing with the Canon and his lightning-ring. Firstly, it doesn't make any sense as we've never seen the Goa'uld with this kind of technology (with the exception of Anubis), and secondly it looks really silly when it stuns SG-1.

    On the whole, this is a rather disappointing episode. Sure it has its funny moments, but it could've been so much better.
  • Boring and stupid but some funny moments.

    This is one of my least favorite episodes in the third seasons and the entire show. I don't know what it is that I dislike so much about this episode but I think it is the reminders of how stupid people (especially the Christians) were just a short time ago. I did like Jack's "Thus saving them line". There was some decent humor in here like the junior line and my favorite "You'd think these folks never saw a guy rise from the dead". The Unas was a nice touch and I liked Sokar as an enemy and wish they wouldn't have killed him so soon.
  • Back to the middle age..

    It was quite boring and pointless - the only beauty was somehow the action on the end and some funny thing said. It started promising and showed us new perspectives of Teal'c as I had no idea he could read Bible. Anyway, they soon find themselves in community where they want to sacrifice some nice people to bad and ugly unas. And some pointless running around, always getting caught.. Teal'c once thought to be dead but he will resurrect, creating even more trouble.

    It was quite similar to the previous episode as it did not lead nothing but last time the episode was somehow - there was some story and some magic - this time it looked empty.
  • SG-1's first and only encounter with Christianity outside earth...

    This was a merely average episode. Nothing about it made me feel real strongly about it. It is interesting to note that this was the first and only encounter with Christianity outside of earth. It was an interesting idea, but not the best execution. The nature of Christianity confines the Goa'uld's role in hijacking it, so that does make it difficult to write an episode. The episode itself was up to par for the SG-1 crew, however there was some room for improvement. Parts of the episode were rather slow, but on the whole it was fairly well-paced sprinkled with some of the typical SG-1 humor. Good but not great.
  • The one where everyone thinks Tel'c is dead

    This was a good episode overall. There was good charactor interaction when the rest of SG1 thought Tel'c was dead. Th basic story was the team visit a medievil town who have a church, this is the first sign of christianity outside Earth. SG1 soon find out that these people traveled from Earth about a thousand years ago. They brought the crazy traditions with them, hanging and death. SG1 try to help a sick person who is acussed of being a deamon. They soon learn that a system lord has been visiting the village for hosts. The local preacher gathers the people who he feels are deamons or evil to be taken by the creature to the system lord. But without spoiling the end SG1 fall into a little bit of trouble. This was a good stand alone episode. I rather enjoyed it.
  • Hodge-podge of medieval prejudice, practice and real Christianity in a \"Catholic town gets abducted during medieval times\" by an evil alien and a parson thinks collaboration is the lesser evil.

    Unfortunately the episode chooses to ignore facts like Pope Nicholas I setting up barriers to torture and death-sentences to the Catholic Church, the episode\'s a poorly researched witch trial on alien Teal\'C - I don\'t like it. The Christian Simon is in the end portrayed as a good man, what you make of it, I don\'t know.
    Dramatically the ongoings work, but barely.
    The watertrial works differently, experts say, as a real device of aquittal, look it up on wikipedia, and I don\'t need to tell you about the first proof :-)