Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Litmus Test for Blind Nationalism

    This is one of several Stargate episodes that doubles as a litmus test of the viewer's psychology, conscious or otherwise.

    The Stargate is of course pure science fiction. But how a fan of the show perceives the US government monopoly over Stargate depicted in the show, speaks volumes about the viewer's attitude toward his fellow man. Does the viewer view the monopoly like a thoughtful humanist, such as Daniel Jackson? Or does he view it like a knee-jerk Chauvinist?

    The premise of Stargate SG-1 is that hostile aliens from outer space are out to exterminate the human race. According to the series mythology, the Stargate system is neither a US invention nor US property. Yet certain fans of the series bristle at the thought of fellow human beings being made privy to the secret of Stargate, merely because they are not American.

    The disclosure of the Stargate to other members of the human race was long overdue. The rivalry between the NID and USAF, and between the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, is neither here nor there. The issue is not whether officials from this or that government should be in on the secret.

    The issue is whether "public servants" of any nationality have the right to hide the Stargate from ordinary citizens, their ostensible masters. After all, the Stargate could determine whether human beings the world over live or die. What right do these officious bureaucrats have to keep knowledge of the Stargate from them?

    Benjamin Franklin once quipped, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." If the blind nationalism expressed by some viewers is any indication, perhaps when some global disaster strikes we shall all hang separately.

    This was a clip show. Clip shows are terrible. But that is a separate issue.
  • Only watch if you have never seen Stargate SG 1 before and want to know what happened

    This should just be a bonus episode, not an epiode as part of a series. It is so boring and focuses on the most anoying character in the hole Stargate program. Kinsey, he is just so pointless and comes from a most stupid way of thinking. SG1 saved his life so moany times and he wants them shut down, just so dumb!!!!!!!!!
    The other thing I hate about this episode is it makes America look like how they are represented in Team America, so that they dont want any other nations working with them, how dare they represent all earth? that's just dumb, you see on Atlantis they have all nationalities working in harmony, thats the way it should be.
    This was just made so the actors could have a day off, go on holiday and probably to save money. Watch if u need some sleep!!!
  • General Hammond must defend the SGC to other nation\'s governments under attacks from Senator Kinsey...

    This was pretty much just a clip show, and not a very intersting one at that. The premise of the show is that Senator Kinsey devises an elaborate scheme to gain control over Stargate Command. However, there is no real suspense at all in the episode and nothing to keep me watching. I found myself incredibly bored throughout the whole episode. It was basically just a recap of that Stargate which I found to be done very poorly. About the only good part in the entire episode was seeing Thor come and visit the committee. Overall, I thought that it was a painfully boring episode and had no real purpose. The story for the episode was poorly written and definately wasn\'t worth watching.
  • This episode includes a selected board of foreign people to come and see what stargate is all about. Should say in the lead of USAF ( United States Air Force ), the "foreign people" are shared information about stargate, new threats to earth, and so on.

    Episode has nice potential line to make it clear to other great nations of Earth, the threat that Goauld provide. General Hammond is always nice to see in driverseat in so to speak off, he played his role very well i think on this episode, even tho i like more SG-1 vs Goauld storyline based episodes. The last visit of Supreme Commander of Åsgard fleet, the grey dude known as Thor was really nice also, cant see these guys enough. Besides he happens to shut up senator kinsey in a good fashion way :)

    Just for last detail on the episode, youll get to see a quick spin what has happened on the serie for past 6 seasons, although they wont show stuff from all eps of course. But they are making a nice big pack of stuff thats been going around for the past 6 seasons.

    And like Jack likes to say, "its O´Neill with two L's"
  • now that there are m,embers of our alies at the sgc to discuss what they have never even been aware of, the stargate.They all feel so left out I guess you could say. But as the storeis unfold they realize they are not to sure they wanted to know al

    This was a really good flashback episode. I like those. The chinese and Russians the french the brits. they are all there for the party. They are all so upset that this has been going on all this time and they had no idea.
    Of course Senator Kinsey is there doing his dooms day if Sg1 stays on speach and they are all listening intently. As the Russian rep. points out that the expense is so overbaring that he thinks it is best to let the americans keep running the program and they could share in the benefits that are received from the travels.
    Thor makes an appearance and explains that even tho they do have to keep Hammond and his team on the program for their continued assistance he would preferr that it remain the way it is with General Hjammond and sg1's capable hands.
    It was a really good show I enjoyed it. It showed all the really good action senes in it and it was awesome.
  • Pointless

    Mmm.. it was a beautiful lookback of previous doings of SG teams and what Stargate project has cause them, but to be honest - do we needed it? Those who have been watching it, know everything what has been going on. It had nothing new, no excitement and those little clips between the flashbacks - they tried to make some problem for us and maybe make us thing stargate will be take or something but at least I never even doubted they will work this out and Thor in the end... I most say quite cheap way to change everyone's mind.

    Not my favorite episode.
  • another flashback episode...

    This is another flashback episode and I am getting tired of them. They make a flashback episode, I think, every season and they are so pointless. It usually has to do with politics and it's just a lot of political people talking about the SGC. This time the US Air Force told other countries about the Stargate Program and Kinsey tried to get them to allow the NID to control the gate. Thor came in the end and convinced them to keep the stargate in the capable hands of General Hammond. The episode was a pointless, cheap, filler episode and I hate these flashback episodes. I also am getting really annoyed at Kinsey and they've played with his role way too much. Every episode he's in he's trying to shut down the stargate or allow himself to lead it or something. It's annoying. Anyways, bad episode and one of the worse I've seen.