Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 5

Divide and Conquer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Interesting

    This is an interesting episode and tends to even try to save the bland flavor of the previous four episodes. THe SG team agrees to let the Tok'ra us a min d scanning device on them after one of earths soldiers attack the council. It's a flashback episode but it also fills in some scene holes that took place. We get a real glimpse of O'Neill's feelings for Sam and just what length he will go to in order to save her. life.
  • One for the 'shippers...

    If you like the Jack/Sam romance this is one for you. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them get together, but I would not classify myself as a 'shipper. That said, this episode does have one genuinely touching moment, being the flashback to when Jack would not leave Sam behind in "Upgrades". Listen to the music here and you may recognize it. It was used once before in the episode "Point of View" where Jack comforts the alternate-reality Sam, who in her reality is married to Jack. That scene (the one in this episode) was particularly well composed. Also worthy of noting this is Freya/Anise's final appearance in the series, and she wears an even more revealing outfit here. Yowzas! The pacing on this episode was a little slow, but it has a great story and a fair amount of humor. It also puts to rest the Jack/Sam romance to bed for the time being. Also saddening in this episode is the death of Martouf, whom I've always thought was a good Tok'ra. An emotional episode that still manages to be humorous and even have a little action, don't miss it.
  • Emotions, action and death of beloved char.. all in one episode.

    From the very first minutes, I knew I will love this episode. I had some high hoped toward this, but I was not prepared what came - first the action on the Tok'ra council and the realizing that there is very clear threat, and then the testing and realizing what the affect is when you are find to be one of those whose mind is alerted. And then the suspect what came to O'Neill and Carter and.. oh.. it looked so dark but I never dreamt the reason would be like that. I really love the way some previous episodes do have the connections. And the way O'Neill's and Carter's "lying" was resolved - that kind of emotion.. something new and different for this serie. And then the end and Martouf - I am so sad about that char. I really liked him. That kind of kind Tok'ra, humane one.. not much.. oh.. :(
  • great episode...

    A new threat is detected when an SG member tries to kill a Tok'ra and soon the entire base has to be screened to see if there are any more assasins that were programed by the goa'uld. Sam and Jack were suspected but it turned out to me Martouf and he was killed. It was pretty sad actually when he died, but they had to do it. I love the story of this episode. It was interesting and different, for SG-1. It was great to see Sam and Jack have to admit their feelings for each other; it was really sweet. Anyways, overall great episode!
  • Good episode..

    I really liked this episode. It was unexpected (I can't believe Martouf died!!) and I liked the character development and interaction. The Goa'uld mind control was an interesting concept, and the fact that it was so hard to detect was nice. A lot of the Goa'uld stuff is relatively easy to notice, and to fix (other than the Goa'uld themselves). It did make me sad that Martouf is dead, but it was a good death (death by Goa'uld mind control is definitely not something you see in every show). And the interaction between O'Neill and Carter was..interesting. They had to admit their feelings for each other, which is awkward. And Carter had feelings for Martouf. All around a good episode.
  • A mixed package of an episode, with some great qualities and some severe misfires.

    Yet again in season 4 I come to an episode that I find hard to review. A couple of months ago when I watched this I didn't really enjoy it, but after watching it again today I enjoyed it a bit (and in effect changing my score from 6.0 to 7.5). It has its good and bad qualities, which, as always, I will judge and weigh.

    First (as always), the good qualities. The episode starts off quite well, with a mysterious (and quite spectacular) assassination attempt and suicide by an SG-team member. Straight away you get a feeling this will be a Stargate take on the "Manchurian Candidate" story, and thankfully it's not a complete rip-off. So in that respect, the episode has an interesting central plot involving a possible Goa'uld thwarting of the Tok’ra/Tau'ri treaty using brainwashed assassins.

    Also, there are quite a few good gags throughout, however most of them come from O'Neill. My personal favourite is the scene where Jack is locked up and talking to Daniel about how the snake likes him. Also, the scene involving Freya coming onto Jack is not too bad, which it certainly could've been.

    But perhaps the episode's best (but definitely most memorable) quality is the sad departing of Martouf. He had become such a lovable off-world ally, and he was greatly missed by myself. I can't really remember my initial reaction to his death (I think I spoilt it for myself), but the Internet fans seem to have been effected by it, so I'll give the show the benefit of the doubt. I also thought his death sequence was quite well executed (no pun intended), especially when he was shot at with bullets.

    Now the bad aspects. There are 2 main things that stick out in my mind when I think of this episode, and unfortunately they aren't good things. One is the sequence where they attempt to cure Astor, and her resulting rampage and suicide. That wasn't done too well, and stands out as a disappointing factor for me. The other bit is when Carter is going under anaesthetic, remembering the stuff she left out, and communicating that to Fraiser. This wasn't very well handled at all, and is quite hard for me to watch sometimes. And to be honest, I wasn't particularly affected by learning Jack and Sam had feelings for each other. It never seemed to work for me.

    Another slight disappointing factor was that this story potential was never followed up on, and it's resolution never really explained. I understand we're assumed to believe that Martouf's autopsy and study helped find a way of preventing Zatarc modification, but it could've been explained a little more or something.

    So, in summary, this is a very difficult episode to classify. It has its good and bad moments, and they're about even, making for a mixed package of an episode. I will say that whilst this episode has its moments, it's not one I'll watch again any time soon.
  • The one where Martouf bites it! And the episode that launched a thousand ships.

    I had read the synopsis of this episode before I read it, but still, it was hard to watch Martouf, you know, actually die. Of all the men the SG writers had set Sam up with – right up to Pete – Martouf seemed the most in tune with her, perhaps because of Jolinar. And he was cute. I was sad to see him go.

    The team show up for a meeting with the Tok’ra high counsel, except then one of the lesser SG members pulls out a gun and shoots a high counsellor. Turns out he’s a Zatarc, someone who’s been programmed by the Goa’uld to act out a particular command; in this case, kill the high commander of the Tok’ra. Since its virtually impossible to tell one from a regular human being (or Tok’ra, or anyone for that matter) they have no idea who might be the enemy – precisely the idea.

    In steps Freya, with her untested machine which is designed to compare the conscious memories with the unconscious memories; if they do not add up, there is a good chance the person’s unconscious mind knows something they’re conscious mind does not and that are a Zatarc. They weed out one member of SGC doing this, who ends up committing suicide.

    Freya starts to test the members of SG1. Jack and Sam come back with unconscious memories conflicting with conscious ones and Anise suspects they are Zatarcs. Except it turns out that they just ‘care about each other more then they should’ and have been lying to themselves about it, and Martouf is the real culprit. Martouf dies in a hail of fire just in time to stop the President of the US being assassinated by him.

    As I said, I was really sorry to see him go. He was a good character and had the best chemistry with Sam of everyone they’ve set her up with.

    One thing I’m curious about is why Freya agreed to become Anise’s host, they seem so different from one another. Anise is coldly calculating, her primary concern being the survival of the Tok’ra – something that sees the SGC on the losing end of the deal time after time – and Freya is much more liberal and diplomatic, despite being a scientist. The fact that Anise is attracted to Jack and Freya is attracted to Daniel just illustrates this.

    One thing I really hate about this episode is the cult of Sam’n’Jack that it spawned among shippers. I’m sure I’m going to get flamed for it, but there was no reason to start down that road, especially if they were going to do such a half-assed job of it. For that reason I’m giving this episode a 6, even though I otherwise quite enjoyed it.
  • Very character oriented, but intriguing.

    I started to watch SG-1 somewhere in the middle of season 6, so slowly I have been buying the previous seasons to catch up. When I came across this episode I was very surprised. I did not know that Sam and Jack had ever openly admit there feelings in a time and setting where they both remembered it afterwards. It is very clear that they both know, but saying it is a very different thing. I love how everything came around and back to that fact. It was very clever. I would not have foreseen the reason for the negative results of their testing. I was baffled throughout the episode of how they were going to get out of this one. Nothing seemed to work on anyone else. But being a dedicated shipper, I was pleased with the result, and being a dedicated to SG-1 fan, I was very pleased with the mystery of the whole episode.