Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on Syfy
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SG-1 gets caught in the middle when Ba'al and Adria compete for domination of the galaxy.

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  • They really expected a plot with this many holes to actually hold any water?

    I like how Baal magically knew everything about the plan to capture Adria but had absolutely know idea that both the NID and the SGC knew where he was and that they sent a ship to get him.

    Also wasn't it established that the Goauld was 'secretly' in charge of the The Trust -that the humans involved still believe fighting for Earth in their own way? so how an undercover human found out about probably the most daring and ambitious Goauld plot in recent times is a bit of a mystery.

    More also: Adria Ascended in the Milkyway. . .so wouldn't she have ended up with The Others and even if -for whatever reason she didn't, Is there a reason The Others didn't destroy/imprison/'punish her as she was an ascended being in the Milkyway and had absolutely no intention of following 'the rules?

    I'd love to see the empirical data that Tokra DR used to come up with the "host body is too weak" diagnosis and using it as a justification for not doing the implantation.

    Because there is nothing in the Tokra's almost hopeless millennia long fight against the System Lords to make us think that they would do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and that they would certainly risk the life of one to save the rest and the galaxy as a whole.moreless
  • Finally something happens

    I cannot believe there is only one more episode to go. SG1 is coming to an end and finally we have an episode which addresses this and is not a filler ep. Vala seems to have left the team and I have to say this was very cleverly written, I really believed it. The episode was good in that it tied up a few loose ends and we got to see what happens to Adria and that Daniel's plan to destroy the Ori was successful but it still felt like we were waiting for something. Maybe all the good stuff will come in the movies but I just wish they had invested as much in the final episodes of the series. Some funny moments, some sad moments, some slightly confusing moments. Altogether I would say better than the average episodes of late but still, is this how SG1 is going to end?

    When are Daniel and Vala going to get together already???!!! I ask this every week. If it doesn't happen next week I will be pulling my hair out.moreless
  • I thought this was brilliant but for some reason there was still some part of me that did not enjoy this fully.

    This epiosde bugs me and I can't work out why, it's almost as if they tried to do too much in one episode, but at the same time they did everything I was expecting. It's weird.

    I liked the use of the memory machine, I was wondering if we'd ever see that again, that was good. I like the fact that we still don't know for sure if the Ori are dead. I really like the fact that the Odyssey has a cloak, so I apologise to the people in the forum who I disagreed with over that. I was convinced that was just a one time only thing. I liked Ba'al in this episode, I thought he was brilliant as always.


    I found a lot of what happened predictable, As soon as the Jaffa beamed down I knew Ba'al was gonna put a snake in her. That was obvious. I knew that something was up at the beginning when you saw Vala in the bar with Adria.

    I was shocked by how quickly they dealt with Adria though, I thought for sure she was gonna pop into the film. But failing that, I certainly didn't think she was gonna ascend. I thought the whole point was you had to be slightly good to do that, although what with the Ori and all nowadays I'm guessing the rule book has slightly changed. Eitherway, surely even with Adria as an ascendant now she can't do much without incurring the wrath of the Alterans. It would be like Daniel ascended all over again.

    I liked the new details on the Hatak, I noticed that in Bounty, someone's obviously put a hell of a lot of effort into those, but there did seem to be a mistake. When Ba'als hatak went into hyperspace, there was no window, it just disappeared Star Trek style. I think that was a mistake, although as the cloak shows, I may be very wrong.

    It just seemed like so much happened in the episode, because theoretically this is the end, because next week is all looking into the future. I enjoyed this, don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, apart from the Odyssey Commander, I did not like him at all. The complete opposite of what we have had before.

    I liked this episode, but it seemed to be more about tying up loose ends, while being entertaining, rather than being entertaining, and tying up loose ends at the same time. It felt to me, like their priorities were slightly in the wrong place.

    That said this was brilliant, and it's hard to believe that I'm only one episode away from the end of my favourite show of all time.moreless
  • Adria appears in this episode which means she survived the ORI weapon. She comes to the aid of her mum to help her escape a card game that she cheated in. Adria is captured by Baal for his own personal reasons which fail. Story line is much better.moreless

    I caught this episode from the UK and I must say it's been the better of the last 3 episodes. There are some good action scenes as well as a good story line. Adria was good to see again (she's a looker). She is implanted with a snake by Baal in order tho have her turn over her forces to him. Anyway to make a long story short SGC tries to remove it but fails. Her body is close to death so she decides to ascend. All in all, this episode is one of the good ones.moreless
  • Now THAT'S more like it!

    After the last couple of episodes, I was worried one of the best science-fiction shows ... no wait, one of the best SHOWS on television was going to end with a whimper instead of a bang. They've proven me wrong - YEAH!

    Claudia Black is a delightful actress - I suppose it's her stage work that allows her to say more by saying nothing. Her characters moral ambivalence re Adria was palpable. Her lines said she felt nothing while her face and mannerisms said something else entirely.

    This is not to say the others weren't firing on all cylinders either. They were all working like a well oiled machine. And, really, isn't this why we watch? We're not here for the weird alien makeup or the other-worldly sets - these characters are friends and we want to keep them close, make sure they're OK.moreless
Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges

General Henry "Hank" Landry

Ben Browder

Ben Browder

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Claudia Black

Claudia Black

Vala Mal Doran

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker


Guest Star

Fulvio Cecere

Fulvio Cecere

Col. Davidson

Guest Star

Peter Flemming

Peter Flemming

Agent Malcolm Barrett

Guest Star

Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin


Recurring Role

Cliff M. Simon

Cliff M. Simon


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Knowing the risks why do they insist on surgically removing Ba'al from Adria's head? They have techniques that can remove a symbiote without cutting the host open--like when they beamed the symbiote out of Col. Caldwell on Atlantis or getting the Asgard to use Thor's Hammer.

    • Why didn't they put an Anti-Prior device with Adria in the recovery room?

    • The Sodan cloak device that Vala bets disappears from the table, shortly after Adria appears.

    • Our heroes keep referring to "the symbol for infinity". It has a name - lemniscate - so why not use it. Any more than one refers to "7" as "the symbol for the number after six.

    • As with the previous episode ("Family Ties"), Vala's mission patches are on the wrong shoulders. This only seems to affect her briefing room scenes, including the video message she recorded for herself.

    • As SG-1 enter the Ba'al clone's tent, one of the supposedly dead Jaffa laying on the ground outside can be seen lowering his left arm to his side as he comes into shot.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Adria: Have they abandoned you?
      Vala: I'd rather not talk about it.
      Adria: (telekinetically pushes her back into a chair) I really must know, Mother.
      Vala: You do realize in a traditional mother-daughter relationship, I'm supposed to be the bossy one?

    • Mitchell: (to Ba'al in Adria) He means we're gonna bring in someone a little more reliable. You see, right now you're like a Pinto engine in a '71 Mustang. We're gonna swap you out for a big-block Tokra.

    • Adria: You've made a terrible mistake. Release me now and I will be merciful.
      Ba'al: You're so much more pleasant when you lack the ability to snap my neck with your thoughts.

    • Landry: Ba'al is in Adria.
      Mitchell: Yes, sir. It's the bad-guy equivalent of cordon bleu.

    • Landry: What do we do now.
      Teal'c: Kill them both
      (long pause)
      Mitchell: Hard to argue with that logic, it's a two-fer.

    • Adria/Ba'al: So, have you decided what you intend to do with me.
      Mitchell: Well, we're still weighing our options. Teal'c here had a good idea.
      Adria/Ba'al: I can imagine.
      Teal'c: No. You cannot.

    • Adria/Ba'al: With my knowledge and your… pluckiness, we can accomplish a great deal. Remember how we worked together to locate the Sangraal?
      Teal'c: As I recall, your efforts were not particularly helpful.

    • Landry: Wait. How's Vala?
      Mitchell: Pissed.
      Landry: Somebody gonna fill her in?
      Mitchell: Absolutely, just not us.

    • Vala: So, no IOA? No random map? No television program about dancing with supposed celebrities?
      Daniel: Uh, actually that part was real.
      Vala: How very disturbing.
      Sam: Yeah.

    • (winning a high stakes bet on a game)
      Vala: I guess it's just my lucky day! (she goes to take her winnings and is stopped) I thought this was an honest establishment!?!
      Other Player: It is, that's why it's necessary to have you searched.
      (playing chips fall out of her sleeve)
      Vala: I don't suppose we could call this even?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Vala: After a rather... well nasty dream on which I appeared on a television program where it seemed you had to dance with "supposedly well known personalities" in front of a panel of judges.
      Most likely she was dreaming about being on the TV show Dancing With the Stars. On this show celebrities are paired with professional dancers in a dancing competition.