Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on Syfy

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  • OMG this episode is full of action! Baal takes some advantage to the Sg1 and the Ori, but finally adria reach the enlightenment!

    In this episode sg1 with the help of vala try to capture Adria in a effort to convince her of end the war, blocking her powers with the anti prior device, but baal take some advantage and take adria away!

    the baal's plan is simply: takes the ori's army control implanting a goa'ul parasite in adria. ahh but that parasite isnt nobody! is the same baal!!!!

    in order to catch baal the sg1 team rakes him and in the way find somme of the baal clones dead!

    the sg1 finally recover adria with the goa'ul implanted and have to decide her destiny.

    to can be able to stop the war they decide also take control of adria as same baal did. Finally they extract the parasite in order to implant other simbiont, but this time it will be a tok'ra!

    baal poisons the adria's body to kill her to cant be separated of her.

    with adria dying painfully poisoned the sg1 team decide give her a letal injection to stop her suffering!

    but she wake up in the last second and use her powers to protect herself and gain some time to finally ascend!!!

    vala try to stop adria with a gun, but adria stop her and almost kill her when just in the last minute adria finally ascend and realease vala!

    the sg team now have a relative victory with adria and some of the baal clones dead!!!

    a very good episode!!!! when i saw this episode i hope a lottt more of the final episode..... but without doubt this is one of the best episode of sg1 this season!!!

    i really enjoy it!!!!