Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Adria and Vala reunite one last time (SPOILERS).

    Adria finds her mother losing a card game at a distant planet, as happy as she’s to see her she wonders why Vala is so far away from her friends so Vala tells the story of her downfall; from the dream that leads SG-3 to an ambush that kills 3 men to the day Daniel tells her the plans to confine her in area 51, the worst part being the look of disappointment on Daniel’s eyes, which finally lead her to escape from them using a sodan cloak. Adria is thrilled by this opportunity to take Vala with her as she’s sure she can win her over now, but by the time they leave they’re ambushed by none other than SG1: they take over Vala but Ba’al appears out of nowhere to take Adria with him. Vala is upset, she escaped fair and square, neither Daniel nor SGC has the right to do this to her, Adria isn’t doing better herself as she demands Ba’al to release her only to be threaten with a symbionte not unlike the one her mother carried a long time ago. As Sam & Daniel inform Vala this was actually a plan to alter her memories in order to lure Adria out and convince her to leave the galaxy, Adria is implanted with a Ba’al symbionte that takes over herself before her mother or anybody else could help her. Vala is devastated, the only chance her daughter has is a risky operation by the Tokra, meanwhile Ba’al tries to negotiate his way out by promise them information on the Ori as well as to take their army as far away from earth as possible should he remain in control of this body. The operation does not help as Ba’al releases a toxin that would only kill Adria before he is extracted from her, the only option is to increase the dosage to avoid her suffer. Vala asks Daniel to be with her when it happens: she was there when she was born, it’d only fit to be with her as she passes.

    Vala gently caresses her daughter’s hair, ready to say goodbye she sits near by as the Doctor approaches but before he could inject the toxin Adria wakes up and Tk both the Doctor and Daniel away from the room, he desperately tries to reach Vala who’s locked inside with her daughter but Adria has no intentions to harm her, she only wants to buy enough time to ascend although she’s quite willing to hurt anyone who steps in if she must to, and Vala has no other choice but to point a gun at her daughter before she would kill Daniel – who just won’t quit trying to enter that room! – Adria’s hurt is evident, she wishes things would’ve been different between them and says goodbye to her mother as she ascends, more powerful than ever.