Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 21

Double Jeopardy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2001 on Syfy

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  • The return SG-1's doppelgangers...

    This episode is a good, old-fashoined throw down with the Goa'uld, but with a twist, the return of the duplicates made of SG-1 in season one's "Tinman". Lotsa action, plus the usual sprinkling of humor move this episode along pretty well. This episode is also somewhat important in the over-arching story, as Teal'c finally gets revenge on Cronus, the Goa'uld who killed his father, which was a particularly enjoyable moment. Lots of little touches really make this episode work, for example when Jack gets Jack in a headlock that was *priceless*!! Also little things like when the real SG-1 arrives on the planet they take up the exact same position as the duplicates did at the very beginning of the episode. Also at the end of the episode SG-1 gets their very own Goa'uld Hat'ak class mothership! Very cool. While not a pivotal episode, it was definitely a strong episode that's worth seeing.
  • This was such a blood thirsty episode

    Robert Cooper writee and Michael Shanks directs, I wondered at the beginning why Daniel didn't have his glasses on and there was good reason for it.
    TinMan in the fist series was one of my fave episodes, so it was great to see the robots return, and it was a good surprise when Daniel's head rolled off. I also enjoyed the fat that Tealc avenged his father.
    It worked on all the levels that makes sg1 such a class series, great specal effets, storyline, giggles and high drama. I was left hoping that the robots would get repaired.
    Funny how Daniel was absent for most of the episode but I guess that was because he was behind the camrea.
    A real classic tyin in storlines from across the series. Great stuff1
  • Double SG-1

    Mm.. those duplicates made of SG-1 on first season.. they are back. They got too bored sitting on that planet and decided to start doing missions on their own. The other O'Neill was not very good at following orders too.

    So, they run in trouble and real SG-1 is called to help them. A little action, some happening. Teal'c's will have their revenge.. all the duplicate ones die. Looks simple.

    It is, but there is something else beneath the simple story. First the moment when duplicate Daniel is going to be killed - the way he looks, not letting O'Neill to risk his life to save him. That moment alone was worth the whole episode. Then the duplicate Teal'c taking the revenge on Kornus.. and the way both Carter and O'Neill reacted when their duplicates died.. That kind of emotional episode.
  • funny...

    The android SG-1 gets in trouble on a world occupied by Cronos and they seek the help of the real SG-1. In the end, Cronos is killed by the Teal'cs and the androids all die. I love that they continued the androids story a little and it was a relaly good episode. It had a lot of comedy, especially between the two Jacks. The story was pretty good, but nothing really new (fighting a goa'uld system lord and having little native support yadda yadda...). Overall, good episode that I love mainly for the funny. It's also nice that Teal'c finally got his revenge and Cronos is dead.
  • The sgc is contacted by Harlen, the one who duplicated sg1, it seems that the Android sg1 has gone on a mission and have not come back. It time for their power packs to be charged. He needs sg1's help.

    When Cronus discovers that the Daniel Jackson they just executed was not human he is freaked, he has no idea what is going on.
    When the Android sg1 does not go home in time Harlen goes to sg1 for help, they find out that one of the planets that they have helped liberate from the gouald is where they went.
    Sg1 decides that it would be a good thing to go there and help what has went wrong.
    First Daniel and then Carter and Teal'c are captured. This episode is very good and it has lots of everything, action, drama, and the all mighty humor that they tend to include in these episodes.
    there is lots of dead Jaffa and a dead gouald and lots of Jack vs Jack action in this one. Very halarious.
    The other sg1 turn out to be very helpful in reliberating this civilization.
    I loved this one, it is fun to watch everytime.